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Ancient Wisdom, Today’s Grace: Surprise!

When is it okay to think that we've arrived at spiritual maturity?

Phil Ware continues his series on 'Ancient Wisdom, Today's Grace' and focuses on our desire to continue to grow in Christ.

Peter Knows Dogs and Pigs

What do dogs and vomit, pigs and mud mean to a follower of Jesus.

Dogs go to their vomit and pigs go back to the mud after washing. That is what it is like for a Christian to go back to the world.

Never Be Afraid to Listen!

when we’re looking for a brave way to heal our relationships, our hearts & the internet!

Ann Voskamp reminds us that there is no harm in just listening, and there can be great healing and hope and transformation.


We spend time with God and find out that we are loved!

Tammy Marcelain reminds us that we are able to realize that we are God's beloved when we take time to open ourselves to Him and be still and experience that God is with us and speaks to us in whispers.


When going home means giving a child a chance at life!

Phil Ware describes doing a funeral and a graveside for a good man and how it becomes the opportunity for good things to happen to children around the world.


So what's the point of it anyway?

Should we give up when things look hopeless? Of course not, because the point may not be in winning in the eyes of others, but having God accomplish in us what he wants.

Jury Duty

When can a conviction lead to an acquittal?

A murder trial ends up in a conviction and acquittal because of a conversion!

Last Man to Surrender

When is it time to surrender?

Sometimes we need to resign from the war and surrender, trusting that we have the ultimate victory in Jesus.

I Have Decided

Will you still follow?

I have decided to follow Jesus and though I don't do it perfectly, I won't quit