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SpiritFire - Overflow?

Where can I get this living water?

Phil Ware continues his series on the Holy Spirit called SpiritFire and talks about living in the overflow of the Holy Spirit's presence.

Safety, Beauty, and Power

When can the destination make you miss the real gem of the trip?

Sarah Stirman talks about a side trip to the beach on a youth sponsored mission trip and the beauty that many missed because they chose the water park over the ocean.

True Peace

What happens after I leave the calm place?

Bill Sherrill shares about finding a quiet space where he can share in the joy and blessing of the Lord's peace, but he also talks about the times and places the Lord blesses him in the middle of terror, storm, and fear.

Winter Gardening

What kind of spiritual work is going on in the quiet work of your life?

Lisa Mikitarian shares with us about seeing the evergreen when the weeding is done in winter and reminds us of the constant, ever-present and everlasting God who loves us.

Root Rot

Can you get too much of a good thing?

Mike Barres reminds us that often what culture is giving us as water is not God's truth and will rot our roots.


How can so much be caught up in one word?

Phil Ware continues his seven sayings of Jesus on the Cross and talks about how the words "I thirst" make Jesus' incarnation real.

Living Water

Who can satisfy our parched souls?

Tom Norvell reminds us that only Jesus can quench our parched spirits and souls with his living water.

The Value of Small

How much do you value small things?

Tom Norvell reminds us of the importance of small things and to not get so hung up on big things.

A Lighthouse

Can you see the light from where you are?

Jesus is our lighthouse, the light in the darkness sent to guide us safely home.

Sinking or Walking

How are you doing in your walk toward Jesus?

We don't usually sink into sin all of a sudden, but it is a gradual thing that leads us away when we do not call on the Lord for help.

Quenching Your Thirst

Are you still thirsty?

We try to slake our thirst but only Jesus can truly satisfy.