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2004 Special Features:

A Gift Certificate for Jesus?, by Jeff Lee
      What have you come to offer Jesus?

Buy Your Own Gift!, by Russ Lawson
      Could you afford the price of this gift?

Living with the Gift, by Patrick D. Odum
      What difference does this gift make in your life?

The White Envelope: A Follow Up, by Denise Gentry
      When Christmas is more than Christmas.

My Christmas Present, by Joey Cope
      What can we learn from a bad Christmas shopping experience?

O That Christmas Spending!, by Rubel Shelly
      Is there more to the season than the spending?

What about Xmas?, by Jerry Whitmire
      What are we supposed to do about Christmas?

Another Reason Not To ..., by Rubel Shelly
      Why would anyone do that on national television?

The Picture, by Elizabeth Price
      What is the story behind this picture?

Guilt by Any Other Name, by Rubel Shelly
      How do we get rid of it?

Damaged and Discarded, by Russ Lawson
      Can you find value in what has been discarded?

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, by Russ Lawson
      What does your neighborhood look like?

Make Every Day Like Christmas, by Joseph Mazella
      Why can't every day be like Christmas?

It Only Comes with Rain, by Bruce Wadd
      Some things we just can't do!

My Old Watch, by Joseph Mazella
      Is there still time?

Thanks-giving, by Mike Barres
      What holiday has a message in its name?

Taste and See, by Tom Norvell
      Have you tasted just how good it is?

Time for Thanksgiving, by Rubel Shelly
      Isn't time to do this with everything else going on?

Quieted with His Love, by Tom Norvell
      Is there a place of calm and rest?

The Challenge to Just Be, by Elizabeth Price
      Can you resist the urge to be in motion all the time?

The Old Clock, by Russ Lawson
      What lesson can an old abandoned clock teach us?

Re-Thinking Election Strategy?, by Katha Winther
      Can anything good come out of politics?

No Pain, No gain, by Joey Cope
      How does your shoulder feel?

For Those Under Trial, by Straight from the Bible
      What about those who are not free to worship the Lord?

You Must Remember the Forgotten, by Straight from the Bible
      Will you remember those everyone else forgets?

Seek Me and Live, by Straight from the Bible
      What happens when a nation loses its way?

Citizens of a Different Country, by Straight from the Bible
      Do you have your green card?

The Best Kind of Citizens, by Straight from the Bible
      How can we be good citizens?

Haunted House, by David Smith
      Jesus talked about a haunted house?

Lord, What are You Doing?, by Alan Smith
      Can you figure it out?

Throwing Bibles from Heaven, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Where do Bibles come from?

I Have Decided, by Bill Sherrill
      Will you still follow?

Don't You Just Love It?, by Rubel Shelly
      Will justice ever be served?

True Love ... Obeys!, by Mike Barres
      What does true love do?

The Strawberry, by Russ Lawson
      Why eat a strawberry when pursued by a cougar?

Handling Life's Storms, by Mike Barres
      What happens when the strom won't let up?

The Power is On!, by Bruce Wadd
      Are you living by candlelight rather than God's power and light?

Oh You Light of Mine!, by Patrick D. Odum
      What can of light do you owe the world?

The Danger of Being Too Busy, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Who are you judging before looking at your own life?

September Song, by Charlotte Barres
      Can we draw closer in the latter years of our life?

Who Gets the Credit?, by Rubel Shelly
      Does it matter who gets teh credit?

The Church Was Used For What?, by Rubel Shelly
      What's cookin' in your church's kitchen?

Wells of Life, by Elizabeth Price
      How do you explain 3 in 1?

Eyes on the Prize, by Larry Zinck
      When is finishing third actually about winning?

Please Arrest Me!, by Patrick D. Odum
      When's the last time you turned yourself in?

Rush/Delay to Judgement, by Sandy Fields
      How fast do you score people?

Proclaiming the Mystery of Christ, by Mike Barres
      Are you sharing the message?

We Have to Serve?, by Bill Denton
      Do we really have to be servants?

God Loves a Slow Cooker, by Janice Price
      Can you really hold off the condemnation?

Class Now in Session, by Patrick D. Odum
      Are you willing to join Jesus in the Garden?

Hot, Hot, Hot, by Bill Sherrill
      How hot is it where you are?

Fast Food or Truly Full, by Patrick D. Odum
      Are you really full with all that you have been eating?

A Child of God, by Patrick D. Odum
      Who are you?

The Least of These, by Bill Sherrill
      What have you done for Jesus lately?

The Plausiblity Zone, by Rubel Shelly
      Does your life have a real impact on those around you?

Please Don't Ignore Me!, by Tom Norvell
      Do you ever feel overlooked?

Take Notice of Grace, by Kathy Bailey
      Seen God's grace lately?

Stairway to the Moon, by Elizabeth Price
      Have you gone up this stairway?

Graceful Recovery, by Rubel Shelly
      What have you set on fire recently?

Be Used by God, by Tom Norvell
      What can God do through you?

In The Resurrection Business, by Larry Zinck
      How do you spend your time?

Quality Over Quantity, by Rubel Shelly
      Can there be any joy in the death of a 13 year old?

If a Tree Falls ..., by Joey Cope
      If a tree falls in the forest, is it really funny?

Between Two Doors, by Janice Price
      How do we get un-stuck in a situation like this?

The Declaration of Independence, by Steven W. Allen
      Where did the Declaration of Independence come from?

Annoying Interruptions or Divine Appointments, by Mike Barres
      How do you feel about the people who interrupt your day?

The Rest of the Story?, by Tom Norvell
      So what is the rest of the story?

Church Taters, by Mike Barres
      What kind of church tater are you?

Talking Donkeys Like Me!, by Russ Lawson
      Do you have more to say than a donkey?

In the Wake of the Storm, by Bill Sherrill
      What did you do when the lights went out?

In Jesus' Shoes, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      Have you ever walked in his sandals?

Join the Procession, by Patrick D. Odum
      Have you been by to honor him?

Throw Away Your Ring, by Larry Zinck
      Can you get rid of that sin that entangles you?

Where Do You Take Them?, by Patrick D. Odum
      What do you do when you have those who offend you

Risky Business, by Paul Lee
      Facing fear? Find Godpower to keep going.

ChemoAngels, by Joseph Mazella
      Have you seen an angel running around oncology lately?

Independent and Self-Sufficient, by Janice Price
      Can anything good come out of a serious motorcycle injury?

Baggage Claim, by Kelly Breece
      Did they make the flight or lose the opportunity?

Here is God!, by Russ Lawson
      Where can you find God on your map?

Shelter in The Storm?, by Russ Lawson
      Can you find a place to protect you from life's weather?

Loving God, by Mike Barres
      Can you truly say

Thank You God!, by Joseph Mazella
      How much do you like to hear the words, "Thank you!"

Searching for A Home, by Tom Norvell
      What are you searching for?

Mental Block, by Bruce Logue
      Ever have trouble finding the right words?

Learning from the Wizard, by Rubel Shelly
      What can you learn about life from the Wizard?

In Search of a Happy Heart, by Bill Sherrill
      Why do we take ourselves so seriously?

Prayer for the Nation 2004: US National Day of Prayer, by Dr. Barry Black
      A day to refocus and call ourselves back to our heritage of prayer.

Tribute to a Fallen Hero, by Rubel Shelly
      Some people won't take the easy way!

Our Heritage, by Joseph Mazella
      What are we designed to do?

The Passion: How Has It Changed You?, by Russ Lawson
      Seeing the Passion has made a difference in many -- how about you?

Passion or Person?, by David A Sargent & Sid Dye
      Why all the talk about the Passion?

Christian First!, by Mike Barres
      What comes first in your life?

Sailors and Maps, by Rubel Shelly
      Do we really know where we're headed?

Right in Place at Just the Right Time, by Kelly Breece
      Will you be where you need to be?

More Than a Magical Symbol, by Russ Lawson
      What does the Cross mean to you?

Dubious Distinction, by Rubel Shelly
      What do you want to be know for doing in your life?

Sorry Rocks, by Patrick D. Odum
      What has repentance led you to change?

Doubting Thomas and Resurrection Faith, by Larry Davies
      Do you ever doubt?

Did Jesus Wear Glasses?, by Danny Sims
      Do we know the real Jesus?

The Tear from God's Eye, by Rubel Shelly
      What was that we saw falling to earth?

Rated "R", by Anonymous
      Why go to this show when it's rated "R"?

Happy Birthday Heartlight!, by Paul Lee
      It's been 8 years of Heartlight - time for a little celebration!

Unforgiveness, by Kathy Bailey
      Why is it so hard to forgive?

Ever Been Misunderstood?, by Rubel Shelly
      Have you ever felt like no one understood?

How You Can Minister to Christ, by Lou Seckler
      How can we minister to Jesus?

Who Gave You the Problem?, by Germana Gusmão Downing
      Why do you have some problems? And where did they come from?

Where to Begin, by Rubel Shelly
      Is there a place to start making the world a better place?

Would You? Will You?, by Larry Zinck
      What would you give up for the Kingdom?

Home at Last, by Bill Sherrill
      Not sure about pearly gates, but you can be sure of this!

It Isn't Over, by Melva Cooper
      When does this season end?

Called to Belong, by Tom Norvell
      Where do you belong?

Too Many Tepees?, by Patrick D. Odum
      How many tepees is enough?

Good Enough, by Bruce Logue
      As God-followers, we can do better than just good enough.

Standing in the Presence of God, by Russ Lawson
      Who do you see in the sunset's last light?

The Leap of Faith, by Paul Lee
      Where will your leap take you?

Where Does it All Come From?, by Rubel Shelly
      Where does the strength for a crisis come from?

At Just the Right Time, by Tom Norvell
      Can you hang on till the right time?

Preparing to See The Passion of The Christ, by David Smith
      Are you ready to see The Passion?

Passion Fears, by Dave Cook
      What is your greatest fear about the release of The Passion?

The Best Day Ever, by Patrick D. Odum
      What does it take for it to be a great day for you?

Sheep and Cats, by Bill Sherrill
      Can cats go astray?

Loving God's Word, by Russ Lawson
      Do you truly love God's Word?

The President Visits Daytona, by Melva Cooper
      What spiritual lessons can be learned from the President and NASCAR?

Honoring Presidents' Day?, by Steven W. Allen
      Do we really need to remember this?

Hope Does Not Disappoint Us, by Russ Lawson
      Can we keep from being disappointed by broken hopes?

True Love from Hope and Faith, by Jan Price
      Can hope really survive in such a tough time?

Enduring Hope, by Bill Sherrill
      Where does the power to keep hoping come from?

We Need More Sams!, by Larry Zinck
      What can we learn from a chubby little Hobbit?

Chaos and Peace, by Tom Norvell
      We can't forget the one while we experience the other!

Scrambled Eggs, by Tom Norvell
      What do we do when we can't unscramble our messes?

Always Respectful, by Rubel Shelly
      Can being respectful really save lives?

O Be Careful Little ..., by Debbie Parker
      Who helps you with what you think?

Of Goats and Prejudices, by Russ Lawson
      Who is your old goat?

Time for a Rewind?, by Patrick D. Odum
      Can we really get do-overs?

Seeing But Not Seeing, by Mike Barres
      What are you seeing when you walk with Christ?

Breaking Away From Our Leash, by Russ Lawson
      Can you break away from the things that are holding you back?

Pollyanna Piety, by Rubel Shelly
      Is God really going to protect from us from every bad thing?

The Destruction Behind Remodeling, by Patrick D. Odum
      Could God be behind the destruction in your life?

Do You Shine?, by Larry Zinck
      If someone were to see you, would you match with Jesus?

He Really Is In Control, by Dr. Karen Buchanan
      What can we learn from the storm of the decade?

He is "I Am", by Mike Barres
      How do we really help people with low self-esteem?

This Won't Surprise You, by Rubel Shelly
      Who influences what others do?

The Value of Vision, by Rubel Shelly
      Have you begun to dream of what lies ahead?

Puppies and First Snows, by Russ Lawson
      What can we learn from a puppy in the snow?

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