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Eternity: Beyond Separation to Hope

When this life-altering grief and separation invade our worlds, we are left with many challenges, some seem insurmountable.

Gene Vance shares insights from his book, 'Transition to Eternity' to help us find great hope and anticipation of Eternity with Jesus!

Restoring the Creator's Intent

Hope beyond our world's brokenness!

Phil Ware continues his series on the value of woman in the eyes of God and how we incorporate that value into our belief system, roles, and treatment of women in our church culutures.

No Air Conditioning in a Heat Wave

Is it really hotter than hell this summer?

The worst part of hell is not the heat and fear. It is being separated from God. He sent His Son so that would not happen.

Who Can Separate Us from the Love of God?

How do we get away from God?

But, if we choose to allow Jesus to redeem us, save us, make us Holy, affirm that we are worthy---Then NOTHING can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord!

The Real Reason

Let's cut through the fluff and deal with the real issue here!

Selfishness is what really lies behind all of marriage problems and the devil wants to use selfish people and marriage problems to render the church ineffective.