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Living Simply?

The call to live simply and with contentment is not easy. I am not there, but I’m trying.

Tom Norvell encourages us not to grow weary in our battle to live simply so we can find true contentment.

All That Stuff

How are we going to define ourselves?

Max Lucado reminds us that we shouldn't and we can't define who we are by what we have or don't have, but by our contentment in the Lord.


Godliness with contentment is enough

Christians can be rich. Rich people can be Christians. But we need to remember that material things can often get in the way of our faith. Godliness with contentment. That should be our goal.

The Latest Thing

It's new! Improved!

It's easy to want what everyone else is getting. But it's also very, very dangerous. God can help you learn to be happy with what you have.

Observations after a Trip to Africa

What are your observations from traveling outside our country?

During my nine day visit to Africa, I experienced a number of things: policemen in Malawi toting weapons asking for a ride to their headquarters about five miles away, bicycles as transports for almost everything, friendliness of the people, security for

Junk Mail and Happiness

Is happiness really just a mouse click away?

Junk e-mail gives us a good glimpse into what the world sees as happiness. But true happiness comes from God, not from a website.

I Could Be Content if Only...

Who could be bored driving in beautiful Florida?

Because of Jesus, we can learn to be content without being dependent on external circumstances.

Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Are you enslaved to the desire of always wanting more and better?

Money really doesn’t grow on trees -- and some of us are growing more aware of this fact every day. Truthfully, most people deal with financial stress

If Life Were as Sweet as a Krispy Kreme Doughnut

If you could use a type of food to describe your life, what would it be?

Consider the power of attitude, the idea that how we choose to view life impacts the quality of it.

The Best Gifts

Are you still trying to buy love at Christmas?

Priceless memories that you make with those you love are far more valuable and enduring gifts than anything you can purchase with money.

Affluenza Epidemic

Have you been vaccinated against this flu?

We have got to address our addiction to things, money, greed, debt, wealth, and materialism.

Live Simply

How simply can you live?

We can all learn the joy of living simply.

Learning To Be Content

How are you handling the situation you currntly find yourself in?

We can learn to give thanks and be content if we will reframe our current situation and see how many blessings we actually have.

The Hills Are Alive

When was the last time you headed for the hills?

We all need places of solitude to experience God's beauty and listen for the voice of God.

Empty House Full of Memories

Have you found your place of peace?

Jesus promises us his peace if we will open our hearts to his contentment.

Attempting to Find Contentment

How content are you in a bad traffic situation?

We learn contentment by learning to be at peace with others.

The Contented Fisherman

So what's your reward?

This fisherman has learned the real meaning of the word contentment.

Learning to Be Content

Have you found it yet?

I haven't learned to be content because I'm always wishing for more, but I'm trying and haven't stopped!