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I Love that Kid!

Running the right race!

Rubel Shelly tells the story of Josh Ripley running cross country and helping out a fellow competitor and showing great compassion, kindness, and helpfulness, as a follower of Jesus.

Look Up!

Do you really think you will find answers looking where you're looking now?

Mike Barres reminds us that we so easily get our focus on things down here and not on the Lord who can help us with our lives and help us solve our problems.

Reasons to Be Thankful

How many reasons do you have to be thankful?

A terrible accident can't rob this little girl or her family of reasons to give thanks.

Half a Foot

When can a horrible tragedy proved to be a time of rejoicing?

Some of life's worst tragedies become an occasion where God's mercy is shown.

In Tandem with Jesus

Will we let Jesus be the Ringmaster of our lives?

Even when things go horribly bad, we can work in tandem with Jesus.

Independent and Self-Sufficient

Can anything good come out of a serious motorcycle injury?

Good things can happen out of bad things if we find our sense of purpose!