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What Really Matters
Just a month or so ago, I made what I thought was a profound statement. "I hate the holidays!" The comment slipped... (read more)
Love on Paper
There is something of a movement starting to pick up momentum across the United States. I'm skeptical! "Movements"... (read more)
Christmas Fear Factor?
"If you know the movie is scary, why watch it?" we questioned our teens who had nightmares afterward. "You don't understand! It's fun... (read more)

Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

It Isn't the Real World
Our grandson Christopher stayed with us a little while ago and my wife recorded a conversation she had with him for me. It went something like this. "Good morning Christopher, did you sleep well?"... (read more)
Take the Hype out of the Holidays
Do you remember what Christmas was like when you were a kid? I'd hear the weatherman on TV track Santa's... (read more)
The Thanksgiving Hooke
There are no Thanksgiving traditions about twelve year old John Hooke. No songs, no poems, no pilgrim lore. Yet of all the long... (read more)
Whose Life Is It?
My sister, Janet, shared this story about her grandson, 4-year-old Mason. It seems that he was staying... (read more)
Do We Hurt the Ones We Love?
If life is a baseball game, then we sure can have some curve balls thrown at us. Financial problems due to unexpected repairs on our home... (read more)
The Uncle of Yes!
In the summer before my fourth grade year, I was invited to spend a week on Angel Island, just off Tiburon in the San Francisco Bay... (read more)
How Will You Be Remembered?
How will you be remembered? It is interesting to study the books of 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, and 2 Chronicles. There is a brief mention... (read more)
Echoes of Reality
Every year for quite some time, we have been visited by an attractive little bird. He spends several months in our garden, but when... (read more)
Extreme Hospitality
"Why are we always the ones paying for the meal?" my son protested. "People will assume we have so much. And, no one is going... (read more)
What Will Happen ...
In 2003 there were 50,319 reports of child abuse or neglect in Kentucky, the state where I live, and the national statistics show an... (read more)
Marriage Can Be a Lot of Work!
In the midst of marital disagreement, it is not uncommon for a spouse to wonder if there isn't somebody with whom they... (read more)
Playing the Fool?
"I was so embarrassed!" my friend said. "I got angry at the wrong people, for the wrong reason and made... (read more)
Tears of My Father
By my reckoning, I've seen my father shed tears four times in my nearly-thirty-seven years. It's not that Dad is distant or afraid... (read more)
Steady, It Could Be God
David was once again on the run with his mighty men. He had just received a message stating "that the hearts... (read more)
A Prayer for our Child
Dear Father of all nations and Creator of all things, we come to You on behalf of our child. You gave us... (read more)
Pinch of the Willy-Goo
Our physical bodies don't give us form. Information that we retain shapes us. I have been reading a book... (read more)
The White Rose
When I was a boy, there was a tradition in the mountains where I lived. On Mothers' Day everyone... (read more)
The tangled wreckage left by betrayal frequently leaves those involved feeling hopeless and confused... (read more)
Minimum Daily Requirement for Christian Parents
Your child's journey from age 4 to age 14 is very short. In today's world, the trip is not a safe one.... (read more)
Batter Up!
I hate baseball! There you have it. Just as my delay in seeing The Passion of The Christ calls my... (read more)
Standing at the Gate
It is a sad thing to stand at the gate of where home used to be and now it is not. You stand like a stranger... (read more)
Until He Comes
The other night, Hope was at our house with our granddaughters Madison and Kylie. We were really enjoying... (read more)

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