Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 2008 Archives

Coming Down in the Wrong Place

When is landing not good?

Phil Ware talks about an airplane that landed on the wrong runway and compares it to some of the values we attach to people.

Remember These Friends!

How can we so easily forget such sacrifice?

Phil Ware shares some Scriptures on sacrifice, love, remembering, and friendship.


Are you an insider or outsider to the promises of God?

Phil Ware reminds himself that he didn't have any right to expect the grace of God to be shared with him since he wasn't a child of Abraham by race and was included only because of God's mercy.


What in the world is that sound?

Phil Ware looks back on an old reel-to-reel recording and editing session and reflects how he could sure use that same kind of thing in his life!


When going home means giving a child a chance at life!

Phil Ware describes doing a funeral and a graveside for a good man and how it becomes the opportunity for good things to happen to children around the world.

The Lord's Take on the Subject

So what are we supposed to do about such days as this?

Phil Ware shares Scriptures pertaining to the IRS deadline for taxes and other issues related to money.


Do I really have to go to church?

Phil Ware challenges us to think about how we view church and asks how we can make it a gathering of people committed to the Kingdom of God.


So who are we going to exclude?

Phil Ware reminds us that from the very beginning of the Christian movement, Jesus and His followers recognized that the Gospel and the church are for all people.

Faith Awaiting a Dawn

What happens when the sun rises on Sunday?

Phil Ware shares insight on the resurrection of Jesus on Easter, and how Mary calls Jesus Lord when she doesn't know he is raised and how the beloved disciple saw the death clothes of Jesus and believed.

And It Was Night?

Is there any hope, any light, for our darkness?

Phil Ware talks about the triumphal entry of Jesus and the darkness that Jesus faced for all of us to defeat the darkness and bring us to light.

Agony to Maturity

What should we expect of our leaders to help us reach maturity?

Phil Ware addresses the issue of church leadership, hypocrisy, and consumerism by pointing leaders to Paul's example in Colossians of pointing people to Jesus, praying for their maturity, and trusting in Him to supply the power as Paul worked strenuously

The Journey

Spiritual maturity is the journey, not a destination.

Phil Ware compares the journey to maturity with a family vacation in a minivan and reminds us that maturity is the journey, not a destination as we seek to become like Jesus.

Real Joy?

Couldn't you take a couple of doses of this in your group?

Phil Ware talks about the real source of authentic joy, the Holy Spirit.


Can you see God's glory in your fellow humanity?

Phil Ware describes his visit to Kampala, Uganda, Africa and calls on us to fully celebrate the truth of Psalm 8 and Jesus' commands to love God and love our neighbor.


When is a picture more than a picture?

Phil Ware shares his experience at a lunch between sponsors and their children in Kampala, Uganda.

Down the Dusty, Bumpy Road

Heaven's waiting down the dusty bumpy road!

Phil Ware describes a precious moment on his trip to Kampala and the work with Compassion International.

Our Child

What other words need to be said than a smile?

Phil Ware describes meeting his Compassion little girl for the first time in a slum in Kampala, Uganda.


What a great and unexpected blessing!

Phil Ware tells about his mom and Grady's twenty-fifth anniversary and what a great blessing it is.

We're Off!

Where are you going and why?

Phil Ware describes the bloggers' trip to Uganda and Compassion International and explains what it is about and the purpose of the trip.


Can you find hope in a hopeless situation?

Phil Ware shares insights he learned from a book and a group of pictures about Compassion International and the meaning of life and death.

He's Our Son

No cost is too great, because he is priceless!

Phil Ware talks about a trip to honor his son for graduating from grad school in computer programming and he says his son is priceless and no price is too high to pay to honor him, just like Jesus views us.

My Deliverer

Let's find something we can do to instill hope in children!

Phil Ware shares the beautiful words of a Rich Mullins Song, "My Deliverer," and an insight in how we must act to help preserve the hope of our children.

Even if It Means a Cross

Do we really want the Cross to define us?

We want a Christianity without the Cross, a Savior without a Lord, and a Tinkerbelle Jesus, reprinted.