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January 2022

Jan. 1stThe Message That Was There All AlongJohn 1:1
Jan. 2ndHe Created Even You and Me!John 1:2-3
Jan. 3rdLife That Is SharedJohn 1:4
Jan. 4thThis Light Keeps ShiningJohn 1:4-5
Jan. 5thPreparing the WayJohn 1:6-7
Jan. 6thWitness to the Light and Example to MeJohn 1:8
Jan. 7thLight for EveryoneJohn 1:8-9
Jan. 8thRejected!John 1:10-11
Jan. 9thReborn!John 1:12-13
Jan. 10thJesus Is God Come NearJohn 1:14
Jan. 11thPointing Others to JesusJohn 1:15
Jan. 12thGrace upon GraceJohn 1:16-17
Jan. 13thGod Revealed!John 1:18
Jan. 14thNot Seeking the SpotlightJohn 1:19-21
Jan. 15thPointing the Way, Clearing the PathJohn 1:22-23
Jan. 16thWhat Right Do You Have to Baptize?John 1:24-25
Jan. 17thReal Places, Real People, Real SaviorJohn 1:26-28
Jan. 18thLamb of GodJohn 1:29
Jan. 19thHe Is Greater by FarJohn 1:30
Jan. 20thHe Is the OneJohn 1:31-33
Jan. 21stHe Is the Chosen One of GodJohn 1:33-34
Jan. 22ndThey Followed Jesus!John 1:35-37
Jan. 23rdWhere Are You Staying?John 1:38-39
Jan. 24thFirst Thing Upon Meeting Jesus!John 1:40-41
Jan. 25thThe Rock Meets JesusJohn 1:42
Jan. 26thChallenge to PracticalityJohn 1:43
Jan. 27thSee for Yourself!John 1:43-46
Jan. 28thHow Do You Know Me?John 1:47-49
Jan. 29thThe Window into HeavenJohn 1:50-51
Jan. 30thGuess Who Came to the WeddingJohn 2:1-2
Jan. 31stTiming Is EverythingJohn 2:3-4

February 2022

Feb. 1stDo Whatever He Tells You!John 2:5-8
Feb. 2ndHis Disciples See a Glimpse of His GloryJohn 2:9-11
Feb. 3rdFamily TimeJohn 2:12
Feb. 4thConflict in the TempleJohn 2:13-16
Feb. 5thPassion for the House of GodJohn 2:17
Feb. 6thIf God Gave You Authority, Prove It!John 2:18-21
Feb. 7thResurrection Afterglow!John 2:22
Feb. 8thHe Knew What People Were Really LikeJohn 2:23-25
Feb. 9thA Good Place to StartJohn 3:1-2
Feb. 10thA New Start!John 3:3
Feb. 11thBorn of Water and the SpiritJohn 3:4-5
Feb. 12thOnly the Holy SpiritJohn 3:6-7
Feb. 13thThings Only Jesus Can ShowJohn 3:8-12
Feb. 14thOnly JesusJohn 3:13
Feb. 15thLifted Up!John 3:14-15
Feb. 16thGod Loves Us!John 3:16
Feb. 17thGod Sent His Son!John 3:17
Feb. 18thA Watershed DecisionJohn 3:18
Feb. 19thLovers of DarknessJohn 3:19
Feb. 20thDoing What God WantsJohn 3:20-21
Feb. 21stJesus, John, Disciples and BaptizingJohn 3:22-24
Feb. 22ndRemember Who the Boss Is!John 3:25-27
Feb. 23rdHere to Prepare the Way!John 3:28-29
Feb. 24thOur Path to GreatnessJohn 3:30
Feb. 25thDiscover that God Is True!John 3:31-33
Feb. 26thAuthority over EverythingJohn 3:34-35
Feb. 27thSaved from WrathJohn 3:36
Feb. 28thAvoiding Conflict and ConfusionJohn 4:1-3

March 2022

Mar. 1stThe Grace of Touch and SightJohn 1 John 1:1-4
Mar. 1stA Weary Savior!John 4:4-6
Mar. 2ndA Barrier BreakerJohn 4:7-9
Mar. 3rdIf You Only KnewJohn 4:10
Mar. 4thYou Can't Do This ... Can You?John 4:10-12
Mar. 5thA Deeper DrinkJohn 4:13-14
Mar. 6thHave You Asked?John 4:14-15
Mar. 7thGetting to the Heart of the MatterJohn 4:16-18
Mar. 8thConflict over PlaceJohn 4:19-20
Mar. 9thBeyond Place and Through the JewsJohn 4:21-22
Mar. 10thThe Father Is Looking for UsJohn 4:23
Mar. 11thGod Is Spirit!John 4:24
Mar. 12thChrist Will Explain EverythingJohn 4:25
Mar. 13thI AM the MessiahJohn 4:26
Mar. 14thA Confusing Christ?John 4:27
Mar. 15thLeaving the Water Jar BehindJohn 4:28-29
Mar. 16thReversal of InfluenceJohn 4:28-30
Mar. 17thFood You Don't Know AboutJohn 4:31-33
Mar. 18thThe Nourishment to ContinueJohn 4:34
Mar. 19thAlready Ripe for HarvestJohn 4:35
Mar. 20thWhat Joy at the HarvestJohn 4:36-38
Mar. 21stHe Told Me Everything!John 4:39
Mar. 22ndPlease Stay!John 4:40-41
Mar. 23rdEverywhere but HomeJohn 4:42-44
Mar. 24thMore than Passing Interest in a Miracle ManJohn 4:45-47
Mar. 25thWhat Must Jesus Do?John 4:48
Mar. 26thSometimes Our Kids Drive Us to JesusJohn 4:49-50
Mar. 27thFaith ConfirmedJohn 4:51-54
Mar. 28thGod Makes Himself Available in JesusJohn 5:1-3
Mar. 29thWould You Like to Get Well?John 5:5-7
Mar. 30thDoesn't Fit My Religious AgendaJohn 5:8-10
Mar. 31stYou Gotta Be Kiddin' MeJohn 5:9-13

April 2022

Apr. 1stStop!John 5:14-15
Apr. 2ndMy Father Never Stops WorkingJohn 5:16-17
Apr. 3rdEqual with GodJohn 5:18
Apr. 4thFather and Son, Greater Works!John 5:19-20
Apr. 5thHe Will Raise the Dead!John 5:21
Apr. 6thHonor the Son!John 5:22-23
Apr. 7thPassed into Life!John 5:24
Apr. 8thHear My Voice!John 5:25-27
Apr. 9thThey Will Hear and Rise Again!John 5:28-29
Apr. 10thThe Grand ConsultantJohn 5:30
Apr. 11thThe Testimony of Someone ElseJohn 5:31-32
Apr. 12thA Greater TestimonyJohn 5:33-34
Apr. 13thBelieve My Words and DeedsJohn 5:35-36
Apr. 14thYou Don't Believe the One He SentJohn 5:37-38
Apr. 15thThe Center of ScriptureJohn 5:39-40
Apr. 16thListening to the Wrong FolksJohn 5:41-44
Apr. 17thBelieve Moses!John 5:45-47
Apr. 18thAttracting a CrowdJohn 6:1-2
Apr. 19thInto the HillsJohn 6:3-4
Apr. 20thA Great Crowd of PeopleJohn 6:5-7
Apr. 21stWhat Good Is That?John 6:8-9
Apr. 22ndWhat Do You Notice Here?John 6:10-11
Apr. 23rdLeftovers!John 6:12-13
Apr. 24thSurely!John 6:14
Apr. 25thA Different Kind of KingJohn 6:15
Apr. 26thI AM; Do Not Fear!John 6:16-20
Apr. 27thEager for His PresenceJohn 6:19-21
Apr. 28thWanting Jesus for the Wrong ReasonsJohn 6:22-26
Apr. 29thSeek the ImperishableJohn 6:27
Apr. 30thThe One ThingJohn 6:28-29

May 2022

May. 1stProve It Once Again!John 6:29-31
May. 2ndTrue Bread Gives Its LifeJohn 6:32-33
May. 3rdGive Us Bread Every DayJohn 6:33-34
May. 4thHungry?John 6:35
May. 5thI Will Never Reject ThemJohn 6:36-39
May. 6thThe Father's Will: Eternal Life!John 6:40
May. 7thToo Close to Home?John 6:41-42
May. 8thGod's Work on People's HeartsJohn 6:43-44
May. 9thThose Who Know God Know Me!John 6:45-46
May. 10thEternal Life NowJohn 6:47
May. 11thBread from HeavenJohn 6:48-50
May. 12thThe Forever BreadJohn 6:51
May. 13thNo Backing Off!John 6:52-56
May. 14thLive Forever?John 6:57-59
May. 15thHard to UnderstandJohn 6:60-62
May. 16thNew Life from the SpiritJohn 6:63-66
May. 17thAre You Leaving, Too?John 6:67-69
May. 18thTreachery Lurks Below the SurfaceJohn 6:70-71
May. 19thPlotting His DeathJohn 7:1
May. 20thThey Just Don't Get It!John 7:2-5
May. 21stPointing Out Evil!John 7:6-9
May. 22ndConflict Over FaithJohn 7:10-13
May. 23rdThe People Were SurprisedJohn 7:14-15
May. 24thNot My Own IdeasJohn 7:16
May. 25thYou Will Know!John 7:17
May. 26thThe Heart of God's MessengerJohn 7:18
May. 27thTwisting the TruthJohn 7:19-24
May. 28thSometimes We Just Scratch the SurfaceJohn 7:25-27
May. 29thMy Father Sent Me!John 7:28-29
May. 30thMany Put Their Faith in HimJohn 7:30-31
May. 31stLimited TimeJohn 7:32-36

June 2022

Jun. 1stLiving WaterJohn 7:37-39
Jun. 2ndWho Do You Say Jesus Is?John 7:40-44
Jun. 3rdNever Heard Anyone Speak Like ThisJohn 7:45-46
Jun. 4thOpposition to JesusJohn 7:47-49
Jun. 5thSlow Search for TruthJohn 7:50-51
Jun. 6thIf You Can't Beat Them, Criticize ThemJohn 7:52
Jun. 7thThe Gift of TeachingJohn 7:53-8:2
Jun. 8thDestroying People to Settle ArgumentsJohn 8:3-6
Jun. 9thRescue and RighteousnessJohn 8:7-9
Jun. 10thForgiveness and DeliveranceJohn 8:10-11
Jun. 11thYou Don't Have to StumbleJohn 8:12
Jun. 12thDiscerning What Is FalseJohn 8:13-16
Jun. 13thWhat Greater Witness?John 8:17-18
Jun. 14thYou Don't Know My FatherJohn 8:19-20
Jun. 15thYou Will Die in Your SinsJohn 8:21-24
Jun. 16thLifted Up to Save UsJohn 8:25-28
Jun. 17thAlways? Always!John 8:29
Jun. 18thThe Proof Is in the DoingJohn 8:30-32
Jun. 19thThe Slave TradeJohn 8:33-34
Jun. 20thFreed CompletelyJohn 8:35-36
Jun. 21stPedigree or Faith?John 8:37-40
Jun. 22ndKnow Your EnemyJohn 8:41-44
Jun. 23rdGod's ChildrenJohn 8:44-47
Jun. 24thWho Determines Your Worth?John 8:48-50
Jun. 25thNever Die!John 8:51
Jun. 26thAre You Greater? Yes!John 8:52-55
Jun. 27thBefore AbrahamJohn 8:56-59
Jun. 28thHow Do We View People?John 9:1-3
Jun. 29thUrgency!John 9:4
Jun. 30thLight to SeeJohn 9:5-7

July 2022

Jul. 1stBeyond AppearancesJohn 9:8-12
Jul. 2ndBending Reality to Fit Our TheologyJohn 9:13-17
Jul. 3rdParents Who Don't ParentJohn 9:18-23
Jul. 4thBottom Line FaithJohn 9:24-25
Jul. 5thSearch Away from the TruthJohn 9:26-27
Jul. 6thAdmitting the TruthJohn 9:28-29
Jul. 7thI Know What My Bible Says!John 9:30-33
Jul. 8thA Heavier Judgment on Teachers and Leaders!John 9:34
Jul. 9thThe Proof Is in the PersonJohn 9:35-38
Jul. 10thFor Those Who SeekJohn 9:39-41
Jul. 11thThe Shepherd Uses the GateJohn 10:1-2
Jul. 12thThe Voice of the ShepherdJohn 10:3-4
Jul. 13thHis Master's Voice®John 10:5-6
Jul. 14thGate for the SheepJohn 10:7-8
Jul. 15thLaying Down His BodyJohn 10:9-10
Jul. 16thHis SheepJohn 10:11-13
Jul. 17thKnowing and KnownJohn 10:14-15
Jul. 18thOne Flock from Many SheepfoldsJohn 10:16
Jul. 19thThe Authority to Lay It DownJohn 10:17-18
Jul. 20thAgain, Time to DecideJohn 10:19-21
Jul. 21stLook at What I Do, Then DecideJohn 10:22-25
Jul. 22ndCan't Snatch Them AwayJohn 10:26-29
Jul. 23rdEqual with God?John 10:30-33
Jul. 24thWinning at Their GamesJohn 10:34-36
Jul. 25thLook at What I Do!John 10:37-38
Jul. 26thThe Legacy of JohnJohn 10:39-42
Jul. 27thBad Things, God's PeopleJohn 11:1-2
Jul. 28thCrying Out to Jesus!John 11:3-4
Jul. 29thNot for a Lack of LoveJohn 11:5-6
Jul. 30thWake Up CallJohn 11:7-15
Jul. 31stFaith to FollowJohn 11:16

August 2022

Aug. 1stLORD over Hopeless CausesJohn 11:17-19
Aug. 2ndFaith Beyond My FeelingsJohn 11:20-22
Aug. 3rdResurrection Day!John 11:23-24
Aug. 4thUntouchable Life!John 11:25-26
Aug. 5thYes, I BelieveJohn 11:27
Aug. 6thFaith in the Midst of LossJohn 11:28-30
Aug. 7thWorship in the Shadows of Confusion and GriefJohn 11:31-32
Aug. 8thJesus' Enemy and Jesus' FriendJohn 11:33-35
Aug. 9thDiscounted LoveJohn 11:36-37
Aug. 10thRemoving the Stench of DeathJohn 11:38-40
Aug. 11thThe Father Hears the Son!John 11:41-42
Aug. 12thLet Him Go!John 11:43-44
Aug. 13thDetermined Not to BelieveJohn 11:45-46
Aug. 14thWhat Can Be Destroyed?John 11:47-48
Aug. 15thOne to Die for the PeopleJohn 11:49-50
Aug. 16thA Promise for the NationsJohn 11:51-53
Aug. 17thDisciple TimeJohn 11:54
Aug. 18thRefusing DeliveranceJohn 11:55-57
Aug. 19thMemories of ExtravaganceJohn 12:1-3
Aug. 20thPious Sounding CriticsJohn 12:4-6
Aug. 21stPutting Poverty in PerspectiveJohn 12:7-8
Aug. 22ndMurderous IntentionsJohn 12:9-11
Aug. 23rdClearly Praised for a Few DaysJohn 12:12-13
Aug. 24thA Seed until the Resurrection!John 12:14-16
Aug. 25thWhen Lost Is Won!John 12:17-19
Aug. 26thThe World Comes KnockingJohn 12:20-23
Aug. 27thPlanted for the HarvestJohn 12:24-26
Aug. 28thThe Real BenefitJohn 12:27-30
Aug. 29thDarkness Is DefeatedJohn 12:31-33
Aug. 30thLimited OpportunitiesJohn 12:34-36
Aug. 31stCouldn't BelieveJohn 12:37-41

September 2022

Sep. 1stThe Idol of PopularityJohn 12:42-43
Sep. 2ndIf You Trust Me, You're Trusting GodJohn 12:44-45
Sep. 3rdEscape from DarknessJohn 12:46
Sep. 4thThe Importance of Jesus' Words!John 12:47-50
Sep. 5thJesus' Love for His DisciplesJohn 13:1
Sep. 6thThe Devil Has a PlanJohn 13:2
Sep. 7thService Is Rooted in ConfidenceJohn 13:3-5
Sep. 8thGetting RealJohn 13:4-5
Sep. 9thWords or Deeds?John 13:6-9
Sep. 10thNot Everyone Is CleanJohn 13:10-11
Sep. 11thDo as I Have Done to You!John 13:12-15
Sep. 12thJust Do It!®John 13:16-17
Sep. 13thPreparing Them in His Moment of SorrowJohn 13:18-19
Sep. 14thAnguishJohn 13:20-22
Sep. 15thLove and BetrayalJohn 13:23-27
Sep. 16thNight DescendsJohn 13:27-30
Sep. 17thA New Definition for GloryJohn 13:31-32
Sep. 18thLove as You Have Been LovedJohn 13:33-34
Sep. 19thThe ProofJohn 13:35
Sep. 20thOverstated CommitmentJohn 13:36-38
Sep. 21stSee Jesus as God Up CloseJohn 14:1
Sep. 22ndAssurance of Our Heavenly HomeJohn 14:2-3
Sep. 23rdThe Way HomeJohn 14:4-7
Sep. 24thShow Us the Father!John 14:8-11
Sep. 25thGreater Works!John 14:12-14
Sep. 26thAnother Counselor, A Lasting ComforterJohn 14:15-17
Sep. 27thI Will Not Abandon You!John 14:18-20
Sep. 28thThe Son and the Father Find a Home in UsJohn 14:21-23
Sep. 29thTwo Great Blessings for Knowing Jesus' WillJohn 14:24-26
Sep. 30thJesus' Gift of PeaceJohn 14:27-28

October 2022

Oct. 1stGiving In When You Don't Have ToJohn 14:29-31
Oct. 2ndFinding Where We BelongJohn 15:1
Oct. 3rdGod At Work Here!John 15:2-3
Oct. 4thThe Secret of FruitfulnessJohn 15:4-5
Oct. 5thRemaining Joined to JesusJohn 15:6-7
Oct. 6thTrue DisciplesJohn 15:8
Oct. 7thRemain in My Love: Obey!John 15:9-10
Oct. 8thWhere Love Is Shared, Joy OverflowsJohn 15:11-14
Oct. 9thFreed to LoveJohn 15:15-17
Oct. 10thHostility from the WorldJohn 15:18-20
Oct. 11thHating the FatherJohn 15:21-25
Oct. 12thWhy We Trust Their MessageJohn 15:26-27
Oct. 13thSo You Won't Abandon Your Faith!John 16:1-4
Oct. 14thDon't Be Sad; Better Things Are AheadJohn 16:5-7
Oct. 15thSin, Righteousness, Judgment, and SalvationJohn 16:8-11
Oct. 16thThe Truth of JesusJohn 16:12-15
Oct. 17thThe Dark Night before DawnJohn 16:16-22
Oct. 18thGo Directly to the FatherJohn 16:23-27
Oct. 19thThe Great Circle of GraceJohn 16:28-30
Oct. 20thYou Will Scatter, But I Am Not Abandoned!John 16:31-32
Oct. 21stI Have Overcome the WorldJohn 16:33
Oct. 22ndThe Essence of LifeJohn 17:1-3
Oct. 23rdThe Glory of ObedienceJohn 17:4-5
Oct. 24thThe Work God Wants from UsJohn 17:6-8
Oct. 25thThey Bring Me Glory!John 17:9-10
Oct. 26thDeparting Prayer for UnityJohn 17:11
Oct. 27thThe Great ProtectorJohn 17:12
Oct. 28thOur Source of Joy!John 17:13
Oct. 29thDisciples Do Not Belong to the WorldJohn 17:14-15
Oct. 30thMade Pure and HolyJohn 17:16-17
Oct. 31stSent!John 17:18-19

November 2022

Nov. 1stJesus Prayed for You and Me!John 17:20-21
Nov. 2ndThe Power of OneJohn 17:22-23
Nov. 3rdEnduring GloryJohn 17:24
Nov. 4thJesus Reveals the FatherJohn 17:25-26
Nov. 5thBetrayal Among FriendsJohn 18:1-3
Nov. 6thIn ControlJohn 18:4-6
Nov. 7thLet These Others Go!John 18:7-9
Nov. 8thThe Clash of WillsJohn 18:10-11
Nov. 9thWho Is In Charge Here?John 18:12-14
Nov. 10thThe First DenialJohn 18:15-18
Nov. 11thNo Private MatterJohn 18:19-21
Nov. 12thA Slap in the Face of GodJohn 18:22-23
Nov. 13thThe Second DenialJohn 18:24-25
Nov. 14thThe Third DenialJohn 18:26-27
Nov. 15thNot Wanting To Be Defiled!John 18:28-32
Nov. 16thNot an Earthly KingdomJohn 18:33-36
Nov. 17thThe King of TruthJohn 18:37
Nov. 18thThe Question of Irony and GraceJohn 18:38
Nov. 19thChoosing the Criminal over ChristJohn 18:39-40
Nov. 20thInnocent but FloggedJohn 19:1
Nov. 21stCrown of MockeryJohn 19:2-3
Nov. 22ndNot Guilty ... AgainJohn 19:4
Nov. 23rdI Find Him Not GuiltyJohn 19:5-6
Nov. 24thSon of GodJohn 19:7
Nov. 25thFrightened or Fearless?John 19:7-9
Nov. 26thThe Truth about SinJohn 19:10-11
Nov. 27thWhat Happens When You're Pleasing the Wrong AudienceJohn 19:12
Nov. 28thWe Have No King!John 19:12-15
Nov. 29thBetween Two RobbersJohn 19:16-18
Nov. 30thSo That Many People ...John 19:19-22

December 2022

Dec. 1stThe GambleJohn 19:23-24
Dec. 2ndFamily at the Foot of the CrossJohn 19:25-27
Dec. 3rdFinished!John 19:28-30
Dec. 4thBlinded by the WrongJohn 19:31
Dec. 5thBlood and WaterJohn 19:31-34
Dec. 6thWitnesses so We Can BelieveJohn 19:35-37
Dec. 7thLove Overcomes FearJohn 19:38
Dec. 8thThat's the Power of the Cross!John 19:38-40
Dec. 9thLaid to RestJohn 19:41-42
Dec. 10thSunday Shake UpJohn 20:1-2
Dec. 11thFrom Confusion to AssuranceJohn 20:3-8
Dec. 12thThey Went Home?John 20:9-10
Dec. 13thMy LORD!John 20:11-13
Dec. 14thMary!John 20:14-16
Dec. 15thDon't Cling to Me; Go and TellJohn 20:17-18
Dec. 16thFrom Fear to Joy!John 20:19-20
Dec. 17thFrom Peace to PassionJohn 20:21
Dec. 18thThe Spirit Gives Us Power to ForgiveJohn 20:22-23
Dec. 19thSomeone to Doubt for Us?John 20:24-25
Dec. 20thMy LORD and My GodJohn 20:26-28
Dec. 21stWe're Blessed!John 20:29
Dec. 22ndYou Will Have Life!John 20:30-31
Dec. 23rdBy the Familiar SeaJohn 21:1
Dec. 24thWhat to Do?John 21:2-3
Dec. 25thThe Gift at DawnJohn 21:4-7
Dec. 26thPeter and the OthersJohn 21:8-11
Dec. 27thJesus Served ThemJohn 21:12-14
Dec. 28thThe Third TimeJohn 21:15-17
Dec. 29thFollow MeJohn 21:18-19
Dec. 30thWhat About ...?John 21:20-22
Dec. 31stToo Big for the WorldJohn 21:24-25

About this Devotional

What Jesus Did! is a series of one-year devotional guides through each gospel, using one short scripture passage each day and following the Gospel in sequential order. Each devotional consists of a scripture passage and a reflection and a prayer which open up the day's scripture and show how it challenges you to live for Jesus.

What Jesus Did! is written by Phil Ware and is available in book form.

Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright ©1996, 2004, 2007, 2013, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.