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What They See Is What You Really Love

What do you really love?

What we really love shines through and shows others our heart and will reveal or not reveal our passion for God.

Vulnerable God

What makes God's love so irresistable?

God's vulnerability, his openness in Jesus to his emotions, is captivating.


What are you filling your tank with?

We can think we are following God's will, but the only way to know for sure is by consulting his word.

God's Horizon

How far can you see?

A morning sunrise, the celebration of communion, and the God who is and was and is to come all connect to give us a sense of living on God's horizon.

Do Not Be Afraid!

So what is there to fear on the eve a brand new year?

When you least expect it, don't be afraid, God is revealing a new plan for your life.


What is your destiny?

God has a plan for each of us, a destiny, to use us for his glory.

Planning Ahead

Are you making your plans or trying to live God's plan?

So often we make all these elaborate plans and never think of allowing God room in our busy schedules.


WIll you give thanks, even for the leftovers?

We must never take for granted the great blessings we have been given by the hand of our gracious God!

Crazy Things Keep Happening to Me

Does crazy stuff happen to you?

Crazy things happen to all of us, but we can face them with joy because of God.

Whose Life Is It?

Do you see yourself in the story?

We can know we are saved by putting ourselves in the story of God's great deliverance.

Katrina: God's Wrath?

Was Katrina God's judgment on us for our sin as some have said?

Some people have wrongly ascertained that Katrina was proof of God's wrath on Amerca's fallen condition.

I Don't Know How It Feels

God knows how it feels, do you?

The storm comes and rages and destroys, do you know how that feels? God does!

Steady, It Could Be God

What's going on with this?

We need to look for God even in the worst of situatinos!

You Are the Way

Why don't we do it God's way?

While we know the will of God, we often do things our way instead of His way.

Why all the Rules?

Do we really need rules?

God's word is given to us to be a blessing and to give us a happy life.

Just Don't Hurt My Kid!

What is every parent's instinct?

God's sacrifice of Jesus should amaze, humble, and change us.

Seeing or Believing

What comes first, seeing or believing?

Some things we have to believe before we can see them!

The Visible Difference

How can we see more stars in the sky?

When we truly focus on God's word, it can come to life for us just like we can see the stars after our eyes get used to the darkness.

Deeper Than That

How deep is His love?

No matter how we understand God's love, it is deeper than we can imagine.

It Never Left

Where did your moon go?

Even when we cannot see the presence of God in our lives, he's always there!

A Look in the Mirror

Looked in the mirror lately?

A mirror helps us see what we need to correct; God's word is that mirror for our spiritual behavior.

The Strawberry

Why eat a strawberry when pursued by a cougar?

God is in control and our job is to make the most of the life we are given.

New Fangled Night Light

What are you forgetting in the light of day?

Too many of our good intentions are never fulfilled because we forget them and leave our world in darkness.

Good and Perfect Gifts

Bet you couldn't get the wrinkles out of these pants!

Some people give crazy gifts, but God gives great gifts, but do we stop and thank Him for them?

A Child of God

Who are you?

Despite the ugliness we know lies within us, we are treasured and precious to God.