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A Child of God

Who are you?

Despite the ugliness we know lies within us, we are treasured and precious to God.

Stairway to the Moon

Have you gone up this stairway?

God's presence, promise

Be Used by God

What can God do through you?

God uses ordinary people to do his amazing work.

A Little Faith

How do we lift our spirits on difficult days?

While we don't know why about why things happen here, we do know that one day our sorrow will melt into the joy of the Lord.

Safe With Dad

Can we trust that we are really safe?

God is always there to care for us and keep us from ultimate harm.

No Pain Like Your Child's Pain

How could God allow His Son to do it for us?

It hurts to see our children experiencing pain so imagine how God feels about our pain!

Love in Any Language

Can you communicate love across races, cultures, and language?

God communicated his love in a way that people of every language can understand: he did it through Jesus' death on the Cross.

The Destruction Behind Remodeling

Could God be behind the destruction in your life?

Sometimes things have to be destroyed, pealed away, torn apart, and ripped out before they can be rebuilt by God.

What's in a Name?

What name do you go by?

God has given us a new name and a new identity to go with his purposes; let's not let the world stick us with any of our old names.