For some, day-to-day life is just routine. I envy those folks. There are some days I'd like a little routine. I also feel a little pity for them, because each day is a gift from God — a gift never given before, a gift that is unrepeatable.

Are you noticing anything different today in your life?
Is today unique?

Are you noticing anything?
Are you really SEEING the opportunities God is putting before you NOW?

The street intersection near my house is nothing special, with one exception. There is a wide swath of ugly paint that discolors one entire side of the street's pavement. It is permanent, ugly, and it's there because I didn't act in time to prevent it from spilling.

One morning as I was on my way to work, a paint truck pulled out into the intersection too quickly. A large five gallon bucket of paint fell off the back of the truck, and landed on the street. Amazingly, the bucket landed upright, and only a few drops of paint spilled out. The truck sped on, and I thought that certainly someone would come back for the paint.

That evening as I turned the corner on my way home, I noticed that the bucket was still there, right in the middle of the lane! I didn't stop. I didn't pick it up. I didn't set it on the curb.

"Surely, someone will pick it up before it spills!" I thought to myself. Next morning, guess what? No bucket, but lots of ugly paint all over the street. Today, years later, the best way to find my house is to look for the ugly paint and turn right.

The lesson? You got a problem ... then fix it NOW!

The prophet Ezekiel was one of God's most memorable characters. He was asked to minister the Word before Israel in ways we would consider irrational. Nobody in his or her right mind would do the things Ezekiel did! And what was the message? "I myself will bring a sword upon you, and I will destroy your high places." (Ezekiel 6:3 NRS)

Ezekiel called the people to repentance, to fix it NOW or trouble would surely come and they would live with the consequences.

God loves you and gives you his warnings. (Ezekiel 3:21) So how about you and your life? Any buckets of paint left in the middle of the street ready to spill? Anything you've been putting off? Are you ready for the consequences of doing nothing?

Fix it NOW!
Let's hear God's Word to us Now:

  1. We can each make a difference.
  2. We can each live a better life in a better world if we fix some things NOW.