Money really doesn’t grow on trees — and some of us are growing more aware of this fact every day. Truthfully, most people deal with financial stress sometime or even all the time. The desire for more money is the same for young adults, families, and retirees alike. It’s at least partly the reason so many of us are barely making ends meet or struggling to get out of debt. Money issues can cause not only stress — but real strife. Money, whether we love it or hate it, can have power over our happiness and our lives.

Undoubtedly, financial stress can be due to causes beyond our reach. Emergencies happen. Disasters strike. Cars break down. Companies downsize. Pregnancies come at inopportune times. Recent graduates deal with tough job markets. But to do your part, first, challenge the way you live. Are you living in a nice house, driving a fancy car, wearing designer clothes, and frequently eating out? None of these may be bad in and of themselves, but when you can barely make your electricity payment, something needs to change.

After you have made some changes, big and small, go further and examine why you got to where you were. Are you enslaved to the desire of always wanting more and better? Does the amount or value of what you possess determine whether you define yourself as successful or not? If it does, don’t be ashamed; this is what our culture tells us to believe! Challenge this way of thinking because this is not consistent with God’s definition of success. (Read  Luke 12:15).

If you are having a hard time finding contentment with things, focus on the other things in your life — things that money can’t buy — such as your beautiful spouse, your energetic child, your great friendships, your amazing talents, your good health ... We all are blessed if we think about it!

Whether you’re rich or poor, make sure you are serving God and don’t worry that money doesn’t grow on trees. Remember that God is the one that made trees in the first place — and he’s everlasting.

Are you enslaved to the desire of always wanting more and better?
God bless you,

Courtney Loy

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