I want to find a church like this:

The building committee approves the building of a stable instead of a multi-million dollar edifice. I know you can't have much of a crowd in a stable, but I like the idea of simple and functional as opposed to grand and expensive.

Animals are allowed in the building. Maybe that is not really practical, but it would be great to be in a church that dealt with real life and not just "church" life.

The message is about good news of great joy. It seems to me that is what most people I know are looking for: a life of joy.

Farmers and intellectuals worship together. I believe people everywhere are pretty much the same. We generally need and want the same things. I want a church where people of every race, economic status, and profession are welcome.

It started out like that you know. Church is really about a simple message. God's son came to earth and lived among us. He was born in a stable among real animals. He lived a real life.

Jesus came to earth to do one thing ... find you.
That's the good news: that God wanted us to be in a relationship with him so much that he let His son leave heaven and come to earth to make that relationship possible. For everyone that wants it.

It is not complicated. It is not elaborate. It is good news of great joy. Do not be confused by the church pomp and circumstance you see this time of year. Do not let the competing message of the world's view of Christmas hide Jesus, who came to earth to find you.

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