Articles Tagged 'Smell'

The Baby Changed Everything

How does something like this happen?

Rubel Shelly tells a story about Tommy Luck and the baby that transformed a rough mining town and then reminds us Jesus did the same thing with the world.

Old Spice Evangelism

How do you reach everyone with so many different tastes?

Patrick Odum uses the popularity and methods of the Old Spice Guy to reach out and touch us with the aroma of Christ and the smell of evangelism.

More Than a Matter of Taste

Why is it all about taste and aroma?

Katha Winther talks about all the smells and tastes that are associated with marketing products today and reminds us that life is more than food and clothing.

The Aroma of Christ

So what do you smell like today?

Tom Norvell reminds us that we are to carry the aroma of Jesus with us wherever we go -- some will like it, some will not, but God will be pleased!


What, or who, do you smell like?

We are to carry the distinctive fragrance of Jesus with us anywhere we go.

Dubious Distinction

What do you want to be know for doing in your life?

People are forming their ideas each day by what we do leaving our legacy.

Have You Caught This Aroma?

What do you smell like?

God wants people to smell the aroma of Christ when they are around us!