Two Minute Meditations 2001 Archives

Alone, For Me!

He did it for me.

Deep Down Cleanin'

How do we stay deep down clean?

Monotonous and Withering Heat

How do you deal with it day after day?

That Wistful Place

The memories come flooding back...

The Buck Stops Here!

Will you take a stand against the filth?

Nothing Left but the Center Stripe

What do you do when your options stink?

On the Edge

Stick together for safety.

My Daddy's Feet

What will you give your children?

Before the Rain Comes

Make preparations Now.

Inexperienced, But Anticipating the Trip!

Jesus has gone there before. He can help.

Don't Forget to Pack This

You shouldn't have a vacation without this.

X and Z

We need these keys in our real life.

Letting Glory Go

Letting your children go when it's time may be the hardest part of motherhood.

The Forgotten Virtue

In our world, we need gentleness more than ever.

Avalanche of Grace

Prayer is the answer to so many problems.

Sit Still?

It's important to rest.

The Day After Easter

What difference does Easter make on Monday?

We're Going to Church!

Is it worth it? Oh, yes!

Springtime of the Spirit

It's time for renewal.

Lighten Up!

The Christian life should be full of joy!

No Bumper Sticker God

Christianity is deeper than a bumper sticker.

Don't Miss the Grace

Don't fear, God's grace is near!

Worn New

Where is your Bible most worn?

The Glistening

We need revival, renewal and glistening!

Cutting Out the Noise

Are you listening? Really listening?