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January 2021

Jan. 1stGod's Promise FulfilledMatthew 1:1
Jan. 2ndTo All NationsMatthew 1:1-6
Jan. 3rdNo Hidden SkeletonsMatthew 1:6-10
Jan. 4thThe People Lost in the CreditsMatthew 1:11-17
Jan. 5thMiraculous ScandalMatthew 1:18-19
Jan. 6thThe GiftsMatthew 1:20-21
Jan. 7thGod's Promise Comes TrueMatthew 1:22-25
Jan. 8thGod of the UnexpectedMatthew 2:1-2
Jan. 9thGod's Word in the Wrong HandsMatthew 2:3-6
Jan. 10thOf Deceit and JoyMatthew 2:7-10
Jan. 11thThe Blessings of WorshipMatthew 2:11-12
Jan. 12thWhen God Stays AwayMatthew 2:13
Jan. 13thThis One Always ObeysMatthew 2:14-15
Jan. 14thSlaying the InnocentsMatthew 2:16-18
Jan. 15thThe LORD's Continuing PresenceMatthew 2:19-20
Jan. 16thDivine PartnershipMatthew 2:19-23
Jan. 17thAt the DoorMatthew 3:1-2
Jan. 18thPreparing the WayMatthew 3:3-4
Jan. 19thThe Famine Is Over!Matthew 3:5-6
Jan. 20thSnakesMatthew 3:7-10
Jan. 21stFire!Matthew 3:11-12
Jan. 22ndBy Me?Matthew 3:13-14
Jan. 23rdAll That God RequiresMatthew 3:15
Jan. 24thThe Father's Delight in His ChildrenMatthew 3:16-17
Jan. 25thLed to the TestMatthew 4:1
Jan. 26thTrue Bread, True WordMatthew 4:1-4
Jan. 27thI Won't Play Your GameMatthew 4:5-7
Jan. 28thOnly One to WorshipMatthew 4:8-10
Jan. 29thThe Angels AttendMatthew 4:11
Jan. 30thStarting SignalsMatthew 4:12-13
Jan. 31stThe Dawning LightMatthew 4:14-16

February 2021

Feb. 1stThe Kingdom CallsMatthew 4:17-20
Feb. 2ndFamily and Following JesusMatthew 4:21-22
Feb. 3rdMinistry to the Whole PersonMatthew 4:23
Feb. 4thA Friend Like No OtherMatthew 4:24
Feb. 5thTo All PeoplesMatthew 4:25
Feb. 6thA Family DiscourseMatthew 5:1-2
Feb. 7thIn Need of GodMatthew 5:3
Feb. 8thBeyond MourningMatthew 5:4
Feb. 9thUpside Down to the WorldMatthew 5:5
Feb. 10thMore than Anything ElseMatthew 5:6
Feb. 11thExtending MercyMatthew 5:7
Feb. 12thPure HeartsMatthew 5:8
Feb. 13thWaging PeaceMatthew 5:9
Feb. 14thPersecuted!Matthew 5:10-12
Feb. 15thSalt!Matthew 5:13
Feb. 16thLight!Matthew 5:14-16
Feb. 17thFulfilled!Matthew 5:17
Feb. 18thPermanent?Matthew 5:18
Feb. 19thWarned!Matthew 5:19
Feb. 20thRighteousness!Matthew 5:20
Feb. 21stMurder!Matthew 5:21-22
Feb. 22ndBe Reconciled!Matthew 5:23-24
Feb. 23rdReconcile!Matthew 5:25-26
Feb. 24thLust? NO!!Matthew 5:27-28
Feb. 25thShock!Matthew 5:29-30
Feb. 26thDo Not Divorce!Matthew 5:31-32
Feb. 27thVows Not Needed!Matthew 5:33-34
Feb. 28thReliability!Matthew 5:34-37

March 2021

Mar. 1stRedeeming InsultMatthew 5:38-39
Mar. 2ndLost My ShirtMatthew 5:40
Mar. 3rdTaming the Rebel HeartMatthew 5:41
Mar. 4thBenevolent CompassionMatthew 5:42
Mar. 5thFinding Our TargetMatthew 5:43-45
Mar. 6thPerfect!Matthew 5:46-48
Mar. 7thJust Between the Father and MeMatthew 6:1
Mar. 8thSharing God's KindnessMatthew 6:2-4
Mar. 9thSeeking the FatherMatthew 6:5-6
Mar. 10thFew Words Are NeededMatthew 6:7-8
Mar. 11thModel PrayerMatthew 6:9-13
Mar. 12thForgiveMatthew 6:14-15
Mar. 13thThe Hidden FastMatthew 6:16-18
Mar. 14thStoring UpMatthew 6:19-21
Mar. 15thGood EyesMatthew 6:22-23
Mar. 16thOnly One #1Matthew 6:24
Mar. 17thUltimate ValueMatthew 6:25-26
Mar. 18thUltimate SplendorMatthew 6:27-30
Mar. 19thThis First!Matthew 6:31-33
Mar. 20thTomorrowMatthew 6:34
Mar. 21stJudge ... NOT!Matthew 7:1-2
Mar. 22ndLooking in the Mirror FirstMatthew 7:3-5
Mar. 23rdPearls and PigsMatthew 7:6
Mar. 24thKeep Praying!Matthew 7:7-8
Mar. 25thOur Father's GraciousnessMatthew 7:9-11
Mar. 26thThe Golden LifeMatthew 7:12
Mar. 27thThe Less-Taken WayMatthew 7:13-14
Mar. 28thFruit CheckingMatthew 7:15-20
Mar. 29thAway from Me!Matthew 7:21-23
Mar. 30thDo It!Matthew 7:24-27
Mar. 31stBottom Line!Matthew 7:28-29

April 2021

Apr. 1stBack to Earth!Matthew 8:1-3
Apr. 2ndFor Those on Earth! (Part 1)Matthew 8:3-4
Apr. 3rdFor Those on Earth! (Part 2)Matthew 8:5-9
Apr. 4thFaithMatthew 8:10-13
Apr. 5thTender PowerMatthew 8:14-15
Apr. 6thVictoryMatthew 8:16-17
Apr. 7thDiscipleMatthew 8:18
Apr. 8thThe Hard FollowMatthew 8:19-22
Apr. 9thTrust in CrisisMatthew 8:23-25
Apr. 10thWho Is This Man?Matthew 8:26-27
Apr. 11thThe Demons KnowMatthew 8:28-29
Apr. 12thDestruction and VictoryMatthew 8:30-32
Apr. 13thDriven AwayMatthew 8:33-34
Apr. 14thTrue FriendsMatthew 9:1-3
Apr. 15thAuthority, Part 1Matthew 9:3-8
Apr. 16thAuthority, Part 2Matthew 9:9
Apr. 17thDinner with SinnersMatthew 9:10-12
Apr. 18thCall to SinnersMatthew 9:13
Apr. 19thFasting?Matthew 9:14-15
Apr. 20thNew WineMatthew 9:16-17
Apr. 21stResponding to FaithMatthew 9:18-19
Apr. 22ndAffirming FaithMatthew 9:18-22
Apr. 23rdNo Show, Just GraceMatthew 9:23-26
Apr. 24thTwo NecessitiesMatthew 9:27-31
Apr. 25thBlinded by Religious PrejudiceMatthew 9:32-34
Apr. 26thBeyond Longing to Looking!Matthew 9:35-38
Apr. 27thJust 12 MenMatthew 10:1-4
Apr. 28thExclusive?Matthew 10:5-6
Apr. 29thThe Kingdom Is NearMatthew 10:7-8
Apr. 30thTake Nothing/EverythingMatthew 10:8-10

May 2021

May. 1stChoices - Part 1Matthew 10:11-13
May. 2ndChoices - Part 2Matthew 10:14-15
May. 3rdSnakes & DovesMatthew 10:16
May. 4thWarned and SupportedMatthew 10:17-20
May. 5thFaithfulMatthew 10:21-23
May. 6thFollowing the SaviorMatthew 10:24-25
May. 7thNo FearMatthew 10:26-27
May. 8thFear HimMatthew 10:28-31
May. 9thNot AshamedMatthew 10:32-33
May. 10thNo Peace HereMatthew 10:34-37
May. 11thTake Up Your CrossMatthew 10:38-39
May. 12thReceiving JesusMatthew 10:40-41
May. 13thCup of WaterMatthew 10:42
May. 14thOn TaskMatthew 11:1
May. 15thDoubt Toward BeliefMatthew 11:2-3
May. 16thProof PositiveMatthew 11:4-5
May. 17thDon't StumbleMatthew 11:6
May. 18thWhat Were You Looking For?Matthew 11:7-8
May. 19thMore than a ProphetMatthew 11:9
May. 20thBlessed to be Here NowMatthew 11:10-11
May. 21stForceful KingdomMatthew 11:12
May. 22ndElijah Has ComeMatthew 11:13-15
May. 23rdWon't BelieveMatthew 11:16-19
May. 24thRepentance or ConsequencesMatthew 11:20-21
May. 25thBetter Off?Matthew 11:22-24
May. 26thThe Father's ChoiceMatthew 11:25-26
May. 27thOnly the Son KnowsMatthew 11:27
May. 28thCome to MeMatthew 11:28
May. 29thFind Rest in MeMatthew 11:29-30
May. 30thWitness to Hostile PeopleMatthew 12:1-2
May. 31stLooking Beyond the LetterMatthew 12:3-6

June 2021

Jun. 1stMercy?Matthew 12:7
Jun. 2ndLORD!Matthew 12:8
Jun. 3rdHate-blindMatthew 12:9-10
Jun. 4thMuch More Than a SheepMatthew 12:11-12
Jun. 5thWell and SickMatthew 12:13-14
Jun. 6thCareful CompassionMatthew 12:15-16
Jun. 7thFulfilling the MissionMatthew 12:17-19
Jun. 8thTender SaviorMatthew 12:19-21
Jun. 9thLike a ChildMatthew 12:22-23
Jun. 10thAn Undivided HeartMatthew 12:24-26
Jun. 11thBinding the Strong ManMatthew 12:27-29
Jun. 12thNo Middle GroundMatthew 12:30
Jun. 13thUltimate BlasphemyMatthew 12:31-32
Jun. 14thGood FruitMatthew 12:33-35
Jun. 15thMore than a NameMatthew 12:36-37
Jun. 16thNo Miracle on DemandMatthew 12:38-40
Jun. 17thOne Greater Is HereMatthew 12:41-42
Jun. 18thSomething WorseMatthew 12:43-45
Jun. 19thFamily!Matthew 12:46-50
Jun. 20thLISTEN!Matthew 13:1-9
Jun. 21stWanting to HearMatthew 13:10-15
Jun. 22ndBlessed Eyes & EarsMatthew 13:16-17
Jun. 23rdThe Thief of TruthMatthew 13:18-19
Jun. 24thJust for a WhileMatthew 13:18, 20-21
Jun. 25thChoke PointMatthew 13:18, 22
Jun. 26thChoosing To Be Good SoilMatthew 13:23
Jun. 27thThe Enemy Among UsMatthew 13:24-30
Jun. 28thFrom Small BeginningsMatthew 13:31-32
Jun. 29thHidden PowerMatthew 13:33
Jun. 30thThe Power of StoriesMatthew 13:34-35

July 2021

Jul. 1stLeaving the Crowd BehindMatthew 13:36-39
Jul. 2ndShine Like the SunMatthew 13:40-43
Jul. 3rdJust for JoyMatthew 13:44
Jul. 4thThe Searcher's GoalMatthew 13:45-46
Jul. 5thThe Ultimate NetMatthew 13:47-50
Jul. 6thOut of the StoreroomMatthew 13:51-52
Jul. 7thRejection at HomeMatthew 13:53-56
Jul. 8thLack of FaithMatthew 13:57-59
Jul. 9thPeer FearMatthew 14:1-5
Jul. 10thUp to No GoodMatthew 14:5-12
Jul. 11thCompassion over CaresMatthew 14:13-14
Jul. 12thBlessed Beyond ResourcesMatthew 14:15-21
Jul. 13thNo NeglectMatthew 14:22-23
Jul. 14thIn the StormMatthew 14:24-27
Jul. 15thOn the Savior, Not the StormMatthew 14:28-31
Jul. 16thOur Purpose Is His PraiseMatthew 14:32-33
Jul. 17thWe Need a MiracleMatthew 14:34-36
Jul. 18thWhy Do…?Matthew 15:1-2
Jul. 19thMaking Up the RulesMatthew 15:3-6
Jul. 20thYou Hypocrites!Matthew 15:7-9
Jul. 21stOut of Your Mouth!Matthew 15:10-11
Jul. 22ndMiss the Ditch!Matthew 15:12-14
Jul. 23rdWhat's Inside!Matthew 15:15-20
Jul. 24thLost Who Find!Matthew 15:21-24
Jul. 25thAcknowledging Great FaithMatthew 15:25-28
Jul. 26thThey Praised GodMatthew 15:29-31
Jul. 27thReruns?Matthew 15:32-33
Jul. 28thThanks for the Power!Matthew 15:34-38
Jul. 29thMoving OutMatthew 15:39
Jul. 30thTrick or TruthMatthew 16:1-4
Jul. 31stGot It Wrong, Again!Matthew 16:5-7

August 2021

Aug. 1stLittle Faith PeopleMatthew 16:7-12
Aug. 2ndWho He Is!Matthew 16:13-14
Aug. 3rdChrist, Son of God!Matthew 16:15-16
Aug. 4thMy Father Showed YouMatthew 16:17-19
Aug. 5thDon't Tell ... Yet!Matthew 16:20
Aug. 6thTransition to the CrossMatthew 16:21
Aug. 7thMessiah's CrossMatthew 16:22-23
Aug. 8thRedemptional WisdomMatthew 16:24-26
Aug. 9thAngels Are Coming!Matthew 16:27-28
Aug. 10thAlone TogetherMatthew 17:1
Aug. 11thIt Is Good To Be Here!Matthew 17:2-8
Aug. 12thThe Key to TellingMatthew 17:9
Aug. 13thElijah Has ComeMatthew 17:10-13
Aug. 14thFaith or Frustration?Matthew 17:14-18
Aug. 15thMustard-Seed FaithMatthew 17:19-20
Aug. 16thFilled with GriefMatthew 17:22-23
Aug. 17thTaxes?Matthew 17:24-27
Aug. 18thStriving for GreatnessMatthew 18:1
Aug. 19thTo Be a Child!Matthew 18:2-4
Aug. 20thAccepting ChildrenMatthew 18:5
Aug. 21stHow Terrible!Matthew 18:6-7
Aug. 22ndRadical Prevention!Matthew 18:8-9
Aug. 23rdAngels with My FatherMatthew 18:10
Aug. 24thFinding the LostMatthew 18:12-14
Aug. 25thEven When Done to Us!Matthew 18:15
Aug. 26thEven When Done to Us!Matthew 18:15-17
Aug. 27thThe LORD Is There!Matthew 18:18-20
Aug. 28thHeaven's SevenMatthew 18:21-22
Aug. 29thFreed from Debt!Matthew 18:23-27
Aug. 30thRefused!Matthew 18:28-30
Aug. 31stShouldn't You Have Mercy?Matthew 18:31-33

September 2021

Sep. 1stThe Necessity of ForgivenessMatthew 18:34-35
Sep. 2ndTransition and TruthMatthew 19:1-2
Sep. 3rdTransition and TruthMatthew 19:3
Sep. 4th4 Ways 1Matthew 19:4-6
Sep. 5thNot So!Matthew 19:7-9
Sep. 6thThe GiftMatthew 19:10-12
Sep. 7thLet Them Come to Me!Matthew 19:13-15
Sep. 8thJust One Thing?Matthew 19:16
Sep. 9thWhat Else?Matthew 19:17-20
Sep. 10thWant To Be Perfect?Matthew 19:21-22
Sep. 11thEasier for a Camel?Matthew 19:23-24
Sep. 12thWho Can Be Saved?Matthew 19:25-26
Sep. 13thWhat about Us?Matthew 19:27-30
Sep. 14thKingdom LaborersMatthew 20:1-7
Sep. 15thMore than ExpectedMatthew 20:8-9
Sep. 16thNot Enough?Matthew 20:10-12
Sep. 17thMore than FairMatthew 20:13
Sep. 18thRejoice with Those Rejoicing!Matthew 20:14-15
Sep. 19thReversal!Matthew 20:16
Sep. 20thTo JerusalemMatthew 20:17-19
Sep. 21stMothers!Matthew 20:20-21
Sep. 22ndYou Don't UnderstandMatthew 20:22-23
Sep. 23rdNo Better than the WorstMatthew 20:24
Sep. 24thNot So Among You!Matthew 20:25-26
Sep. 25thServant!Matthew 20:26-27
Sep. 26thTo Be a Ransom!Matthew 20:28
Sep. 27thHave Mercy on Us!Matthew 20:29-31
Sep. 28thWhat Do You Want Me To Do?Matthew 20:32
Sep. 29thThey Followed JesusMatthew 20:32-34
Sep. 30thThe LORD Needs Them!Matthew 21:1-3

October 2021

Oct. 1stBehold the King!Matthew 21:4-7
Oct. 2ndPraise God!Matthew 21:8-11
Oct. 3rdTemple TumultMatthew 21:12-13
Oct. 4thOut of the Mouths of Babes!Matthew 21:14-17
Oct. 5thYou Must Be Fruitful!Matthew 21:18-22
Oct. 6thAuthority!Matthew 21:23-27
Oct. 7thMore than Change!Matthew 21:28-32
Oct. 8thDisregard for the Servants!Matthew 21:33-36
Oct. 9thI'll Send My SonMatthew 21:37-39
Oct. 10thHarsh JusticeMatthew 21:40-41
Oct. 11thStumbling over the TruthMatthew 21:42-44
Oct. 12thNot Under Fear!Matthew 21:45-46
Oct. 13thThe Power of Stories!Matthew 22:1-4
Oct. 14thBrutal RefusalMatthew 22:5-6
Oct. 15thThe Hall Will Be FilledMatthew 22:7-10
Oct. 16thStandards Are Not ForgottenMatthew 22:11-14
Oct. 17thSpeaking the Truth with CourageMatthew 22:15-16
Oct. 18thWhose Face Do You See?Matthew 22:17-22
Oct. 19thThis Is Why You're WrongMatthew 22:23-29
Oct. 20thFirst Thing First!Matthew 22:30
Oct. 21stGod of the Living!Matthew 22:31-33
Oct. 22ndSeeking TruthMatthew 22:34-35
Oct. 23rdLove God Through and ThroughMatthew 22:36-38
Oct. 24thBoils Down to LoveMatthew 22:39-40
Oct. 25thAuthoritatively Alone!Matthew 22:41-46
Oct. 26thDo What They Say!Matthew 23:1-3
Oct. 27thHow Not to LeadMatthew 23:4-10
Oct. 28thHow to LeadMatthew 23:11-12
Oct. 29thWhat Sorrow Awaits! (1 & 2)Matthew 23:13-15
Oct. 30thWhat Sorrow Awaits! (3)Matthew 23:16-22
Oct. 31stWhat Sorrow Awaits! (4)Matthew 23:23-24

November 2021

Nov. 1stWhat Sorrow Awaits! (5)Matthew 23:25-26
Nov. 2ndWhat Sorrow Awaits! (6)Matthew 23:27-28
Nov. 3rdWhat Sorrow Awaits! (7)Matthew 23:29-32
Nov. 4thYou Snakes!Matthew 23:33-36
Nov. 5thWeep for Jerusalem!Matthew 23:37-39
Nov. 6thDon't Be Misled!Matthew 24:1-5
Nov. 7thThe First Pains!Matthew 24:6-8
Nov. 8thKeep Your Faith to the End!Matthew 24:9-14
Nov. 9thShorten That Time!Matthew 24:15-22
Nov. 10thLike Lightning!Matthew 24:23-28
Nov. 11thGathering His Chosen!Matthew 24:29-31
Nov. 12thThe Time Is Near!Matthew 24:32-35
Nov. 13thNo One Knows!Matthew 24:36-41
Nov. 14thWhen You Don't Expect HimMatthew 24:42-44
Nov. 15thThe Faithful ServantMatthew 24:45-51
Nov. 16thAlways Be ReadyMatthew 25:1-13
Nov. 17thWell Done!Matthew 25:14-23
Nov. 18thA Hard Man?Matthew 25:24-27
Nov. 19thTake that Silver Away?Matthew 25:28-30
Nov. 20thThe Coming KingMatthew 25:31-32
Nov. 21stTo the Least of These (1)Matthew 25:33-40
Nov. 22ndTo the Least of These (2)Matthew 25:41-46
Nov. 23rdThis Scheme Is Evil!Matthew 26:1-5
Nov. 24thA Time for ExtravaganceMatthew 26:6-9
Nov. 25thExtravagant Because of GraceMatthew 26:10-13
Nov. 26thInfamyMatthew 26:14-16
Nov. 27thBETRAYAL!Matthew 26:17-21
Nov. 28thTeacher or LORD?Matthew 26:21-25
Nov. 29thA New Deal!Matthew 26:26-30
Nov. 30thNever SayMatthew 26:31-35

December 2021

Dec. 1stThe Company of FriendsMatthew 26:36-38
Dec. 2ndThe Father's WillMatthew 26:39-44
Dec. 3rdWe Must GoMatthew 26:45-46
Dec. 4thWith a Kiss!Matthew 26:47-50
Dec. 5thNot a VictimMatthew 26:50-54
Dec. 6thThe Prophets Frame It AllMatthew 26:55-56
Dec. 7thFrom His BirthMatthew 26:57-68
Dec. 8thBetrayal in the MirrorMatthew 26:69-75
Dec. 9thA Simple Little ExecutionMatthew 27:1-2
Dec. 10thSo Close and Yet So Far AwayMatthew 27:3-10
Dec. 11thSilent, but in ControlMatthew 27:11-14
Dec. 12thCrucify Him!Matthew 27:15-22
Dec. 13thWe Take ResponsibilityMatthew 27:22-26
Dec. 14thThe Emotional TruthMatthew 27:27-31
Dec. 15thWho Will Carry His Cross?Matthew 27:32-34
Dec. 16thThe GambleMatthew 27:35-37
Dec. 17thMy Salvation, Not His OwnMatthew 27:38-40
Dec. 18thWhen Everyone Rejects YouMatthew 27:41-44
Dec. 19thHe Died, for UsMatthew 27:45-50
Dec. 20thNo Barriers AllowedMatthew 27:51-53
Dec. 21stFaithful WomenMatthew 27:54-55
Dec. 22ndNot by HerselfMatthew 27:56
Dec. 23rdWith God, Anything Is Possible!Matthew 27:57-61
Dec. 24thVerified by No LieMatthew 27:62-66
Dec. 25thA Great Gift: Don't Be AfraidMatthew 28:1-6
Dec. 26thGot to Tell Somebody!Matthew 28:6-8
Dec. 27thWorship Him in Courageous Witness!Matthew 28:8-10
Dec. 28thNo Plan Can Stand Against GodMatthew 28:11-12
Dec. 29thScam vs. AliveMatthew 28:12-15
Dec. 30thReason to WorshipMatthew 28:16-17
Dec. 31stOne Last WordMatthew 28:18-20

About this Devotional

What Jesus Did! is a series of one-year devotional guides through each gospel, using one short scripture passage each day and following the Gospel in sequential order. Each devotional consists of a scripture passage and a reflection and a prayer which open up the day's scripture and show how it challenges you to live for Jesus.

What Jesus Did! is written by Phil Ware and is available in book form.

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