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Under All These Masks

Who will deliver us?

Ann Voskamp shares a trip to minister to homeless people in Toronto and a struggling homeless addict that takes off his mask and speaks the truth.

Igniting People's Passion

What does it take to set your church on fire?

Larry Davies reminds us that igniting people's passion is what it's all about in the life of the church and we need to do that, then turn them loose and let them go!

It's About Seeing Us!

Do you see and listen to these folks around you?

Rubel uses a street person named Jack and his friend to remind us that each of these people have a name and need to be valued and noticed as real people.

What a Great Preacher!

So what really makes him great at preaching?

The best preachers are not those we know but the ones Steve describes in this article who serve without pay and to bless others because that person wants them to know about Jesus!

Thanks for the Memories and More

What more can you say?

Phil says good bye to Paul Lee who has been his partner at Heartlight for ten years.

Vulnerably Successful

Why is it so hard to let folks minister to us?

So often, ministers and pastors won't let others minister to them, but we need to minister and be ministered to, we need to bless and be vulnerable so we can be blessed.

The Task at Hand

How can we begin to help in a world so full of hurt?

We can't help everybody, or even most bodies, but we can help the person nearest us.

Personality or Person?

How do you view your church leaders?

We've got to move from viewing people as personalities to seeing them as people to love.

Made for Ministry

What is the heart of real ministry?

Ministry is basically two things: giving and serving!

The Landlord or the Minister's Wife

Which of the two are you most like?

We need to be those that serve and not like those who tell others to serve.

The Rest of the Story?

So what is the rest of the story?

We must take time, listen with our heart, and learn the rest of the story in people's lives if we are going to effectively minister to them.