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ToGather: Guarding Our Treasure with Faith, Love, and the Holy Spirit (September 4, 2022)

Paul's goal was not to clutter Timothy's mind with needless details, but to encourage him to guard his precious gospel treasure.

Demetrius Collins and Phil Ware lead us in an online, DIY, worship through words and music using YouTube videos to inspire us to love the treasure of the gospel God invested in us and to live with faith, love, and the Holy Spirit as we proclaim and protec

A Spiritual MRI

Can I let go of my regrets, guilt, and shame?

Max Lucado reminds us that we can ask God to both examine us and cleanse us; such is the grace of grace!

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

O how our hearts ache till all our precious ones are in Jesus!

Phil Ware shares his heart about someone who is precious to him who needs to come to the Lord and has not yet done so.

Out Came this Calf!

Is it sin if it

When Aaron made the golden calf, he claimed that it just came out of the fire that way. We can't be that way with our sin. We must own up to what we've done and seek forgiveness.

What's Keeping You from Joining the Party

Have you missed the story about the other son?

Rick Brown writes about the prodigal son parable and reminds us that there are two sons who are lost and need to come home to the heart of the father and join the party he longs to throw for both of them!

Standing on the Edge of a new Adventure

What does God have in store for this New Year?

Ron Rose writes about redemption and even more of sanctification, the slow work of God to transform us into something new and better and more like Him and reminds us that this is a process.

Speaking of Recovery

Why go public with this?

Rubel Shelly uses Josh Hamilton's public confession about a slip in alcohol use to remind us of our need to be truthful about the addictions that enslave us.

The One No One Ever Had

How do you grab ahold of something this illusive?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that while perfection is an ideal, we must not set it as our only goal or we will never attain what we reach to achieve and never be satisfied with our blessings.

The Awful Shame of Shame

When guilt is right and why shame can be destructive!

Rubel Shelly reminds us that feeling guilty isn't necessarily bad, but shame can be destructive and lead to denial or living a self-fulfilling prophecy about our badness.

Which Way Does Your Name Tag Face?

Christianity is not a secret commitment.

Christianity is a public commitment. It must not be hidden.

Lord, Please Hear Our Prayers

When's the last time you waited on the Lord in prayer?

Tom Norvell reminds us of the importance of praying honestly to God about all the challenging times in our lives.


How do you extract a splinter from your soul?

Just like a splinter can infect our body if left too long, sin infects our souls if we don't get it out. The old saying is true, "Confession is good for the soul."

The Hatchet

When I was a teenager

When I was a teenager some friends and I would frequently get together on a weekend night to go camping.

The Art of Saying, 'I am Sorry'

Simple words, so why don't we say them more genuinely?

Steve Higginbotham reminds us that saying "I'm sorry" means truly apologizing.

I Was a Snob and It Breaks My Heart

How hard is it to admit that we can be religious snobs?

Kimberli Brackett reminds us that it is easy to slip into the role of being prideful and a snob who hurts others because of our silly and stupid pridefulness.

Starting Fresh

Can we really find something new and fresh in this season of commercialism?

A man's conversion helps Phil remember that life can become fresh and new and he reminds us that the Christmas season can bring all of this to us if we are looking for it.

Being Transparent

How open are you to others who want to bless you?

We must be open with each other, transparent, for this is the only way we're going to grow in the Lord.

Swept Clean

Does it do the job or does it simply make things look better for awhile?

We all need to deal with the real issue in our lives and not just the fake ones or the cosmetic ones.

I Messed Up Your Butter

Are you willing to admit your offenses?

When the world sees us, do we show that we are willing to admit our failures and seek to make things right?

EPIC Conversion

Do we need to go back and re-think the modern conversion experience?

Let's see conversion more wholistically -- an experience of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection in baptism that involves repentance, and confession of Jesus as Lord, and acceptance of him as Lord and Christ.

Removing the Evidence

Have you hidden the evidence or are you open with God?

Hiding sin doesn't help anyone so let's come clean before God.

S.O. S.

We must learn to use prayer to face our challenges.

One of our most important tools in our spiritual warfare is prayer.

Blaming Others

Who really is responsible?

We need to quit blaming others and take responsibility for ourselves.

The Gipper on Good Intentions

Do good intentions let you off the hook for bad actions?

Having good intentions doesn't offset bad decisions, actions, or words.

The Art of Rationalizing

Who do you blame for your sin?

Rather than blame others for our sin or finding excuses to rationalize away our guilt, let's be honest with ourselves and with God!