Two Minute Meditations 2002 Archives

New EVERY Morning

Every day can be new with Jesus.

Sharing the Songs of Angels

Sing like the angels...

Bringing Jesus to Our Children

It's the greatest gift we can bring them.

Collision of Dreams

Life isn't always as we planned it.

Thanksgiving's Reprise

Autumn is a great time.

Thank You God for the Moon

Thanks for simple gifts.

A Second Look

Can we look at grace again?

Inviting Darkness Home

What can we do about Internet pornography?

Season of Longer Darkness

Hidden Treasures Waiting to Be Found

A lot is out there waiting to be discovered.

I Can't Remember What I've Forgotten

We need help to remember what's truly important.

How Could He Let Him Go?

Could he really do it?

Natural Causes

Death is a natural thing.

Twilight 9:24

Millions exist in the twilight...

Let's Remember Why We Do It!

Let's go back to the place we started.

More Than a Change in Season

Remember with Hope

We can never forget, but we can remember with hope.

Rest From Our Labors

We rest for a reason.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus

We need to wear His glasses.

Growing, Learning, and Letting Go

A real-life exercise in letting God work through us.

God Is NOT My Copilot

Put Him in the pilot's seat!

Out of the Darkness

Thank God for rescue.

Strongest in the Broken Places

God strengthens where he heals.

No Liars There

Can't we just tell the truth?

Cake Without the Calories

It just doesn't work.