Here we are, just a few days into the New Year, and many of us are already lamenting the fact that we have failed to keep our resolutions. New Year’s resolutions consist of two truths: most of us make them, and then we break them. In fact, the people that fail to make resolutions have generally learned from experience that they are hard to keep, so why bother.

But shouldn’t resolutions be hard to keep? If they involved behavior that was easy, we would not have to make a resolution in the first place. Most resolutions require real work. Yet every year we make them. We do it at New Year’s. We do it at birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. We make them because we want to be better. We want to be healthier. We long to be people who make a difference. We desire to be better mates, parents, and friends.

So this year I have determined to keep my list of resolutions short. I am making just one: I am resolved to know Jesus Christ and him crucified. That’s it. That is the one and only thing I am resolved to do this year. If you are a Christian, you may recognize this as something the apostle Paul said. If you are not a Christian, let me share with you why it is the perfect resolution.

1. Knowing Jesus will make me a better man, a better husband, a better father, and a better friend. He left me an example of how to live in this world and how to treat people. Jesus teaches me how to love people.

2. Knowing Jesus makes everything new. Christians are a new creation. They have a new life. The old life is gone, forgiven, and washed away. Jesus allows you to have the perfect do-over.

I need the perfect resolution for the not perfect me.
3. Jesus restores the broken resolution. As long as we stay focused on following Jesus, we do not have to be perfect. In fact, we will not be. We know it, and God knows it. But the blood of Jesus continually cleanses us. Just stay focused on Jesus, the light of the world. Perpetual newness.

I believe the three things listed above. They have proven true in my life. I believe they can be proven true in yours. As for me, I actually make this one resolution each and every day. Just to know Jesus, and to remember that he died for my sins. I would be honored to visit with you about how this can be true in your life. Write me at or join the blog discussion at

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