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Who Needs Church?

Are you sure you don't need church? Really?

You need to be part of a church ... and some church needs you.

Treasured Possession

Who do you belong to?

God wants to make Christians His own by writing His name on them. Instead of being orphans and alone, we can belong to God

Settling In

Have you found home?

Tom Norvel writes about his daughter moving and how his heart is still in a quest for home and that after she settles in to this place, he hopes she still continues her quest for home.

It's a Good Feeling To Be Chosen

Waiting to be chosen can be agonizing

It can be nerve-wracking to wait to see if we will be chosen for a job or to participate in a group. But God made His choice a long time ago.

What Good Is One Puzzle Piece?

Puzzle pieces need each other to do what they are designed to do.

Christians are designed to live in community.


How can so much be caught up in one word?

Phil Ware continues his seven sayings of Jesus on the Cross and talks about how the words "I thirst" make Jesus' incarnation real.

Is That All There Is?

When you get what you've always longed for, will you be satisfied?

Only God can satisfy our deepest longings. Everything else will just leave us longing for more.

Closer Than You Think

How far have you gone to find what you are looking for?

Rubel Shelly tells the story of a Rabbi who took a long trip to find what was buried under his own stove to remind us to not give up what we seek by trying something different than where we are simply because we are restless.

I Need You Every Hour

Are you this desperate for God?

The words of an old song remind us of our deep need for God and longing for him.

Somewhere Else

Where do you want to be right now?

So many things make us long to be somewhere different.