Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 2002 Archives

ToGather: The LORD Is Close

The LORD promised to be close—especially when we are broken-hearted and crushed.

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Not Without the Help of Friends

Phil gets by with a little help...

The Unfinished Mission

We're on a dangerous but important mission.


A Father Who Shouldered the Cross

Simon picked up the cross, and it changed his life.

A Complicated Joy

Is it right to celebrate, even when others are hurting?


Bear the mark.

I Do!

The commitment is real.


Where everybody knows your name...

Don't Let the Years Steal Away the Dreaming

You still need dreams of glory.

Thanks, Mom

A note of thanks for a job well done.

Just Don't Hurt My Kid

God's love is incredible.

After the Storm

The landscape is different after the storm...

Worked Up Over Nothing

Why are we so angry sometimes? What can we do about it?

Out of Chaos

God can create order out of chaos.

The Day After

What a difference a day can make!

What a Week!

Ever have one of those weeks? So did Jesus...

The Blind Spot of Our Joy

Even in our joy, we must look for the forgotten.

Pull It Back Before It Lands

Unfortunately, our words are not like flyfishing.

Out of Alignment

Are there bigger problems you need to fix?

Locked in a Starvation Box

Are we starving ourselves?


Life is sometimes unfair. What do we do with it?

At Home in Our Heart

Is Jesus at home in your heart?

The Land of Uneasy Waiting

Sometimes it is just hurry up and wait.

Finish Strong

Wait patiently for the opportunity God has prepared for you.

RFID 2002

He always knows where we are.