Two Minute Meditations 2001 Archives

The Gift of Christmas: The Journey

There's one more Christmas gift we can't forget.

The Giver

Keep that Christmas spirit going!

Unnamed, But Not Unknown

Three profiles from the story of Jesus' birth.

The Gift of Christmas: The Gift

The most special gift of all...

The Gift of Christmas: The Hassle

This is an incredibly busy time... but it's so worth it!

The Gift of Christmas: The Wait

Waiting doesn't get any easier even as we get older.

A Voice That Lingers On

A walk through Thanksgiving memories.

Better By Far

God's way is better by far. Trust that.

Clatter During Communion

Life is a noisy thing, and that's OK.

Pull Over, Please!

Let's show some respect.

No Imaginary Foe!

Satan is real.

The Gift of Laughter

We need a smile, a chuckle, and a guffaw.

Rugged Beauty and Broad Vistas

Beauty comes in different packages.

Beyond Circling: 911 is a Call to Action

It's time to start back to work.

Hood Ornament or Holy Hope?

Is it real? Is it important, or just decorative?

Return of Real Heroes

Heroes are still around. Real heroes.

Twinkling All Along

Hard to see sometimes, but they are still there.


It's an emergency.

Woe to Me!

Unbelievable. Unspeakable. Inconceivable. How do we react?


There are two kinds of time.

The Universal Translator

It really works!

When I Have Learned

Would you like a do-over for life?

Sweet Gracious Relief

Let the relief pour down like rain.

A Standard You Can Trust

Believe it, these standards are absolute.

Lifting the Veil of Invincibility

Celebrating the Tour de Lance... um, France.