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Stop trying to be 'every mom'!

Jordan Harrell leaves us with a powerful and beautiful reminder of God only calls us to be who he made to be in the situation he placed us! for December 6 is Ready!

You're invited to use our worship guide for your home or group worship!

Demetrius Collins and Phil Ware lead us in virtual worship through words and music using YouTube videos to challenge us to honor and obey Jesus as Savior and Lord because he is greater!

The Power Behind Our Story

Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! And, nothing should ever be the same.

James Nored and Phil Ware remind us of the central importance of the resurrection of Jesus and what it means for all us in our lives today

Your Part Is to Trust

Don’t believe the voice in your head that says that it’s up to you to do it or to overcome it.

Max Lucado reminds us that we can believe in Jesus and that Jesus can handle whatever we bring Him.

Waiting to Be Ready

Can any good thing come from having to wait?

Phil Ware turns to some key principles Jesus' lead apostle Peter shared with people in his day to help them be ready for both opportunity and trial.

A Baby Changes...

When a child enters the world, that baby changes everything for everyone involved!

Rick Brown challenges us to look at some of the words that surround Jesus' birth and take seriously what they can mean to us.

The Baby Changed Everything

How does something like this happen?

Rubel Shelly tells a story about Tommy Luck and the baby that transformed a rough mining town and then reminds us Jesus did the same thing with the world.

No Longer Any Sea

The glorious future when the sea is no more!

Phil Ware concludes his 10 part series on "Saved at Sea" dealing with sea stories in the Bible and how God has always saved his people, this time focusing on the ultimate saved at sea story, Revelation 21:1-5

One Tune!

How can we learn God's will for this time in our lives?

Phil Ware uses Jesus' example in Mark 1 to show how we can begin to deal with our feelings of being overwhelmed with everything confronting us and do the most important thing, the One Tune God wants us to play with our lives.

The Greatest Gift of Gratitude

What would you have done to thank them?

Patrick Odum challenges us to see the basic call of our lives to live for Jesus.

Big Reversal

So who is Jesus to you?

Phil Ware talks about Paul's big reversal from seeing Jesus as a blasphemer to seeing him as everything.