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Creative Christmas Letters?
Most people enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating, shopping and participating in Christmas programs... (read more)

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Tested and Approved
You can go to the grocery store and find everything from cereal to steak that has an official stamp of approval by some vendor or government... (read more)

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Safety, Beauty, and Power
It had been a hot, difficult week of work for the teens on the mission trip. The other sponsors and I were just ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Just for Women'

It's About Time
It was time. My little-league-toting, gas-guzzling SUV was making a noise that let us know its days were ... (read more)
Worthless Religion?
When you pray, what do you ask for? I ask God to make me more like Jesus tomorrow than I am today. This is my one consistent prayer ... (read more)
Has It Passed?
On any other Thursday, he wouldn't have been available to give me news updates, but on this one he was home. Just like he'd been home on ... (read more)
Little Acts of Love
As I loaded dishes into the dishwasher, I sang along with the radio. My grandson looked up from the picture he was... (read more)
Nearby Treasures
Could you be looking for something that is already right next to you? On a beautiful May afternoon, my daughter and I ... (read more)
A Gift from a Friend
A dear friend, James, taught me a life affirming lesson a few days ago — and I am grateful for his lesson and the ... (read more)
By submitting myself under His Lordship, I have been given a gift — a gift to trust Him to guide me where He... (read more)
Paper or Plastic
"Do you want paper or plastic?" Most of us have been asked this question. Several years ago, however, my son and I were... (read more)
Considering Valentine's Day
My family experienced some minor medical drama the week between Christmas and New Year's while traveling out ... (read more)
Winter Gardening
A temperate day in the middle of winter beckoned. I ventured outside with only a light sweater — no gardening gloves ... (read more)
What Could Have Been
"Honey, look at that precious little girl." The blonde haired three-year-old girl twirled around the aisle in... (read more)
Focus on the Goal
It happened again. Out running, my foot landed squarely on ... something ... a pecan ... a rock? Whatever it was, it... (read more)
Holiday Hangover
Here it is just a few days after Christmas and I've done it again: I'm suffering from yet another holiday... (read more)

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