What Jesus Did! Archives

January 2016

Jan. 1stGood News!Mark 1:1
Jan. 2ndPrepare the WayMark 1:1-3
Jan. 3rdTurn from Your Sins!Mark 1:4
Jan. 4thFrom All OverMark 1:5
Jan. 5thA Life in ServiceMark 1:6-7
Jan. 6thThe Holy SpiritMark 1:8
Jan. 7thBaptizedMark 1:9
Jan. 8thSplit OpenMark 1:10
Jan. 9thFully PleasedMark 1:11
Jan. 10thLed by the SpiritMark 1:12
Jan. 11thCare Under FireMark 1:13
Jan. 12thThe Near KingdomMark 1:14-15
Jan. 13thA New Kind of FishingMark 1:16-18
Jan. 14thLeft BehindMark 1:19-20
Jan. 15thSabbath TeachingMark 1:21-22
Jan. 16thThe Demons Even ConfessMark 1:23-24
Jan. 17thPower over EvilMark 1:25-26
Jan. 18thThe Authoritative VoiceMark 1:27-28
Jan. 19thGone in an InstantMark 1:29-31
Jan. 20thThe Magnet of GraceMark 1:32-33
Jan. 21stPower UnlimitedMark 1:34
Jan. 22ndQuiet Time with GodMark 1:35
Jan. 23rdPressures of the CaringMark 1:35-37
Jan. 24thDoing the MissionMark 1:37-38
Jan. 25thThe Place and the Plan of MinistryMark 1:39
Jan. 26thFaith Finds Its HopeMark 1:40
Jan. 27thCompassionate PowerMark 1:40-42
Jan. 28thDo What You Are CommandedMark 1:43-44
Jan. 29thDisobedience Hinders God's PlanMark 1:45
Jan. 30thA Large Crowd Finds Good NewsMark 2:1-2
Jan. 31stFaithful FriendsMark 2:3-5

February 2016

Feb. 1stOnly God Can!Mark 2:6-7
Feb. 2ndBlasphemy? I Think Not!Mark 2:8-11
Feb. 3rdPraise at Seeing GraceMark 2:12
Feb. 4thLeaving it BehindMark 2:13-14
Feb. 5thAmong SinnersMark 2:15-17
Feb. 6thUnder ScrutinyMark 2:18
Feb. 7thSomeday He Will Be Taken AwayMark 2:19-20
Feb. 8thNew Wineskins NeededMark 2:21-22
Feb. 9thCritical EyesMark 2:23-24
Feb. 10thFor the Benefit of PeopleMark 2:25-27
Feb. 11thMaster of Every Moment!Mark 2:28
Feb. 12thCompassionate EyesMark 3:1
Feb. 13thCondemning EyesMark 3:2
Feb. 14thAngry EyesMark 3:3-5
Feb. 15thMurderous IntentionsMark 3:6
Feb. 16thChecking Out JesusMark 3:7-8
Feb. 17thMore Than a TitleMark 3:9-12
Feb. 18thNo Accidental BandMark 3:13
Feb. 19thThe Purpose of the 12Mark 3:14-15
Feb. 20thEverybody Knows Your NameMark 3:16-19
Feb. 21stOur Crazy BrotherMark 3:20-21
Feb. 22ndI'm the Stronger ManMark 3:22-27
Feb. 23rdUnforgivableMark 3:28-30
Feb. 24thJesus' FamilyMark 3:31-35
Feb. 25thTelling StoriesMark 4:1-2
Feb. 26thTelling StoriesMark 4:3-9
Feb. 27thFor Your UnderstandingMark 4:10-11
Feb. 28thOutsiders and InsidersMark 4:12-13
Feb. 29thJohn Mark the EvangelistMark Acts 15:36-39

March 2016

Mar. 1stGospel FarmersMark 4:14
Mar. 2ndFacing the AdversaryMark 4:15
Mar. 3rdFolding Under FireMark 4:16-17
Mar. 4thThe Cares of the Crowded HeartMark 4:18-19
Mar. 5thGreat Harvest!Mark 4:20
Mar. 6thYou'll See It Clearly One Day!Mark 4:21-22
Mar. 7thMore for the ListenerMark 4:23-24
Mar. 8thThe Hard Truth about HearingMark 4:25
Mar. 9thThe Mystery of SeedsMark 4:26-29
Mar. 10thMore Than a Mustard SeedMark 4:30-32
Mar. 11thLimited Doses and Visual HooksMark 4:33
Mar. 12thTo His OwnMark 4:34
Mar. 13thAlone to Mentor and ExplainMark 4:35-36
Mar. 14thFierce StormsMark 4:37
Mar. 15thAnxious HonestyMark 4:38
Mar. 16thQuiet! Why So Afraid?Mark 4:39
Mar. 17thWho Is This Man?Mark 4:40-41
Mar. 18thOn Strange TurfMark 5:1-2
Mar. 19thSatan's GoalMark 5:3-5
Mar. 20thPower Over DemonsMark 5:6-8
Mar. 21stIdentity TheftMark 5:9
Mar. 22ndThey Knew They Were WhippedMark 5:10-12
Mar. 23rdPower Over SatanMark 5:13
Mar. 24thFrightened?Mark 5:14-15
Mar. 25thFear of ChangeMark 5:16-17
Mar. 26thGo Tell Them Something GreatMark 5:18-19
Mar. 27thDoing What Jesus Asks!Mark 5:20
Mar. 28thWe Need Jesus!Mark 5:21-23
Mar. 29thJesus Loves Us AllMark 5:24
Mar. 30thHeard About JesusMark 5:25-27
Mar. 31stTrust Beyond Hanging onto ThreadsMark 5:28-29

April 2016

Apr. 1stLooking to BlessMark 5:30-34
Apr. 2ndJust Trust Me!Mark 5:35-36
Apr. 3rdThe Inner 3Mark 5:37
Apr. 4thJust AsleepMark 5:38-39
Apr. 5thGet Up, Little Girl!Mark 5:40-41
Apr. 6thAstounding!Mark 5:42-43
Apr. 7thRefusing to BelieveMark 6:1-3
Apr. 8thBlocking MiraclesMark 6:4-6
Apr. 9thShake Off the DustMark 6:6-11
Apr. 10thMinistry to AllMark 6:12-13
Apr. 11thWild SpeculationsMark 6:14-16
Apr. 12thCourage to Tell the TruthMark 6:17-20
Apr. 13thShamefulMark 6:21-26
Apr. 14thBrutality and GriefMark 6:27-29
Apr. 15thA Quieter SpotMark 6:30-32
Apr. 16thCompassionate TeachingMark 6:33-34
Apr. 17thConcern for the CrowdsMark 6:35-36
Apr. 18thLimited Resources?Mark 6:37-38
Apr. 19thUnlimited Resources!Mark 6:39-42
Apr. 20thHands-on ProvisionMark 6:42-44
Apr. 21stComponents of Jesus' MinistryMark 6:45-46
Apr. 22ndI Am Here!Mark 6:47-50
Apr. 23rdAstonished MisunderstandingMark 6:51-52
Apr. 24thJust to Touch the FringeMark 6:53-56
Apr. 25thRitually Clean?Mark 7:1-5
Apr. 26thSpiritually Unclean!Mark 7:6-8
Apr. 27thTwisting the Most Basic TruthsMark 7:9-13
Apr. 28thWhat Truly DefilesMark 7:14-16
Apr. 29thFood Won't DefileMark 7:17-19
Apr. 30thFrom Within: The Heart InsideMark 7:20

May 2016

May. 1stDefiled!Mark 7:21-23
May. 2ndCouldn't Keep It QuietMark 7:24-25
May. 3rdBegging the LordMark 7:26
May. 4thEven the Puppies Get Some CrumbsMark 7:27-28
May. 5thThe Demon Was GoneMark 7:29-30
May. 6thThe Touch of His HandMark 7:31-32
May. 7thAway from the CrowdMark 7:32-35
May. 8thEverything Well!Mark 7:36-37
May. 9thConcerned about the HungerMark 8:1-3
May. 10thResources?Mark 8:4
May. 11thThe Resource MakerMark 8:5-7
May. 12thSent Home SatisfiedMark 8:8-9
May. 13thChanging RegionsMark 8:10
May. 14thProve YourselfMark 8:11
May. 15thLeaving the Cynics BehindMark 8:12-13
May. 16thWatch Out for Bad Bread!Mark 8:14-15
May. 17thOpen Your Eyes!Mark 8:14-18
May. 18thHow Many?Mark 8:19-21
May. 19thPlease Open His Eyes!Mark 8:22
May. 20thCan You See?Mark 8:23-26
May. 21stWho Do They Say I Am?Mark 8:27
May. 22ndOne of the Prophets?Mark 8:27-28
May. 23rdYou Are the Messiah!Mark 8:29
May. 24thDon't Tell!Mark 8:29-30
May. 25thJesus' CenterMark 8:31
May. 26thRebuke from IgnoranceMark 8:31-32
May. 27thRebuked!Mark 8:31-33
May. 28thPick Up Your CrossMark 8:34
May. 29thGet Life!Mark 8:35
May. 30thTrue WorthMark 8:36-37
May. 31stAshamed?Mark 8:38

June 2016

Jun. 1stKingdom PreviewMark 9:1
Jun. 2ndRevealing His Glory to the ThreeMark 9:2-4
Jun. 3rdSpeaking Without KnowingMark 9:5-6
Jun. 4thListen to Him!Mark 9:7
Jun. 5thOnly Jesus!Mark 9:8
Jun. 6thWaiting Before WitnessingMark 9:9-10
Jun. 7thElijah Comes FirstMark 9:11-12
Jun. 8thTreated with ContemptMark 9:12-13
Jun. 9thGreeted by the CrowdMark 9:14-15
Jun. 10thUnable to Meet the NeedMark 9:16-18
Jun. 11thRebuke from ConcernMark 9:19
Jun. 12thHave Mercy!Mark 9:20-22
Jun. 13thAll Things are Possible!Mark 9:23
Jun. 14thHelp Me Not To DoubtMark 9:24
Jun. 15thDelivered!Mark 9:25-27
Jun. 16thHonest FrustrationMark 9:28
Jun. 17thOnly By PrayerMark 9:29
Jun. 18thPreparing His DisciplesMark 9:30-31
Jun. 19thBlocked UnderstandingMark 9:30-32
Jun. 20thThe Fall RevisitedMark 9:33-34
Jun. 21stFirstMark 9:35
Jun. 22ndWelcome the ChildMark 9:36-37
Jun. 23rdNot One of Us!Mark 9:38
Jun. 24thDon't Stop Him!Mark 9:38-39
Jun. 25thNot Against Us!Mark 9:40
Jun. 26thA Cup of WaterMark 9:41
Jun. 27thNo Stumbling Blocks AcceptedMark 9:42
Jun. 28thThe Greater PriorityMark 9:43-48
Jun. 29thPurifiedMark 9:49
Jun. 30thA Salty PeaceMark 9:50

July 2016

Jul. 1stTeaching the CrowdsMark 10:1
Jul. 2ndThe Question TrapMark 10:2
Jul. 3rdMosesMark 10:3-4
Jul. 4thHard-HeartednessMark 10:5
Jul. 5thGod's PlanMark 10:6
Jul. 6thLeaving the NestMark 10:7
Jul. 7thUnited into OneMark 10:8
Jul. 8thGod JoinedMark 10:9
Jul. 9thDivorce and AdulteryMark 10:10-12
Jul. 10thPlease Bless ThemMark 10:13
Jul. 11thLet Them Come to Me!Mark 10:14
Jul. 12thA Child Kind of FaithMark 10:14b-15
Jul. 13thA Handful of BlessingMark 10:16
Jul. 14thEntrance Requirements?Mark 10:17
Jul. 15thOnly God Is GoodMark 10:18
Jul. 16thYou Know the Commandments!Mark 10:19
Jul. 17thI'm Perfect!Mark 10:19-20
Jul. 18thThen Come!Mark 10:21
Jul. 19thSadly AwayMark 10:21-22
Jul. 20thSo HardMark 10:23-25
Jul. 21stWho Can Be Saved?Mark 10:25-26
Jul. 22ndEverything Is PossibleMark 10:26-27
Jul. 23rdGod Won't ForgetMark 10:28-30
Jul. 24thLeast and GreatestMark 10:31
Jul. 25thFearful FollowingMark 10:32
Jul. 26thTerrors AheadMark 10:33-34
Jul. 27thA Favor PleaseMark 10:35-37
Jul. 28thAre You Able!Mark 10:37-38
Jul. 29thYou Will Share My Cup!Mark 10:39
Jul. 30thOnly God DecidesMark 10:39-40
Jul. 31stPetty PartnersMark 10:41

August 2016

Aug. 1stAmong You, It Should Be Quite DifferentMark 10:42-44
Aug. 2ndI Came to Serve and to GiveMark 10:45
Aug. 3rdHave Mercy on Me!Mark 10:46-47
Aug. 4thShouting LouderMark 10:48
Aug. 5thHe's Calling You!Mark 10:49-50
Aug. 6thWhat Do You Want Me To Do?Mark 10:51-52
Aug. 7thEmbracing the FutureMark 11:1-3
Aug. 8thPermittedMark 11:4-6
Aug. 9thWorship and Honor in the Real WorldMark 11:7-8
Aug. 10thCenter of the ProcessionMark 11:9-10
Aug. 11thLooking Over JerusalemMark 11:11
Aug. 12thThe Fig TreeMark 11:12-14
Aug. 13thNo More Den of ThievesMark 11:15-17
Aug. 14thFear of the ChallengerMark 11:18-19
Aug. 15thThe Power of His WordMark 11:20-21
Aug. 16thBelieve It!Mark 11:22-23
Aug. 17thGet Rid of the GrudgesMark 11:24-26
Aug. 18thBy Whose Authority?Mark 11:27-28
Aug. 19thHeavenly or Human?Mark 11:29-30
Aug. 20thNo Way!Mark 11:31-33
Aug. 21stThrough StoriesMark 12:1
Aug. 22ndBeating the ServantMark 12:1-3
Aug. 23rdFinally the SonMark 12:4-6
Aug. 24thKilling the SonMark 12:7-8
Aug. 25thKilling the KillersMark 12:9
Aug. 26thMarvelous Doings of the LordMark Mark 12:10-11
Aug. 27thStriking the MarkMark 12:12
Aug. 28thBaiting Another Trap?Mark 12:13
Aug. 29thSeeing Right Through Their WaysMark 12:14-15
Aug. 30thSeeing Through HypocrisyMark 12:15-16
Aug. 31stGive God What Is HisMark 12:17

September 2016

Sep. 1stSad You See!Mark 12:18
Sep. 2ndYou Just Don't Know!Mark 12:19-24
Sep. 3rdAngels in Heaven!Mark 12:25
Sep. 4thGod of the LivingMark 12:26-27
Sep. 5thAn Honest SeekerMark 12:28
Sep. 6thLove the LordMark 12:29-30
Sep. 7thLove Your NeighborMark 12:31
Sep. 8thI Agree!Mark 12:32-33
Sep. 9thNot Far from the KingdomMark 12:34
Sep. 10thDavid's Lord?Mark 12:35-37
Sep. 11thLoving the LimelightMark 12:38-39
Sep. 12thCheats Who Are Not ConcernedMark 12:40
Sep. 13thMore Than All the RestMark 12:41-44
Sep. 14thNo Not OneMark 13:1-2
Sep. 15thWhen?Mark 13:3-4
Sep. 16thMisleading TimesMark 13:5-6
Sep. 17thLed AstrayMark 13:5-6
Sep. 18thThe End Is Not NearMark 13:7
Sep. 19thWars, Earthquakes, and FaminesMark 13:8
Sep. 20thUsing Misfortune for Good NewsMark 13:9
Sep. 21stTo Every NationMark 13:10
Sep. 22ndDon't Worry What to SayMark 13:11
Sep. 23rdFamily BetrayalMark 13:12
Sep. 24thSalvation In Spite of HateMark 13:13
Sep. 25thShortening the DaysMark 13:14-20
Sep. 26thFalse MessiahsMark 13:21-23
Sep. 27thEveryone Will SeeMark 13:24-26
Sep. 28thGathering the ChosenMark 13:27
Sep. 29thRight at the DoorMark 13:28-29
Sep. 30thThis GenerationMark 13:30

October 2016

Oct. 1stLasting WordsMark 13:31
Oct. 2ndNo One KnowsMark 13:32
Oct. 3rdStay AlertMark 13:33
Oct. 4thDon't Get Caught SleepingMark 13:34-36
Oct. 5thWatch for His Return!Mark 13:37
Oct. 6thThe Passover LambMark 14:1
Oct. 7thPremeditationMark 14:1-2
Oct. 8thBeauty in the Broken ThingsMark 14:3
Oct. 9thScolded for LoveMark 14:4-5
Oct. 10thWhy, if It Is for Me?Mark 14:6
Oct. 11thOnly for a little While!Mark 14:7-8
Oct. 12thWhereverMark 14:9
Oct. 13thThe Wrong Thing at the Right TimeMark 14:10-11
Oct. 14thAnticipating the SacrificeMark 14:12
Oct. 15thJust as Jesus SaidMark 14:13-16
Oct. 16thOne of You!Mark 14:17-18
Oct. 17thI'm Not the One, Am I?Mark 14:19
Oct. 18thOne of You!Mark 14:20
Oct. 19thThe Human Tragedy of the Divine GraceMark 14:21
Oct. 20thMy BodyMark 14:22
Oct. 21stThe Gift of My BloodMark 14:23-24
Oct. 22ndI Will Drink it NewMark 14:24-26
Oct. 23rdAll of You!Mark 14:27
Oct. 24thI'll Go Ahead of YouMark 14:28
Oct. 25thNot Me!Mark 14:29
Oct. 26thPeter's Real TruthMark 14:30
Oct. 27thAll the Others Say the SameMark 14:31
Oct. 28thDeep DistressMark 14:32-33
Oct. 29thStay With Me!Mark 14:34
Oct. 30thIf Possible?Mark 14:35
Oct. 31stYour Will, Not Mine!Mark 14:36

November 2016

Nov. 1stCouldn't You Watch with Me?Mark 14:37
Nov. 2ndKeep Alert!Mark 14:37-38
Nov. 3rdRepeated Pleadings!Mark 14:39
Nov. 4thThey Didn't Know What to Say!Mark 14:40
Nov. 5thBetrayed Into Sinners' HandsMark 14:41-42
Nov. 6thIncongruity at its WorstMark 14:43
Nov. 7thWith a Kiss?Mark 14:44-46
Nov. 8thPulling the SwordMark 14:47
Nov. 9thAm I Some Criminal?Mark 14:48
Nov. 10thWhy Not in the Temple?Mark 14:49
Nov. 11thLeft Alone to Face the FuryMark 14:50
Nov. 12thEscaped Without a CloakMark 14:51-52
Nov. 13thWatching by the Fire from Far AwayMark 14:53-54
Nov. 14thLiars for RentMark 14:55-56
Nov. 15thClose, But ...Mark 14:57-59
Nov. 16thNo ReplyMark 14:60-61
Nov. 17thYou'll See Me and then Know!Mark 14:61-62
Nov. 18thThey All Condemned HimMark 14:63-64
Nov. 19thThe Jeers of the cruel CondemnersMark 14:65
Nov. 20thYou Were One of Them!Mark 14:66-67
Nov. 21stNo Way!Mark 14:68
Nov. 22ndOne of Them?Mark 14:69-70
Nov. 23rdAn Oath of BetrayalMark 14:70-72
Nov. 24thAre You the King?Mark 15:1-2
Nov. 25thNot a WordMark 15:3-5
Nov. 26thRelease!Mark 15:6-8
Nov. 27thPilate Knows the TruthMark 15:9-10
Nov. 28thPriests of PoliticsMark 15:11
Nov. 29thCrucify Him!Mark 15:12-13
Nov. 30thWhy?Mark 15:14

December 2016

Dec. 1stAnxious to Please the CrowdMark 15:15
Dec. 2ndThe Humiliation Begins in EarnestMark 15:16-19
Dec. 3rdLed AwayMark 15:20
Dec. 4thCarrying the Cross!Mark 15:21
Dec. 5thOur Place of HopeMark 15:22-24
Dec. 6thThe GambleMark 15:24
Dec. 7thRecognized as KingMark 15:25-26
Dec. 8thAmong the CriminalsMark 15:27-28
Dec. 9thSave Yourself!Mark 15:29-30
Dec. 10thHe Can't Save Himself!Mark 15:31
Dec. 11thRidiculed by Everyone!Mark 15:32
Dec. 12thWhy Have You Forsaken Me?Mark 15:33-34
Dec. 13thWill Elijah Come?Mark 15:35-36
Dec. 14thIt's Finished!Mark 15:37
Dec. 15thHoly of HoliesMark 15:37-38
Dec. 16thSon of God!Mark 15:39
Dec. 17thThe Faithful WomenMark 15:40-41
Dec. 18thDay of PreparationMark 15:42
Dec. 19thGathering His CourageMark 15:42-43
Dec. 20thDead!Mark 15:44-45
Dec. 21stFinal Goodbye?Mark 15:46
Dec. 22ndWhere His Body Was PlacedMark 15:47
Dec. 23rdSettling in on Death's NecessitiesMark 16:1
Dec. 24thGloom or Anticipation?Mark 16:2
Dec. 25thWho Will Roll Away the Stone?Mark 16:3
Dec. 26thRolled Away!Mark 16:3-4
Dec. 27thStartled by an AngelMark 16:5-6
Dec. 28thHe Isn't Here!Mark 16:6
Dec. 29thYou Will See Him in the Place of MinistryMark 16:7
Dec. 30thBewildered and Frightened!Mark 16:8
Dec. 31stGo into All the WorldMark 16:9-20

About this Devotional

What Jesus Did is a one-year devotional guide through the gospels, using one short passage each day and following the Gospel in consecutive order. Each devotional consists of a passage, reflection and a prayer which opens up the day's scripture and shows how it challenges you to live for Jesus.

What Jesus Did! is written by Phil Ware.

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