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Unrecognized Workers

Have you noticed the hard work that no one else seems to noitce?

So often the people who do the most hard work get no recognition for it and we need to remedy that situation.

Leaders Create Culture

How much influence and power does a leader really have?

Leaders build confidence, encourage others, and equip to serve and thus change the culture of an organization.

To the Swift!

Is there any way you can make it on time?

A hard difficult trip and a close connection after a flight delay turns out to be a good chance for Joey Cope to learn a lesson about God's power to use us as we are.

The Value of Pain

Does pain really serve a useful purpose?

Pain is not always bad -- it is necessary to help us know where we need to change and be changed by the Father.

Hold Up?

Are you helping, hurting, or just in the way?

We can stand in the way of reaching the lost or we can open the highway to let folks come to Jesus!

The Definition of a Real Leader

What makes someone a true leader?

True leadership is found in following Jesus' example as a servant, not in winning at any cost!

Above the Law

Why are we put into positions of opportunity and service?

Being in positions of leadership and authority doesn't give us the right to be above the law, but instead should give us the opportunity to serve in love.

The Big Picture

How well do you understand the whole situation?

We are often critical of others and can't understand God because we don't see the big picture of what is happening.

Signs of a Dying Church?

How is your congregation doing?

So often good churches slip into bad habits and then begin to die: do you know the signs of a dying church?

Every Leader Needs an Abishai

Whose got your back?

Every great leader needs someone who has his back, who will stand by him and defend him.

Fathers Know a Secret

What do dads know that no one else seems to appreciate?

Dads know the secret: they have incredible influence over their kids.

How Faith Can Begin with Fear

You mean God would get me into that kind of mess?

God can get us in some tough scrapes because he wants to develop faith and comfort in us.

Creating a Vision for Your Congregation

Is there anything your leadership can do to help cast a vision to your church?

Where can you find tools and resources for setting a vision for your congregation?

Do You Shine?

If someone were to see you, would you match with Jesus?

Christians should be recognizable because their behavior and conduct match that of Jesus.


How can we ever get out of simply reacting to crises?

So often leaders do not do their most important work, living out God's purpose for them, because they are so busy handling problems and crises.