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The Story They Missed!

Why weren't these things mentioned?

The whole news media ignored the biggest story of the hurricanes -- the overwhelming help, compassion, and generosity of people to help their neighbors.

Katrina: God's Wrath?

Was Katrina God's judgment on us for our sin as some have said?

Some people have wrongly ascertained that Katrina was proof of God's wrath on Amerca's fallen condition.

Am I a Goat, Too?

What can I learn about hard-hearted parishes in Louisiana?

Judging the hard-heartedness of some Louisiana parishes leads me to look at my own hard-heartedness.

I Don't Know How It Feels

God knows how it feels, do you?

The storm comes and rages and destroys, do you know how that feels? God does!

Please Pause to Pray

Will you take a moment and pause for this special kind of prayer?

We need to pray for those who giving of their time, effort, energy, and themselves to be involved in the relief, recovery, and clean up in post Katrina aftermath.

Help for Katrina's Victims

What can I do to help?

Help for Katrina victims is crucial and is somethign that any Christian is going to do to help his or her neighbor.

Needed Notes of Grace

Have you heard this heavenly song lately?

Heaven's grace can be heard in the tune that is sung by God's people in worship, fellowship, and sacrifice.

Remembering and Praying

We must do more than simply remember what was there!

Thinking through the whole hurricane mess and looking forward to helping and praying.