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Promises Kept!

How do you know you can trust the promises of Jesus?

Phil Ware talks about the promises of Jesus and how we know we can trust them: because he kept the hard and painful promises to die for us.

Go to My Brothers and Tell Them

Who was the first apostle to the apostles?

Phil Ware shares insights into Jesus' appearance to Mary Magdalene and how he commissioned her to go declare his resurrection to his followers.

There's More to Come

It's Friday, so how do you really feel about things?

Steve Higginbotham shares the insight that Friday is not the end, but the promise of a new beginning.

He Died for Me!

How are we to respond to such an extravagant gift?

Phil Ware thinks through the implications of Jesus' death for us.


Are you playing religious games or are you really delivered?

Phil Ware shares another insight from Colossians about deliverance from the dead-end alleys, the dark dungeons, and the pits that keep us trapped and reminds us how Jesus brings deliverance.

Symbol and Reality

Just how important is the cross as a symbol?

Bill Sherrill reminds us of the importance of the cross as both a symbol and a reality of our center as believers in Jesus.


How can so much be caught up in one word?

Phil Ware continues his seven sayings of Jesus on the Cross and talks about how the words "I thirst" make Jesus' incarnation real.

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Will he be there when I most need him?

Phil Ware continues his series on the 7 sayings of Jesus on the cross, this one focuses on Jesus' cry of feeling that he had been forsaken by God.

And It Was Night?

Is there any hope, any light, for our darkness?

Phil Ware talks about the triumphal entry of Jesus and the darkness that Jesus faced for all of us to defeat the darkness and bring us to light.


Can you find hope in a hopeless situation?

Phil Ware shares insights he learned from a book and a group of pictures about Compassion International and the meaning of life and death.

Even if It Means a Cross

Do we really want the Cross to define us?

We want a Christianity without the Cross, a Savior without a Lord, and a Tinkerbelle Jesus, reprinted.

Easier Said Than Done

You climb 294 steps up a steep winding staircase

Following Jesus demands an all out commitment. It is not enough to just make a decision.

Forever Stamps?

Does anything really last forever?

Somethings have been bought forever, maybe not stamps, but we have been bought by the blood of CHrist.

Even if It Means a Cross

Do we really only want the Cross to define us?

We want a Christianity without the Cross, a Savior without a Lord, and a Tinkerbelle Jesus.


How can anyone say they have done all that they set out to do?

Jesus finished his work, accomplished his mission, completed his task, passed his test, and when his life was over he was victorious.

Just Don't Hurt My Kid!

What is every parent's instinct?

God's sacrifice of Jesus should amaze, humble, and change us.

The Passion: How Has It Changed You?

Seeing the Passion has made a difference in many — how about you?

We need to ask ourselves what are we going to do with Jesus' passion in the long term.

More Than a Magical Symbol

What does the Cross mean to you?

The Cross must be more than a mere magical symbol to ward off evil, it must be the power of God for our lives.

We Shouldn't Be Surprised

Why would people hate the Passion so much?

We shouldn't be surprised when many people are repulsed or don't like the Passion of the Christ.

Beautiful Scars

Can ugly scars be beautiful?

Jesus' scars are beautiful to those of us it has saved.

Preparing to See The Passion of The Christ

Are you ready to see The Passion?

Be prepared before you go see the Passoin of the Christ; know what you are going to see and know how you are going to use it.