The Caring Touch 1995 Archives

Help to Walk God’s Way

We’ll get by with a little help…

Give Your Heart to Jesus

Now is always the best time.

Getting Right with God

Come and get what you really need.


How do we cope with the certainty of death?

The Happiness Test

No, it's not for a grade!

Let Down?

Don’t worry, He won’t disappoint you.

Food’s False Power

Turn to the real comfort, not the refrigerator.

Stay Awake!

Wake up before you crash!

Black Hole of Debt

In God We Trust.

A Grace Disguised

Part 2 of the story of Gerald Sitzer

Surviving the Crisis

Tragedy brings realization.

Taking On the Kids

Only by the power of God…

The Desires of Your Heart

An encouraging story for us all.

Dealing with Injustice

How we can handle it.

Money the Key to Success?

What do you believe?

The Most Important Decision

OK, the two most important decisions.

Praying the Psalms

The Psalms could save your life.

Greedy America

It’s the wrong path.

Hope in the Darkness

Fighting the blackness of clinical depression.

Overcoming Restlessness

Find Jesus, find peace.

Cool Morning Breeze

Faith & humor can go together.

Overcoming Our Fear

You can do it, with His strength.

A Change of Heart

Through God’s power, anything is possible.

Let’s Be Healthy There

Your spiritual health is too important to neglect.

Gang Violence

What can we do?