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Happy New Life
People like new things. If you don't believe me, look at the advertising around you.... (read more)

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I Want Christmas Year Round
I do have Christmas all year round. So can you.... (read more)

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'Fantasy Jesus' vs. 'Real Jesus'
He came as a baby, and grew to be a man, one with power and authority.... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Hope for Life'

Peace Like a River
"Saved alone. What shall I do?" Those were the chilling words Horatio Spafford read in the telegram from his wife.... (read more)
Back to Basics Church
God's son came to earth and lived among us. He was born in a stable among real animals. He lived a real life. ... (read more)
Over the River and Through the Woods
I envision heaven being something like Thanksgiving at Aunt Patty's house.... (read more)
Steps to Hope
When we began to work on the website HopeForLife.org, we sat down and talked about what we believe about hope. We decided that we could best communicate our thoughts about hope with the idea of four stages of hope, four steps along the road of having a li... (read more)
No Pain, No Gain
It takes a real commitment to follow Jesus. Sharing in his pain really does become my gain.... (read more)
Far from Home
Do you ever feel out of place? Like you just don't belong?... (read more)
What's Your Worst Fear?
What's your worst fear? What is it that keeps you awake at night?... (read more)
White Hats and Cowboys
Not good because of what we do, but in spite of what we do. Good because of what he did for us, not because of what we do.... (read more)
It's a Matter of Perspective
How does God see us? God looks at His children with pure love.... (read more)
Faith in the Future
Have you heard of Flagstaff, Maine? It's a ghost town now... (read more)
Dropped Passes
If you have been hesitant to "buy into" the idea of Jesus because of what some of his followers have done, I urge you to look a little deeper.... (read more)
The Last Letter
It’s called "The Bucket List," a movie about two men who endured treatment for cancer only to be told they had months to live.... (read more)
"99˘ refills forever!" That's what the ad for one restaurant claimed. Seemed like a pretty good deal,... (read more)
Lost Luggage
Jesus is a story of good news and joy. He came so we could know that we will live forever. He expects our lives to be full of joy and peace.... (read more)
The Hatchet
I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices... (read more)
Finding What We Seek
Turtles sitting on a rock. Nothing uncommon, at least not for turtles. Most reptiles, being cold-blooded creatures, like to sun themselves.... (read more)
Performance Based Systems
Your "performance" has nothing to do with your salvation.... (read more)
Mighty Power
I witness His power in so many areas... (read more)
Overlooked Treasure
Over the years, I've enjoyed the television program Antique Roadshow on PBS.... (read more)
Christians, Moslems, and Jews
Christians cannot subscribe to any theory that allows for multiple avenues to God.... (read more)
Flying Solo
Before I knew it, the kite was tangled around the light post and my plan was falling apart.... (read more)
The Power of Hope
here's a story that tells of a woman who volunteered with the school district in a large city.... (read more)
I Don't Like Hospitals
Churches are places of spiritual healing for those who are sick. And they are made up of those who have been healed ... even while remembering that we are survivors.... (read more)
Declaration of Dependence
Today I make my personal Declaration of Dependence.... (read more)
Becoming a Citizen
A friend of mine recently became a citizen of the United States. After living in this country for a number of years, she decided to become a citizen.... (read more)
I Just Wanted to Get Out Alive
I trust God to deliver me safe. He has before, and He will again.... (read more)
The Gain is Worth the Pain
I was about 9 years old. I was taking Red Cross swimming lessons at our municipal pool.... (read more)
It Seems Too Good To Be True
We talked about the relationship with Jesus that brings us into the family of God. ... (read more)
Junk Mail and Happiness
You can learn a lot about the world by looking at the junk mail folder on your computer... (read more)
Memorial Day, 2008
This Memorial Day, we acknowledge those who served our country and over whom Taps has been played. So also should we honor the One whose death allows us to claim victory over our enemy.... (read more)
Parable of the Pencil
I still see parables and applications about Christian living in pencils, cars, televisions, pets, and sports.... (read more)
Earning a Reward
My wife just traveled to Argentina and back. That trip would normally have cost more than we could pay, but it turned out to be quite affordable.... (read more)
Repair Men Love Me
God can repair the most important relationship of all … our relationship with him.... (read more)
Changing Seasons
I live in Texas in the northern hemisphere. Here, springtime is just beginning. For fifteen years of my life, I lived in Argentina in the southern hemisphere where at this time of the year they are moving into autumn.... (read more)
A Dog's Life
It occurs to me that Remington has helped me understand my relationship with God. In that relationship I am like Remington and God is my master.... (read more)
The Healing
It was Sunday, March 9, 2008. Steve Ridgell and I had traveled with Herald of Truth Ministries to the island of Cuba.... (read more)
Old Houses
I believe we were created with a purpose. I believe God made us for a reason. God has dreams and plans for each one of us. We were created to live in relationship with him and help others to see him more clearly.... (read more)
No Honor Among Friends....
The challenge with changing your life is that too many people already know you as part of your old life.... (read more)
When they were young, my kids loved videos. They could watch the same movies over and over again.... (read more)
What Good Is an Appendix?
This world, and my life, makes sense when I trust there is someone who knows me and who understands everything going in my life.... (read more)
The Golden Rule
I am curious how the world would react if the Golden Rule was enforced.... (read more)
Changing the Past
Alfred had dedicated himself to the science of war. A talented scientist and creative inventor, he studied ways to create new and better weapons.... (read more)
Radical Surgery
Then it dawned on me that this was a blueprint for how to handle sin in my life.... (read more)
It's Not For Everyone
If you think about it, this invitation by Jesus isn't for everyone. I'm not saying that He wouldn't receive all who wanted to come nor am I saying that His sacrifice was in any way limited. What I'm saying is Jesus is calling those who are tired.... (read more)
End of the Year Farewells
If we are all going to die, and no one will remember us, what is the point of fame, money, accomplishments?... (read more)
Remember Grace
Ever wonder how many miracles of Jesus are unknown to the world?... (read more)
Stepping Out
It's called rappelling. It's the means by which you walk down a near-vertical surface with the aid of a rope around your body.... (read more)

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