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January 2024

Jan. 1stGood News!Mark 1:1
Jan. 2ndPrepare the WayMark 1:1-3
Jan. 3rdTurn from Your Sins!Mark 1:4
Jan. 4thFrom All OverMark 1:5
Jan. 5thA Life in ServiceMark 1:6-7
Jan. 6thThe Holy SpiritMark 1:7-8
Jan. 7thBaptizedMark 1:9
Jan. 8thThe Heavens Split ApartMark 1:10
Jan. 9thGreat Joy!Mark 1:11
Jan. 10thLed by the SpiritMark 1:12
Jan. 11thCare Under FireMark 1:12-13
Jan. 12thThe Near KingdomMark 1:14-15
Jan. 13thA New Kind of FishingMark 1:16-18
Jan. 14thLeft BehindMark 1:19-20
Jan. 15thSabbath TeachingMark 1:21-22
Jan. 16thEven the Demons ConfessMark 1:23-24
Jan. 17thPower over EvilMark 1:25-26
Jan. 18thThe Authoritative VoiceMark 1:27-28
Jan. 19thGone in an InstantMark 1:29-31
Jan. 20thThe Magnet of GraceMark 1:32-33
Jan. 21stPower UnlimitedMark 1:34
Jan. 22ndQuiet Time with the FatherMark 1:35
Jan. 23rdPressures of CaringMark 1:35-37
Jan. 24thDoing the MissionMark 1:37-39
Jan. 25thThe Place and the Plan of MinistryMark 1:39
Jan. 26thFaith Finds Its HopeMark 1:40
Jan. 27thCompassionate PowerMark 1:40-42
Jan. 28thDo What Is RequiredMark 1:43-44
Jan. 29thDisobedience Hinders God's PlanMark 1:45
Jan. 30thA Large Crowd Hears Good NewsMark 2:1-2
Jan. 31stFaithful FriendsMark 2:2b-5

February 2024

Feb. 1stOnly God Can!Mark 2:5-7
Feb. 2ndBlasphemy? I Think Not!Mark 2:8-11
Feb. 3rdPraise at Seeing GraceMark 2:12
Feb. 4thLeaving It BehindMark 2:13-14
Feb. 5thAmong SinnersMark 2:15-17
Feb. 6thUnder ScrutinyMark 2:18
Feb. 7thEverything Has Its TimeMark 2:19-20
Feb. 8thNew Wineskins NeededMark 2:21-22
Feb. 9thOverly Critical EyesMark 2:23-24
Feb. 10thFor the Needs of PeopleMark 2:25-27
Feb. 11thMaster of Every Thing!Mark 2:28
Feb. 12thCompassionate EyesMark 3:1
Feb. 13thCondemning EyesMark 3:2
Feb. 14thAngry EyesMark 3:3-5
Feb. 15thMurderous IntentionsMark 3:6
Feb. 16thChecking Out JesusMark 3:7-8
Feb. 17thMore Than a TitleMark 3:9-12
Feb. 18thNo Accidental BandMark 3:13
Feb. 19thThe Purpose of the 12Mark 3:14-15
Feb. 20thEverybody Knows Your NameMark 3:16-19
Feb. 21stOur Crazy BrotherMark 3:20-21
Feb. 22ndJesus Is StrongerMark 3:22-27
Feb. 23rdUnforgivableMark 3:28-30
Feb. 24thJesus' FamilyMark 3:31-35
Feb. 25thTelling StoriesMark 4:1-2
Feb. 26thListen and ObeyMark 4:3-9
Feb. 27thFor Your UnderstandingMark 4:10-11
Feb. 28thOutsiders and InsidersMark 4:11-13
Feb. 29thJohn Mark, the EvangelistMark as revealed in Acts 15:36-40

March 2024

Mar. 1stGood-News FarmersMark 4:14
Mar. 2ndFacing the AdversaryMark 4:15
Mar. 3rdFolding Under FireMark 4:16-17
Mar. 4thThe Cares of the Crowded HeartMark 4:18-19
Mar. 5thGreat Harvest!Mark 4:20
Mar. 6thYou'll See It Clearly One Day!Mark 4:21-22
Mar. 7thMore Understanding for the ListenerMark 4:23-24
Mar. 8thThe Hard Truth about HearingMark 4:25
Mar. 9thThe Mystery of SeedsMark 4:26-29
Mar. 10thKingdom Growth and StrengthMark 4:30-32
Mar. 11thLimited Doses and Visual HooksMark 4:33
Mar. 12thHe Explained to His OwnMark 4:34
Mar. 13thAlone to Mentor and ExplainMark 4:35-36
Mar. 14thFierce StormsMark 4:37
Mar. 15thAnxious HonestyMark 4:37-38
Mar. 16thSilence! Be Still!Mark 4:39
Mar. 17thWho Is This Man?Mark 4:40-41
Mar. 18thOn Strange TurfMark 5:1-2
Mar. 19thSatan's GoalMark 5:3-5
Mar. 20thPower over Evil SpiritsMark 5:6-8
Mar. 21stIdentity TheftMark 5:9
Mar. 22ndThey Knew They Were WhippedMark 5:10-12
Mar. 23rdPower Over SatanMark 5:13
Mar. 24thFrightened?Mark 5:14-15
Mar. 25thFear of ChangeMark 5:16-17
Mar. 26thGo Tell Them Something GreatMark 5:18-19
Mar. 27thDoing What Jesus Asks!Mark 5:18-20
Mar. 28thWe Need Jesus!Mark 5:21-23
Mar. 29thJesus Loves Us AllMark 5:23-24
Mar. 30thHeard About JesusMark 5:25-27
Mar. 31stTrust Beyond Hanging onto ThreadsMark 5:27-29

April 2024

Apr. 1stLooking to BlessMark 5:30-34
Apr. 2ndJust Trust Me!Mark 5:35-36
Apr. 3rdThe Inner ThreeMark 5:37
Apr. 4thJust AsleepMark 5:38-39
Apr. 5thLittle Girl, Get Up!Mark 5:40-41
Apr. 6thAstounding!Mark 5:41-43
Apr. 7thRefusing to BelieveMark 6:1-3
Apr. 8thBlocking MiraclesMark 6:4-6
Apr. 9thShake Off the DustMark 6:6-11
Apr. 10thMinistry to AllMark 6:12-13
Apr. 11thWild SpeculationsMark 6:14-16
Apr. 12thCourage to Tell the TruthMark 6:17-20
Apr. 13thShamefulMark 6:21-26
Apr. 14thBrutality and GriefMark 6:25-29
Apr. 15thA Quieter SpotMark 6:30-32
Apr. 16thCompassionate TeachingMark 6:32-34
Apr. 17thConcern for the CrowdsMark 6:35-36
Apr. 18thLimited Resources?Mark 6:37-38
Apr. 19thUnlimited Resources!Mark 6:39-42
Apr. 20thHands-on ProvisionMark 6:42-44
Apr. 21stComponents of Jesus' MinistryMark 6:45-46
Apr. 22ndI Am Here!Mark 6:47-50
Apr. 23rdAstonished Lack of UnderstandingMark 6:51-52
Apr. 24thJust to Touch the FringeMark 6:53-56
Apr. 25thRitually Clean?Mark 7:1-5
Apr. 26thSpiritually Unclean!Mark 7:5-8
Apr. 27thTwisting the Most Basic TruthsMark 7:9-13
Apr. 28thWhat Truly DefilesMark 7:14-15
Apr. 29thFood Won't DefileMark 7:17-19
Apr. 30thFrom Within: The Heart InsideMark 7:20

May 2024

May. 1stDefiled!Mark 7:20-23
May. 2ndCouldn't Keep It QuietMark 7:24-26
May. 3rdBegging the LORDMark 7:25-26
May. 4thEven the Puppies Get Some ScrapsMark 7:26-28
May. 5thThe Demon Was GoneMark 7:28-30
May. 6thThe Touch of His HandMark 7:31-32
May. 7thAway from the CrowdMark 7:32-35
May. 8thEverything Is Wonderful!Mark 7:36-37
May. 9thConcerned about the HungerMark 8:1-3
May. 10thResources?Mark 8:4
May. 11thThe Resource MakerMark 8:5-7
May. 12thSent Home SatisfiedMark 8:8-9
May. 13thChanging RegionsMark 8:10
May. 14thProve YourselfMark 8:11
May. 15thLeaving the Cynics BehindMark 8:12-13
May. 16thWatch Out for Bad Bread!Mark 8:14-15
May. 17thOpen Your Eyes!Mark 8:14-18
May. 18thHow Many?Mark 8:19-21
May. 19thPlease Open His Eyes!Mark 8:22
May. 20thCan You See?Mark 8:22-26
May. 21stWho Do They Say I Am?Mark 8:27
May. 22ndOne of the Prophets?Mark 8:27-28
May. 23rdYou Are the Messiah!Mark 8:29
May. 24thDon't Tell!Mark 8:29-30
May. 25thJesus' CenterMark 8:31
May. 26thRebuking IgnoranceMark 8:31-32
May. 27thRebuked!Mark 8:31-33
May. 28thTake Up Your CrossMark 8:34
May. 29thFind Life!Mark 8:35
May. 30thTrue WorthMark 8:36-37
May. 31stAshamed?Mark 8:38

June 2024

Jun. 1stKingdom PreviewMark 9:1
Jun. 2ndRevealing His Glory to the ThreeMark 9:2-4
Jun. 3rdSpeaking Without KnowingMark 9:5-6
Jun. 4thListen to Him!Mark 9:7
Jun. 5thOnly Jesus!Mark 9:8
Jun. 6thWaiting Before WitnessingMark 9:9-10
Jun. 7thFirst Comes ElijahMark 9:11-12
Jun. 8thTreated with ContemptMark 9:11-13
Jun. 9thGreeted by the CrowdMark 9:14-15
Jun. 10thUnable to Meet the NeedMark 9:16-18
Jun. 11thRebuke from ConcernMark 9:18-19
Jun. 12thHave Mercy!Mark 9:20-22
Jun. 13thAll Things are Possible!Mark 9:23
Jun. 14thHelp Me Not To DoubtMark 9:24
Jun. 15thDelivered!Mark 9:25-27
Jun. 16thHonest FrustrationMark 9:28
Jun. 17thOnly By PrayerMark 9:28-29
Jun. 18thPreparing His DisciplesMark 9:30-31
Jun. 19thBlocked UnderstandingMark 9:30-32
Jun. 20thThe Fall RevisitedMark 9:33-34
Jun. 21stFirstMark 9:35
Jun. 22ndWelcome the ChildMark 9:36-37
Jun. 23rdNot One of Us!Mark 9:38
Jun. 24thDon't Stop Him!Mark 9:38-39
Jun. 25thNot Against Us!Mark 9:40
Jun. 26thA Cup of WaterMark 9:41
Jun. 27thNo Stumbling Blocks AcceptedMark 9:42
Jun. 28thThe Greater PriorityMark 9:43-48
Jun. 29thPurifiedMark 9:49
Jun. 30thA Salty PeaceMark 9:50

July 2024

Jul. 1stTeaching the CrowdsMark 10:1
Jul. 2ndThe Question TrapMark 10:2
Jul. 3rdMosesMark 10:3-4
Jul. 4thHardheartednessMark 10:4-5
Jul. 5thGod's PlanMark 10:6
Jul. 6thLeaving the NestMark 10:6-7
Jul. 7thUnited into OneMark 10:7-8
Jul. 8thGod JoinedMark 10:7-9
Jul. 9thDivorce and AdulteryMark 10:10-12
Jul. 10thPlease Bless ThemMark 10:13
Jul. 11thLet Them Come to Me!Mark 10:13-14
Jul. 12thA Childlike Kind of FaithMark 10:14-15
Jul. 13thA Handful of BlessingMark 10:16
Jul. 14thEntrance Requirements?Mark 10:17
Jul. 15thOnly God Is GoodMark 10:18
Jul. 16thYou Know the Commandments!Mark 10:19
Jul. 17thI've Done It All!Mark 10:19-20
Jul. 18thThen Come!Mark 10:21
Jul. 19thSadly AwayMark 10:21-22
Jul. 20thSo HardMark 10:23-25
Jul. 21stWho Can Be Saved?Mark 10:25-26
Jul. 22ndEverything Is PossibleMark 10:26-27
Jul. 23rdGod Won't ForgetMark 10:28-30
Jul. 24thLeast and GreatestMark 10:31
Jul. 25thFearful FollowingMark 10:32
Jul. 26thTerrors AheadMark 10:33-34
Jul. 27thA Favor PleaseMark 10:35-37
Jul. 28thAre You Able?!Mark 10:36-38
Jul. 29thYou Will Share My Cup!Mark 10:38-39
Jul. 30thOnly God the Father DecidesMark 10:39-40
Jul. 31stAngry PartnersMark 10:41

August 2024

Aug. 1stAmong You, It Should Be Quite DifferentMark 10:42-44
Aug. 2ndI Came to Serve and to GiveMark 10:45
Aug. 3rdHave Mercy on Me!Mark 10:46-47
Aug. 4thShouting LouderMark 10:48
Aug. 5thHe's Calling You!Mark 10:49-50
Aug. 6thWhat Do You Want Me To Do?Mark 10:51-52
Aug. 7thEmbracing the FutureMark 11:1-3
Aug. 8thPermittedMark 11:4-6
Aug. 9thWorship and Honor in the Real WorldMark 11:7-8
Aug. 10thCenter of the ProcessionMark 11:9-10
Aug. 11thLooking Over the TempleMark 11:11
Aug. 12thThe Fig TreeMark 11:12-14
Aug. 13thNo More Den of ThievesMark 11:15-17
Aug. 14thFear of the ChallengerMark 11:18-19
Aug. 15thThe Power of His WordMark 11:20-21
Aug. 16thBelieve It!Mark 11:22-23
Aug. 17thGet Rid of the GrudgesMark 11:24-26
Aug. 18thBy What Authority?Mark 11:27-28
Aug. 19thHeavenly or Human?Mark 11:29-30
Aug. 20thNo Way!Mark 11:30-33
Aug. 21stThrough StoriesMark 12:1
Aug. 22ndBeating the ServantMark 12:1-3
Aug. 23rdFinally, the SonMark 12:4-6
Aug. 24thKilling the SonMark 12:7-8
Aug. 25thKilling the KillersMark 12:9
Aug. 26thMarvelous Doings of the LORDMark 12:10-11
Aug. 27thHitting the MarkMark 12:12
Aug. 28thBaiting Another Trap?Mark 12:13
Aug. 29thSeeing Right Through Their WaysMark 12:13-15
Aug. 30thSeeing Through HypocrisyMark 12:15-16
Aug. 31stGive God What Is HisMark 12:17

September 2024

Sep. 1stSad You See!Mark 12:18
Sep. 2ndYou Just Don't Know!Mark 12:19-24
Sep. 3rdLike Angels in Heaven!Mark 12:25
Sep. 4thGod of the LivingMark 12:26-27
Sep. 5thAn Honest SeekerMark 12:28
Sep. 6thLove the LORDMark 12:29-30
Sep. 7thLove Your NeighborMark 12:31
Sep. 8thI Agree!Mark 12:32-33
Sep. 9thNot Far from the KingdomMark 12:34
Sep. 10thDavid's LORD?Mark 12:35-37
Sep. 11thLoving the LimelightMark 12:38-39
Sep. 12thCheats Who Are Not ConcernedMark 12:40
Sep. 13thMore Than All the RestMark 12:41-44
Sep. 14thNo Not OneMark 13:1-2
Sep. 15thWhen?Mark 13:2-4
Sep. 16thMisleading TimesMark 13:5-6
Sep. 17thLed AstrayMark 13:5-6
Sep. 18thThe End Is Not NearMark 13:7
Sep. 19thWars, Earthquakes, and FaminesMark 13:8
Sep. 20thUsing Misfortune for Telling the Good NewsMark 13:9
Sep. 21stTo All NationsMark 13:10
Sep. 22ndDon't Worry What to SayMark 13:11
Sep. 23rdFamily BetrayalMark 13:12
Sep. 24thSalvation In Spite of HateMark 13:13
Sep. 25thShortening the DaysMark 13:14-20
Sep. 26thFalse MessiahsMark 13:21-23
Sep. 27thEveryone Will SeeMark 13:24-26
Sep. 28thGathering the ChosenMark 13:27
Sep. 29thRight at the DoorMark 13:28-29
Sep. 30thThis GenerationMark 13:30

October 2024

Oct. 1stLasting WordsMark 13:31
Oct. 2ndNo One KnowsMark 13:32
Oct. 3rdStay AlertMark 13:33
Oct. 4thDon't Get Caught SleepingMark 13:34-36
Oct. 5thWatch for His Return!Mark 13:37
Oct. 6thThe Passover LambMark 14:1
Oct. 7thPremeditationMark 14:1-2
Oct. 8thBeauty in the Broken ThingsMark 14:3
Oct. 9thScolded for LoveMark 14:4-5
Oct. 10thWhy, if It Is for Me?Mark 14:6
Oct. 11thOnly for a Little While!Mark 14:7-8
Oct. 12thWhereverMark 14:9
Oct. 13thThe Wrong Thing at the Right TimeMark 14:10-11
Oct. 14thAnticipating the SacrificeMark 14:12
Oct. 15thJust as Jesus SaidMark 14:13-16
Oct. 16thOne of You!Mark 14:17-18
Oct. 17thAm I the One?Mark 14:19
Oct. 18thOne of You!Mark 14:20
Oct. 19thThe Human Tragedy of the Divine GraceMark 14:21
Oct. 20thMy BodyMark 14:22
Oct. 21stThe Gift of My BloodMark 14:23-24
Oct. 22ndI Drink It NewMark 14:24-26
Oct. 23rdAll of You!Mark 14:27
Oct. 24thI'll Go Ahead of YouMark 14:28
Oct. 25thNot Me!Mark 14:29
Oct. 26thPeter's Real TruthMark 14:30
Oct. 27thAll the Others Vowed the SameMark 14:30-31
Oct. 28thDeep DistressMark 14:32-33
Oct. 29thStay with Me!Mark 14:34
Oct. 30thIf Possible?Mark 14:35
Oct. 31stYour Will, Not Mine!Mark 14:36

November 2024

Nov. 1stCouldn't You Watch with Me?Mark 14:37
Nov. 2ndKeep Alert!Mark 14:37-38
Nov. 3rdRepeated Pleadings!Mark 14:39
Nov. 4thThey Didn't Know What to Say!Mark 14:40
Nov. 5thBetrayed into Sinners' HandsMark 14:41-42
Nov. 6thIncongruity at its WorstMark 14:43
Nov. 7thWith a Kiss?Mark 14:44-46
Nov. 8thPulling the SwordMark 14:47
Nov. 9thAm I Some Dangerous Revolutionary?Mark 14:48
Nov. 10thWhy Not in the Temple?Mark 14:49
Nov. 11thLeft Alone to Face the FuryMark 14:50
Nov. 12thEscaped NakedMark 14:51-52
Nov. 13thWatching by the Fire from Far AwayMark 14:53-54
Nov. 14thLiars for RentMark 14:55-56
Nov. 15thClose, But ...Mark 14:57-59
Nov. 16thNo ReplyMark 14:60-61
Nov. 17thYou'll See Me and Then Know!Mark 14:60-62
Nov. 18thThey All Condemned HimMark 14:63-64
Nov. 19thAbuse from Cruel CondemnersMark 14:65
Nov. 20thYou Were One of Them!Mark 14:66-67
Nov. 21stNo Way!Mark 14:68
Nov. 22ndOne of Them!Mark 14:69-70
Nov. 23rdAn Oath of BetrayalMark 14:70-72
Nov. 24thAre You the King?Mark 15:1-2
Nov. 25thNot a WordMark 15:3-5
Nov. 26thRelease!Mark 15:6-8
Nov. 27thPilate Knows the TruthMark 15:9-10
Nov. 28thPriests of PoliticsMark 15:11
Nov. 29thCrucify Him!Mark 15:12-13
Nov. 30thWhy?Mark 15:14

December 2024

Dec. 1stAnxious to Please the CrowdMark 15:15
Dec. 2ndThe Humiliation Begins in EarnestMark 15:16-19
Dec. 3rdLed AwayMark 15:20
Dec. 4thCarrying the Cross!Mark 15:21
Dec. 5thOur Place of HopeMark 15:22-24
Dec. 6thThe GambleMark 15:24
Dec. 7thRecognized as KingMark 15:25-26
Dec. 8thAmong the CriminalsMark 15:27
Dec. 9thSave Yourself!Mark 15:29-30
Dec. 10thHe Can't Save Himself!Mark 15:31
Dec. 11thRidiculed by Everyone!Mark 15:32
Dec. 12thWhy Have You Abandoned Me?Mark 15:33-34
Dec. 13thWill Elijah Come?Mark 15:35-36
Dec. 14thIt Is Finished!Mark 15:37
Dec. 15thHoly of HoliesMark 15:37-38
Dec. 16thSon of God!Mark 15:39
Dec. 17thThe Faithful WomenMark 15:40-41
Dec. 18thDay of PreparationMark 15:42
Dec. 19thGathering His CourageMark 15:42-43
Dec. 20thDead!Mark 15:44-45
Dec. 21stFinal Goodbye?Mark 15:46
Dec. 22ndWhere His Body Was PlacedMark 15:47
Dec. 23rdSettling in on Death's NecessitiesMark 16:1
Dec. 24thGloom or Anticipation?Mark 16:1-2
Dec. 25thWho Will Roll Away the Stone?Mark 16:3
Dec. 26thRolled Away!Mark 16:3-4
Dec. 27thStartled by an AngelMark 16:5-6
Dec. 28thHe Isn't Here!Mark 16:5-6
Dec. 29thYou Will See Him in the Place of MinistryMark 16:7
Dec. 30thTrembling and Bewildered!Mark 16:8
Dec. 31stGo into All the WorldMark 16:9-20

About this Devotional

What Jesus Did! is a series of one-year devotional guides through each gospel, using one short scripture passage each day and following the Gospel in sequential order. Each devotional consists of a scripture passage and a reflection and a prayer which open up the day's scripture and show how it challenges you to live for Jesus.

What Jesus Did! is written by Phil Ware and is available in book form.

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