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Hope in our Messy Days

Parenting cuts deep to the core. It lays open our needs before God, and we can either resent it or embrace the powerful cleansing that comes from God's purifying fire

Melissa Troyer reminds us that life's messes should drive us to our knees and open our hearts to the love, grace, and freedom of God!

But God!

In a world swirling with heavy clouds and looming headlines, we mothers hold a massive opportunity!

Melissa Troyer looks at everyday life, her children, and the horrifying images and videos and cries of mothers and children, and sees an opportunity to teach our children to say, But God!

Leaving a Multi-generational Legacy

As fathers, we can leave behind messes for our children and grandchildren; more importantly, we can leave behind a lasting legacy of faith!

Phil Ware reminds us that as fathers and grandfather, we will leave behind messes but we can also leave behind a legacy of faith that lasts for generations.

The Lord is Near: Doubts

How do we hang onto God's promises when they seem too good to be true?

Phil Ware shares his third in a series of 6 messages on the promise that the LORD is near; this time focusing on our doubts.

God Answers the Mess of Life

Is there any hope for the monotonous mess of life?

Max Lucado recognizes the monotonous routine of life and its challenges and reminds us that God's grace meets us in our messes and gives us the power to live our way out of them.

The Mercy Bank

How well do you show genuine mercy toward those who let you down?

We have to show mercy to others when they let us down because we need mercy for our mistakes and mess ups!

Dodging Our Own Explosions

How do we get out of the way of our own explosions?

When we try to do things by our own insight, we invariably end up blowing up everything; we need to go to God to help us through our messes!

Scrambled Eggs

What do we do when we can't unscramble our messes?

What do you do when you can't unscramble the messes you've made; you trust that God can mend them and you go on trying to live a redemptive life.

Cleaning Up Our Father's Messes

What will our children have to clean up after we are gone?

We will leave behind messes for our children and grandchildren, but will we also leave behind a lasting legacy of faith?