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We need each other just like a band needs a tuba... and a flute... and a drum beat!

Max Lucado reminds us of our need to be part of a band to make beautiful music no matter what part we play.

Don't Get Sidetracked!

So what's the real issue behind this issue?

Rubel Shelly takes on the issue of a recent suicide because a person's recent sexual escapades were shown online without his permission and Rubel reminds us that the issue is about gossip and both fact and intention for sharing news matters.

SpiritFire - Unity of the Spirit?

Why is unity such a big deal?

Phil Ware continues his series on SpiritFire and challenges us to look at the importance of the unity of the Spirit.

Maybe You Can Tell Us Apart

Can you tell us apart?

Despite apparent differences, we Christians are the same in the things that matter.

Scream Free Parenting

Can you truly parent without the loud volumes and the moments of being out of control?

Parenting can be done scream free, but not because we focus on our children, but because we focus on ourselves.


What do you do when you receive sharp criticims?

Criticism hurts and we often respond unappropriately and hurtfully only making things worse so why don't we take time, weed our own garden, and learn from it.

Poison Ivy

Are you playing with poison?

Sin always hurts us and harms those we love, but Satan often delays our consequences so that we can get more and more involved in it and then he deeply wounds us and those we love.

The Fire

What needs to burn down in your world?

A fire burned down a church building but rebuilt a church.

Held in Hope by a Memory

What do you remember this week?

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything, but mostly us.

The Viola Player

Can you find harmony in this diversity of sound?

Learning to recognize harmony in the diversity around us is a great gift -- the gift of real music.

Good Surgeons Try to Minimize Blood Loss

What kind of heart enjoys destroying another?

Righteous hearts do not enjoy ripping apart another even when they other is wrong.

Eaten Away from the Inside

Don't let him eat away at your life!

Satan likes to sneak in and set up shop and begin his destructive work in our lives when we are unsuspecting.

Jesus: Fulfilling All Righteousness

First Stage of Jesus' Ministry

First stage of Jesus' ministry.