"Over the river and through the woods to 'Aunt Patty's' house we go." Well, that's how it would be sung at my house. For 38 years they ALL have come to Aunt Patty's house for Thanksgiving, not Aunt Patty and Uncle Bill's house, just Aunt Patty's house.

There have always been three generations who gather, including in-laws and out-laws. I'm not sure some of the attendees would know how to cook turkey, prepare stuffing or get enough ice unless my wife, the aforementioned Aunt Patty, didn't do it.

Thanksgiving dinner takes place around 1 pm with the adult table and the kid's table. Then the late afternoon has football games or my nap. Leftovers are available from 6 pm to bedtime with the evening centered around some games that most of the family participates in while coordinating the strategy for who is to be at which store before the sun rises and the world starts to turn the next morning.

Each year the faces change, depending on whose family gets the kids for the holiday this year, but even for an old codger like me, what I enjoy most is simply having my family close enough to hear their laughter, see their smile, feel their warmth.

I envision heaven being something like Thanksgiving at Aunt Patty's house.

I envision heaven being something like Thanksgiving at Aunt Patty's house.
All of the "relatives" gathering in one place, telling stories of the way things used to be, new faces each year, hearing the laughter, seeing the smiles, feeling the warmth. ALL of us in the presence of God — Almighty, His Son — Emanuel, His Spirit — the Comforter. But no one goes home, Thanksgiving never stops.

Yep, just like at Aunt Patty's house, because they'll all be back for Christmas!

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