What Jesus Did! Archives

January 2014

Jan. 1stThe Message That Was There All AlongJohn 1:1
Jan. 2ndHe Created Even You and Me!John 1:2-3
Jan. 3rdLife That is SharedJohn 1:4
Jan. 4thThis Light Keeps ShiningJohn 1:5
Jan. 5thPreparing the WayJohn 1:6-7
Jan. 6thWitness to the Light and Example to MeJohn 1:8
Jan. 7thLight for EveryoneJohn 1:9
Jan. 8thRejected!John 1:10-11
Jan. 9thReborn!John 1:12-13
Jan. 10thJesus is God Come NearJohn 1:14
Jan. 11thFar Greater, Far Before!John 1:15
Jan. 12thGrace upon GraceJohn 1:16-17
Jan. 13thGod Revealed!John 1:18
Jan. 14thFlatly DeniedJohn 1:19-21
Jan. 15thPointing the Way, Clearing the PathJohn 1:22-23
Jan. 16thWhat Right?John 1:24-25
Jan. 17thReal Places, Real People, Real SaviorJohn 1:26-28
Jan. 18thLamb of God for the WorldJohn 1:29
Jan. 19thHe is Greater by FarJohn 1:30
Jan. 20thHe is the OneJohn 1:31-33
Jan. 21stHe is the Son of GodJohn 1:34
Jan. 22ndThey Followed!John 1:35-37
Jan. 23rdWhere Are Staying?John 1:38-39
Jan. 24thFirst Thing Upon Meeting Jesus!John 1:40-41
Jan. 25thRocky Meets JesusJohn 1:42
Jan. 26thChallenge to PracticalityJohn 1:43
Jan. 27thSee for Yourself!John 1:44-46
Jan. 28thI Could See You!John 1:47-49
Jan. 29thThe Window to HeavenJohn 1:50-51
Jan. 30thGuess Who Came to the Wedding?John 2:1-2
Jan. 31stTiming is EverythingJohn 2:3-4

February 2014

Feb. 1stDo Whatever He Tells You!John 2:5-8
Feb. 2ndHis Disciples See a Glimpse of His GloryJohn 2:9-11
Feb. 3rdFamily TimeJohn 2:12
Feb. 4thConflict in the TempleJohn 2:13-16
Feb. 5thPassion for the House of GodJohn 2:17
Feb. 6thWhat Right?John 2:18-21
Feb. 7thResurrection Afterglow!John 2:22
Feb. 8thHe Knew What People Were Really LikeJohn 2:23-25
Feb. 9thA Good Place to StartJohn 3:1-2
Feb. 10thA New Start!John 3:3
Feb. 11thBorn of Water and SpiritJohn 3:4-5
Feb. 12thOnly the Holy SpiritJohn 3:6-7
Feb. 13thThings Only Jesus Can ShowJohn 3:8-12
Feb. 14thOnly JesusJohn 3:13
Feb. 15thLifted Up!John 3:14-15
Feb. 16thGod Gave To Give Us LifeJohn 3:16
Feb. 17thGod Sent His Son!John 3:17
Feb. 18thA Watershed DecisionJohn 3:18
Feb. 19thLovers of DarknessJohn 3:19
Feb. 20thDoing What God Wants?John 3:20-21
Feb. 21stJesus, John, Disciples and BaptizingJohn 3:22-24
Feb. 22ndRemember Who the Boss Is!John 3:25-27
Feb. 23rdThe Joy of the BridegroomJohn 3:28-29
Feb. 24thOur Path to GreatnessJohn 3:30
Feb. 25thDiscover that God is True!John 3:31-33
Feb. 26thAuthority Over EverythingJohn 3:34-35
Feb. 27thSaved from WrathJohn 3:36
Feb. 28thAvoiding Conflict and ConfusionJohn 4:1-3

March 2014

Mar. 1stThe Grace of Touch and SightJohn 1 John 1:1-4
Mar. 1stA Weary Savior!John 4:4-6
Mar. 2ndA Barrier BreakerJohn 4:7-9
Mar. 3rdIf You Only KnewJohn 4:10
Mar. 4thYou Can't Do This... Can You?John 4:11-12
Mar. 5thA Deeper DrinkJohn 4:13-14
Mar. 6thHave You Asked?John 4:15
Mar. 7thGetting to the Heart of the MatterJohn 4:16-18
Mar. 8thConflict over PlaceJohn 4:19-20
Mar. 9thBeyond Place Through the JewsJohn 4:21-22
Mar. 10thGod is Looking for UsJohn 4:23
Mar. 11thGod is Spirit!John 4:24
Mar. 12thChrist Will Explain EverythingJohn 4:25
Mar. 13thI Am the MessiahJohn 4:26
Mar. 14thA Confusing Christ?John 4:27
Mar. 15thLeaving the Water Jar BehindJohn 4:28-29
Mar. 16thReversal of InfluenceJohn 4:30
Mar. 17thFood You Don't Know AboutJohn 4:31-33
Mar. 18thThe Nourishment to ContinueJohn 4:34
Mar. 19thThe Surprise HarvestJohn 4:35
Mar. 20thWhat Joy at the HarvestJohn 4:36-38
Mar. 21stHe Has Told Me Everything!John 4:39
Mar. 22ndPlease Stay!John 4:40-41
Mar. 23rdEverywhere but HomeJohn 4:42-44
Mar. 24thMore than Passing Interest in a Miracle ManJohn 4:45-47
Mar. 25thWhat Must He Do?John 4:48
Mar. 26thSometimes Our Kids Drive Us to JesusJohn 4:49-50
Mar. 27thFaith ConfirmedJohn 4:51-54
Mar. 28thGod Makes Himself Available in JesusJohn 5:1-4
Mar. 29thWould You Like to Get Well?John 5:5-7
Mar. 30thDoesn't Fit My Religious AgendaJohn 5:8-9
Mar. 31stYou Gotta Be Kiddin' MeJohn 5:10-13

April 2014

Apr. 1stStop!John 5:14-15
Apr. 2ndMy Father Never Stops WorkingJohn 5:16-17
Apr. 3rdEqual with GodJohn 5:18
Apr. 4thFather and Son, Greater Things!John 5:19-20
Apr. 5thHe Will Raise the Dead!John 5:21
Apr. 6thHonor the Son!John 5:22-23
Apr. 7thPassed into Life!John 5:24
Apr. 8thHear My Voice!John 5:25-27
Apr. 9thThey Will Hear and Rise Again!John 5:28-29
Apr. 10thThe Grand ConsultantJohn 5:30
Apr. 11thThe Testimony of Someone ElseJohn 5:31-32
Apr. 12thA Greater TestimonyJohn 5:33-34
Apr. 13thBelieve My Words and DeedsJohn 5:35-36
Apr. 14thYou Don't Believe the One He SentJohn 5:37-38
Apr. 15thThe Center of ScriptureJohn 5:39-40
Apr. 16thListening to the Wrong FolksJohn 5:41-44
Apr. 17thBelieve Moses!John 5:45-47
Apr. 18thAttracting a CrowdJohn 6:1-2
Apr. 19thTime TogetherJohn 6:3-4
Apr. 20thA Great Crowd of PeopleJohn 6:5-7
Apr. 21stWhat Good Is This?John 6:8-9
Apr. 22ndWhat Do You Notice Here?John 6:10-11
Apr. 23rdLeftovers!John 6:12-13
Apr. 24thSurely!John 6:14
Apr. 25thA Different Kind of KingJohn 6:15
Apr. 26thI Am, Do Not Fear!John 6:16-20
Apr. 27thEager for His PresenceJohn 6:21
Apr. 28thWanting Jesus for the Wrong ReasonsJohn 6:22-26
Apr. 29thSeek the ImperishableJohn 6:27
Apr. 30thThe One ThingJohn 6:28-29

May 2014

May. 1stProve It Once Again!John 6:30-31
May. 2ndTrue Bread Gives Its LifeJohn 6:32-33
May. 3rdGive Us Daily BreadJohn 6:34
May. 4thNot Hungry?John 6:35
May. 5thI Will Not Reject ThemJohn 6:36-39
May. 6thThe Father's Will: Eternal Life!John 6:40
May. 7thToo Close to Home?John 6:41-42
May. 8thGod's Work on People's HeartsJohn 6:43-44
May. 9thThose Who Know God, Know Me!John 6:45-46
May. 10thEternal Life NowJohn 6:47
May. 11thBread from HeavenJohn 6:48-50
May. 12thThe Flesh Offered for LifeJohn 6:51
May. 13thNo Backing Off!John 6:52-56
May. 14thLive Forever?John 6:57-59
May. 15thHard to UnderstandJohn 6:60-62
May. 16thLeaving Life Behind?John 6:63-66
May. 17thAre You Leaving, Too?John 6:67-69
May. 18thTreachery Lurks in the ShadowsJohn 6:70-71
May. 19thNot to JudeaJohn 7:1
May. 20thThey Just Don't Get It!John 7:2-5
May. 21stPointing Out EvilJohn 7:6-9
May. 22ndChallenge to BelievingJohn 7:10-13
May. 23rdReligious ArroganceJohn 7:14-15
May. 24thNot My Own IdeasJohn 7:16
May. 25thYou Will Know!John 7:17
May. 26thThe Heart of God's MessengerJohn 7:18
May. 27thBlinded to the Truth by Our PracticeJohn 7:19-24
May. 28thSometimes We Just Scratch the SurfaceJohn 7:25-27
May. 29thMy Father Sent Me!John 7:28-29
May. 30thMany Put Their Faith in HimJohn 7:30-31
May. 31stLimited TimeJohn 7:32-36

June 2014

Jun. 1stLiving WaterJohn 7:37-39
Jun. 2ndWho Do You Say Jesus Is?John 7:40-44
Jun. 3rdNever Heard Anyone Talk Like ThisJohn 7:45-46
Jun. 4thOpposition to the WordJohn 7:47-49
Jun. 5thSlow Search for TruthJohn 7:50-51
Jun. 6thIf You Can't Beat 'em, Criticize ThemJohn 7:52
Jun. 7thThe Gift of TeachingJohn 7:53-8:2
Jun. 8thDestroying People to Settle ArgumentsJohn 8:3-6
Jun. 9thRescue and RighteousnessJohn 8:7-9
Jun. 10thForgiveness and DeliveranceJohn 8:10-11
Jun. 11thYou Don't Have to StumbleJohn 8:12
Jun. 12thDiscerning What is FalseJohn 8:13-16
Jun. 13thWhat Greater Witness?John 8:17-18
Jun. 14thYou Don't Know My FatherJohn 8:19-20
Jun. 15thDie in Your SinsJohn 8:21-24
Jun. 16thLifted Up to Save UsJohn 8:25-28
Jun. 17thAlways? Always!John 8:29
Jun. 18thThe Proof Is in the DoingJohn 8:30-32
Jun. 19thThe Slave TradeJohn 8:33-34
Jun. 20thFreed CompletelyJohn 8:35-36
Jun. 21stPedigree or Faith?John 8:37-40
Jun. 22ndKnow Your EnemyJohn 8:41-44
Jun. 23rdGod's ChildrenJohn 8:45-47
Jun. 24thWho Determines Your Worth?John 8:48-50
Jun. 25thNever Die!John 8:51
Jun. 26thAre You Greater? Yes!John 8:52-55
Jun. 27thBefore AbrahamJohn 8:56-59
Jun. 28thHow Do We View People?John 9:1-3
Jun. 29thUrgency!John 9:4
Jun. 30thLight to SeeJohn 9:5-7

July 2014

Jul. 1stBeyond AppearancesJohn 9:8-12
Jul. 2ndBending Reality to Fit Our TheologyJohn 9:13-17
Jul. 3rdParents Who Don't ParentJohn 9:18-23
Jul. 4thBottom Line FaithJohn 9:24-25
Jul. 5thSearch Away from the TruthJohn 9:26-27
Jul. 6thAdmitting the TruthJohn 9:28-29
Jul. 7thI Know What My Bible Says!John 9:30-33
Jul. 8thA Heavier Judgment on Teachers!John 9:34
Jul. 9thThe Proof Is in the PersonJohn 9:35-38
Jul. 10thFor Those Who SeekJohn 9:39-41
Jul. 11thThe Shepherd Uses the GateJohn 10:1-2
Jul. 12thThe Voice of the ShepherdJohn 10:3-4
Jul. 13thHis Master's VoiceJohn 10:5-6
Jul. 14thThose Before MeJohn 10:7-8
Jul. 15thLaying Down His BodyJohn 10:9-10
Jul. 16thHis SheepJohn 10:11-13
Jul. 17thKnowing and KnownJohn 10:14-15
Jul. 18thOne Flock from Many PasturesJohn 10:16
Jul. 19thThe Power to Lay It DownJohn 10:17-18
Jul. 20thTime to Decide AgainJohn 10:19-21
Jul. 21stLook at What I Do, Then DecideJohn 10:22-25
Jul. 22ndCan't Take Them AwayJohn 10:26-29
Jul. 23rdEqual with God?John 10:30-33
Jul. 24thWinning at Their GamesJohn 10:34-36
Jul. 25thLook at What I Do!John 10:37-38
Jul. 26thThe Legacy of JohnJohn 10:39-42
Jul. 27thBad Things, God's PeopleJohn 11:1-2
Jul. 28thCrying Out to Jesus!John 11:3-4
Jul. 29thNot for a Lack of LoveJohn 11:5-6
Jul. 30thWake Up CallJohn 11:7-15
Jul. 31stFaith to FollowJohn 11:16

August 2014

Aug. 1stLord of Hopeless CausesJohn 11:17-19
Aug. 2ndFaith Beyond My FeelingsJohn 11:20-22
Aug. 3rdResurrection Day!John 11:23-24
Aug. 4thUntouchable Life!John 11:25-26
Aug. 5thYes, I BelieveJohn 11:27
Aug. 6thFaith in the Middle of LossJohn 11:28-30
Aug. 7thWorship in the Shadows of Confusion and GriefJohn 11:31-32
Aug. 8thJesus' Enemy and Jesus' FriendJohn 11:33-35
Aug. 9thDiscounted LoveJohn 11:36-37
Aug. 10thRemoving the Stench of DeathJohn 11:38-40
Aug. 11thThe Father Hears the Son!John 11:41-42
Aug. 12thLet Him Go!John 11:43-44
Aug. 13thDetermined not to BelieveJohn 11:45-46
Aug. 14thWhat Can Be Destroyed?John 11:47-48
Aug. 15thOne to Die for the PeopleJohn 11:49-50
Aug. 16thA Promise for the NationsJohn 11:51-53
Aug. 17thDisciple TimeJohn 11:54
Aug. 18thRefusing DeliveranceJohn 11:55-57
Aug. 19thMemories of ExtravaganceJohn 12:1-3
Aug. 20thPious Sounding CriticsJohn 12:4-6
Aug. 21stPutting Poverty in PerspectiveJohn 12:7-8
Aug. 22ndI Could Never Do That!John 12:9-11
Aug. 23rdClearly Praised for a few DaysJohn 12:12-13
Aug. 24thA Seed Until the Resurrection!John 12:14-16
Aug. 25thWhen Lost is Won!John 12:17-19
Aug. 26thThe World Comes KnockingJohn 12:20-23
Aug. 27thPlanted for the HarvestJohn 12:24-26
Aug. 28thThe Real BenefitJohn 12:27-30
Aug. 29thDarkness is DefeatedJohn 12:31-33
Aug. 30thLimited OpportunitiesJohn 12:34-36
Aug. 31stCouldn't BelieveJohn 12:37-41

September 2014

Sep. 1stThe Idol of PopularityJohn 12:42-43
Sep. 2ndIf You Trust Me, You're Trusting GodJohn 12:44-45
Sep. 3rdEscape from DarknessJohn 12:46
Sep. 4thThe Importance of Jesus' Words!John 12:47-50
Sep. 5thLove's Defining MomentJohn 13:1
Sep. 6thThe Devil Has a PlanJohn 13:2
Sep. 7thService Is Rooted in ConfidenceJohn 13:3-4
Sep. 8thGetting RealJohn 13:5
Sep. 9thWords or Deeds?John 13:6-9
Sep. 10thNot Everyone Is CleanJohn 13:10-11
Sep. 11thDo as I Have Done to You!John 13:12-15
Sep. 12thJust Do It!John 13:16-17
Sep. 13thPreparing Them in His Moment of SorrowJohn 13:18-19
Sep. 14thAnguishJohn 13:20-22
Sep. 15thLove and BetrayalJohn 13:23-27
Sep. 16thNight DescendsJohn 13:28-30
Sep. 17thA New Definition for GloryJohn 13:31-32
Sep. 18thLove as You Have Been LovedJohn 13:33-34
Sep. 19thThe ProofJohn 13:35
Sep. 20thOverstated CommitmentJohn 13:36-38
Sep. 21stSee Me as God Up CloseJohn 14:1
Sep. 22ndA Look Into Our Heavenly HomeJohn 14:2-3
Sep. 23rdThe Way HomeJohn 14:4-7
Sep. 24thShow Us the Father!John 14:8-11
Sep. 25thGreater Works!John 14:12-14
Sep. 26thAnother Counselor, A Lasting ComforterJohn 14:15-17
Sep. 27thI Will Not Abandon You!John 14:18-20
Sep. 28thThe Son and the Father Find a HomeJohn 14:21-23
Sep. 29thTwo Great Blessings to Know Jesus' WillJohn 14:24-26
Sep. 30thJesus' Gift of PeaceJohn 14:27-28

October 2014

Oct. 1stGiving In When You Don't Have ToJohn 14:29-31
Oct. 2ndFinding Where We BelongJohn 15:1
Oct. 3rdGod At Work Here!John 15:2-3
Oct. 4thThe Secret of FruitfulnessJohn 15:4-5
Oct. 5thRemaining Joined to JesusJohn 15:6-7
Oct. 6thTrue DisciplesJohn 15:8
Oct. 7thRemain in My Love—Obey!John 15:9-10
Oct. 8thWhere Love Is Shared, Joy OverflowsJohn 15:11-14
Oct. 9thNo Longer Servants!John 15:15-17
Oct. 10thHostility from the WorldJohn 15:18-20
Oct. 11thHating the FatherJohn 15:21-25
Oct. 12thWhy We Trust Their MessageJohn 15:26-27
Oct. 13thSo You Won't Fall Away!John 16:1-4
Oct. 14thDon't Be Sad, Better Things AheadJohn 16:5-7
Oct. 15thSin, Righteousness, Judgment and SalvationJohn 16:8-11
Oct. 16thThe Truth of JesusJohn 16:12-15
Oct. 17thThe Dark Night before DawnJohn 16:16-22
Oct. 18thGo Directly to the FatherJohn 16:23-27
Oct. 19thThe Great Circle of GraceJohn 16:28-30
Oct. 20thScattered and AloneJohn 16:31-32
Oct. 21stI Have Overcome the WorldJohn 16:33
Oct. 22ndThe Essence of LifeJohn 17:1-3
Oct. 23rdThe Glory of ObedienceJohn 17:4-5
Oct. 24thThe Finished Work of GodJohn 17:6-8
Oct. 25thThey Are My Glory!John 17:9-10
Oct. 26thDeparting PrayerJohn 17:11
Oct. 27thThe Great ProtectorJohn 17:12
Oct. 28thOur Source of Joy!John 17:13
Oct. 29thYou Do Not BelongJohn 17:14-15
Oct. 30thMade Pure and HolyJohn 17:16-17
Oct. 31stSent!John 17:18-19

November 2014

Nov. 1stHe Prayed for You and Me!John 17:20-21
Nov. 2ndThe Power of OneJohn 17:22-23
Nov. 3rdEnduring GloryJohn 17:24
Nov. 4thJesus Reveals the FatherJohn 17:25-26
Nov. 5thBetrayed in the Place of FriendsJohn 18:1-3
Nov. 6thIn ControlJohn 18:4-6
Nov. 7thLet These Others Go!John 18:7-9
Nov. 8thThe Clash of WillsJohn 18:10-11
Nov. 9thWho Is In Charge Here?John 18:12-14
Nov. 10thThe FirstJohn 18:15-18
Nov. 11thNo Private MatterJohn 18:19-21
Nov. 12thA Slap in the Face of GodJohn 18:22-23
Nov. 13thThe SecondJohn 18:24-25
Nov. 14thThe ThirdJohn 18:26-27
Nov. 15thNot Wanting to Be Defiled!John 18:28-32
Nov. 16thNot of This WorldJohn 18:33-36
Nov. 17thThe King of TruthJohn 18:37
Nov. 18thThe Question of Irony and GraceJohn 18:38
Nov. 19thChoosing the Criminal over ChristJohn 18:39-40
Nov. 20thFloggedJohn 19:1
Nov. 21stCrown of MockeryJohn 19:2-3
Nov. 22ndNot Guilty... AgainJohn 19:4
Nov. 23rdI Find Him Not GuiltyJohn 19:5-6
Nov. 24thSon of GodJohn 19:7
Nov. 25thFrightened or Fearless?John 19:8-9
Nov. 26thThe Truth About SinJohn 19:10-11
Nov. 27thWhat Happens When You're Pleasing the Wrong AudienceJohn 19:12
Nov. 28thWe Have No King!?John 19:13-15
Nov. 29thBetween Two ThievesJohn 19:16-18
Nov. 30thThat Many People ...John 19:19-22

December 2014

Dec. 1stThe GambleJohn 19:23-24
Dec. 2ndFamily at the Foot of the CrossJohn 19:25-27
Dec. 3rdFinished!John 19:28-30
Dec. 4thBlinded by the WrongJohn 19:31
Dec. 5thWater and BloodJohn 19:32-34
Dec. 6thA Witness So We Can BelieveJohn 19:35-37
Dec. 7thFear Loses Out to LoveJohn 19:38
Dec. 8thAt the Worst Time PossibleJohn 19:39-40
Dec. 9thLaid to RestJohn 19:41-42
Dec. 10thSunday Shake UpJohn 20:1-2
Dec. 11thConfusion to ConvictionJohn 20:3-8
Dec. 12thThey Went Home?John 20:9-10
Dec. 13thMy Lord!John 20:11-13
Dec. 14thMary!John 20:14-16
Dec. 15thDon't Cling to Me, Go TellJohn 20:17-18
Dec. 16thFrom Fear to Joy!John 20:19-20
Dec. 17thPeace from PassionJohn 20:21
Dec. 18thThe Spirit's Power to ForgiveJohn 20:22-23
Dec. 19thSomeone to Doubt for Us?John 20:24-25
Dec. 20thMy Lord and My GodJohn 20:26-28
Dec. 21stWe're Blessed!John 20:29
Dec. 22ndFor Life!John 20:30-31
Dec. 23rdBy the Familiar SeaJohn 21:1
Dec. 24thWhat to Do?John 21:2-3
Dec. 25thThe Gift at DawnJohn 21:4-7
Dec. 26thPeter and the OthersJohn 21:8-11
Dec. 27thJesus Served ThemJohn 21:12-14
Dec. 28thThe Third TimeJohn 21:15-17
Dec. 29thFollow MeJohn 21:18-19
Dec. 30thWhat About...?John 21:20-22
Dec. 31stToo Big for the WorldJohn 21:24-25

About this Devotional

What Jesus Did is a one-year devotional guide through the gospels, using one short passage each day and following the Gospel in consecutive order. Each devotional consists of a passage, reflection and a prayer which opens up the day's scripture and shows how it challenges you to live for Jesus.

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