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Christ's Birth, the Cross, and His Coming in the Talmud?

Did God place an anticipatory hint in Jewish expectation in the Talmud that Jesus fulfilled at his birth and will complete with his return in glory?

Lee Wilson offers us a unique and Jewish insight into the coming of Jesus and his return anticipated in the Talmud.

You'd Do It All Again

Why pay such a high price and take such a big risk?

Max Lucado writes about the high cost of doing God's work and the hope, joy, and crown we will glory in when we go to be with Jesus and it will be all about people!

The Motivation of the Moment

Are you full of anticipation for this event?

We should live passionately expecting the Lord's return.

Not Distracted

Are you caught up in all the rapture debate?

We mustn't be distracted by the discussions about Jesus' return and lose sight of what is crucial about our discipleship.

The Last Word

Who has the final say in our lives?

Death has been defeated by Jesus' resurrection so we need to only ask whether or not we belong to him.

Glory Awaits!

Where is your life hidden?

The eternal part of us, our life, is hidden away with Christ in God and glory awaits.

Time Passes

You're not getting older, you're getting closer!

Time is swiftly passing, but rather than trying to deny it, we should welcome and celebrate it because it brings us closer to our salvation.

Running Out of Time

How much time do you have left?

We need to live with a greater sense of urgency and intention because salvation is nearer now than ever before.

Ready to Go!

Don't you want to be ready when the time comes?

Don't you want to be ready to go when Jesus returns to take us home to glory?

In The Resurrection Business

How do you spend your time?

Jesus left us here to help others find life and know that resurrection is coming: we are in the resurrection business.

A Little Faith

How do we lift our spirits on difficult days?

While we don't know why about why things happen here, we do know that one day our sorrow will melt into the joy of the Lord.

Our True Citizenship

We're only strangers here; our homeland is heaven!

Our citizenship is in heaven, so let's live like heaven is our home!