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Fix It NOW!

Why are you putting off something that you knows needing doing?

So many things we put off only get worse and become a great bigger mess because we don't fix them right now!

Our Social Ills

What can cure the real problems in our souls?

Jesus is the only real answer that works in our world today.

Personal Mountains

How can we overcome the problems in our lives?

Life is filled with problems and some don't go away with just a prayer so we have to find a way to get past it.

Do We Hurt the Ones We Love?

Is living throwing you nothing but curve balls?

Life is full of all sorts of problems and curve balls: how we handle them determins our real faith.

Marriage Can Be a Lot of Work!

Marriage is made up of a lot things, but one of them is ...

Marriage requires effort and work, but it is worth it!

When I Can't, He Can!

What can't you do?

While we may think we can't make a difference in the lives of troubled teens, with God's help, we can.

A Little Rain Must Fall

How wet is it in your world?

Sometimes we face difficulties and trials, but the big challenge is bearing up under the weight of incessant trials, problems, difficulties.

Life is Not for Sissies

What's got you in a fix?

Life isn't easy; it's not for sissies, but for people who are determined to walk with Jesus.

Who Gave You the Problem?

Why do you have some problems? And where did they come from?

You sought Christ for salvation and hoped your problems would at least get better. But, have you ever thought of him as someone who would give you even more problems to solve? After all, where do our problems come from, God or the devil? Ever since the en

Call Tech Support

Called tech support lately?

Let's go to God with our problems!

Cleaning Up Our Father's Messes

What will our children have to clean up after we are gone?

We will leave behind messes for our children and grandchildren, but will we also leave behind a lasting legacy of faith?