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Prayer for Such a Time as This

This is much bigger than just one nation! urges people the world over to pray for our nations and for our world and for peace and for the spread of the gospel.

C2K - Mission Minded

You ready to reach out?

Phil Ware talks about being mission-minded and outreach oriented and not letting other cultures, languages, ethnicities, races, or differences block us from sharing Jesus.

Act of God

Let's turn this phrase on its ear!

Rubel Shelly talks about the term act of God and turns the phrase around to be a call to action for God's people.

Bigotry: The Shoe Is on the other Foot

Some would make religion the reason for disqualification?

Rubel Shelly comments on the recommendation of Francis Collins nomination for the head of NIH and the Sam Harris criticism of his nomination.

Don't Sit Around Waiting

What are you waiting for?

Ron Rose challenges us to get up and get going and quit waiting for your dreams to unfold.

Prayer out of Compassion

What can you do?

Ron Rose tells us about a movement that swept the US nation many years ago and how God used it to change everyone.

The Center of God's Will

Is this really a safe place?

Tom Norvell reminds us that the safest place is in the center of God's will and that means loving God and loving people.


When is a picture more than a picture?

Phil Ware shares his experience at a lunch between sponsors and their children in Kampala, Uganda.

We're Off!

Where are you going and why?

Phil Ware describes the bloggers' trip to Uganda and Compassion International and explains what it is about and the purpose of the trip.

My Deliverer

Let's find something we can do to instill hope in children!

Phil Ware shares the beautiful words of a Rich Mullins Song, "My Deliverer," and an insight in how we must act to help preserve the hope of our children.


Why in the world would Phil get nine shots in four weeks?

Phil Ware talks about his upcoming trip to Uganda with Compassion International and the opportunity to help children in poverty with the love of Jesus.

Compassion at Christmas

How can I change someone's life this Christmas?

Teresa Bell Kindred shares her experiences on adopting Reina through Compassion International and encourages others to do something similar.

Thanks Dad!

How can you honor your dad this week in a significant way?

Phil Ware describes how his dad was great and how he taught his family how to love and stand up for kids.

Horrifying Halloween

What could make Halloween any more horrifying than it already is?

An awful Halloween ten years ago reminds us how important it is to value children for who they are!