The Bible has some interesting things in it. One of my favorite passages is in I Peter, chapter 2, where Peter writes about dogs, pigs, vomit, and mud. When I was a kid I liked this verse because I thought it was cool that this was in the Bible. As I got older, I became impressed the way Scripture uses common events to make a point. After all, pigs do go right back into the mud after you wash them off, and dogs do stick their nose right back into their vomit.

Those two actions make absolutely no sense to us. Why would a dog be so interested in vomit? What is this compulsion pigs have to roll in mud? Peter thought these observations had a spiritual point. He wrote about people who escaped the evil of this world through knowing Jesus and then go back to it. Just like dogs and vomit and pigs and mud. In fact, Peter says when a Christian turns his back on Jesus, it would have been better for him never to have known the way of righteousness.

This conclusion is a strong warning to Christians not to return to the ways of an evil world. It is a vivid reminder not to quit on Jesus. But it is also instructive for those thinking about becoming a follower of Jesus. It is a serious decision.

There is no better news than the fact that God loves you so much that he sent his son Jesus to bring you into a relationship with him. Your life will have joy, peace, hope, and purpose. You will make a difference in this world and then live forever with God.

It is worth everything, but be all in. You must not turn back.

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I am not a dog or a pig.
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