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Welcoming the Dawn of a New Year

What will you do about a New Year?

The beginning of the New Year brings challenges and the potential for fear and reluctance, but with God we can welcome it and use it for his glory.

New Wine and Old Skins

Can we keep growing, or do we have to stop just because we age?

Phil Ware shares an insight on older people in the Bible and today who kept growing and changing through the years because they wanted to be more like Jesus.

Mountains and Mulberries

Sometimes I make things too difficult and just need to trust God.

Cathy Messecar reminds us that a little faith in God goes a long way!

This Year I Will Get One Resolution Right ...

Forget all the broken resolutions and focus on the perfect one for this year.

There is one resolution that makes you a better person, makes everything new, and still works when you break it.

Be it Resolved!

Should we make these resolutions in the first place?

Rubel Shelly resolves to live for God this year and that changes how he approaches his New Year's resolutions.

The Futility of Resolutions

You know you can't change, right?

There is a certain futility in making resolutions. Only God can truly change us.

Help! I've Become My Mother

Do you sound familiar?

Marsha Jordan reminds us that folks need to know that we care and really are not looking for us to pour out our advice and give them all of our solutions.

Resolve to Follow Christ's Path

Are you ready to quit your New Year's resolution?

Whatever commitments you made for the new year I hope you're keeping them, but more importantly my hope and prayer is that you are holding on to the commitment to love Christ. are holding on to the commitment to love Christ.

New Wood

What will you do about a New Year?

We can continue to grow and mature and flourish if we choose to do so, even until we are quite old.

To the Swift!

Is there any way you can make it on time?

A hard difficult trip and a close connection after a flight delay turns out to be a good chance for Joey Cope to learn a lesson about God's power to use us as we are.


Do you welcome each day with joy?

God gives us each day as a day of celebration and newness.

Resolved Today

Are you putting off those resolutions?

Maybe the most important New Year's resolution is to keep our resolutions.

Fresh and New

What will you do with this fresh and shining new year?

It's a bright and shining new year so let's do something with it to bless the Lord and his kingdom.

Burden, Vision, and Passion

What are you living for this next year?

We must live our burden, passion, and vision if we are to honor God.

No Simple Changes

I bet you can't find any that are easy!

The New Year's resolutions that we committed to keep begin in earnest today and they won't be possible without the help of God because there are no simple changes.

Cure Alls

I thought Bactine fixed anything!

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we address the wrong issue with the wrong cure.

Good Surgeons Try to Minimize Blood Loss

What kind of heart enjoys destroying another?

Righteous hearts do not enjoy ripping apart another even when they other is wrong.

Scratching in Favorite Places

So how do you overcome a conflict with your dog and other friends?

Sometimes words fail and kind actions have to rule the day!

The Power to Change a Human Life

Can you look beyond your New Year's resolutions?

Real change, true transformation, will not occur in our lives until we relinquish control completely to the Lord and the power of his Spirit.

Did We Miss It Again?

Did we miss our chance to make a difference?

The start of the New Year offers us a new start to do it better.