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Born That Man No More May Die

Why was Jesus born?

Jesus came to face our world and give us deliverance both from and through what we fear.

A Humbling Reason for Thanksgiving

Our joyous thanksgiving overflows!

We give thanks for ten years of God's blessings at Heartlight.

Just Trying to Help

Can you find the energy to do something?

People are ready to help in the Katrina crisis, thank God!

Please Pause to Pray

Will you take a moment and pause for this special kind of prayer?

We need to pray for those who giving of their time, effort, energy, and themselves to be involved in the relief, recovery, and clean up in post Katrina aftermath.

Think Before You Speak

Have you ever engaged your mouth before your brain was in gear?

The answers from Family Fued remind us of how stupid the things we say can be if we don't think about them first!


Can a failure be useful again?

Just as key people did with John Mark in moving him from failure to useful, so too, good leaders must recycle.

You Know How it Feels

Do you really know how it feels?

If we have been through a hard time, we know how it feels and God can use us to comfort others.

Letters from My Sisters

Have you noticed how sweet your sister's voice is to your ears?

Women, sisters in Christ, are such a blessing for support, friendship, help and encouragement.

The One Left Behind

How in the world will you ever catch up?

So often we get behind and don't know how to catch up; how about listening to God and what he tells us?

The Old Clock

What lesson can an old abandoned clock teach us?

Too many people are put on the back shelf of life and we need to find them and reclaim them just as Baranabas once did.

Rain of Grace

Have you had a little shower in your life lately?

Sometimes an unexpected rain, a gift of grace, is just what is most needed to keep on keeping on.


Can you remember who helped you the most?

Let's focus on the people who have been a blessing, a strength, an encouragement, and not on the baser side of things: let's honor our leaders and mentors.

Bent on Self-Destruction

What do we do with folks bent on destroying themselves?

Sometimes those who show themselves to be very self-destructive just need someone to help them get some rest and encouragement.

Margin, Anyone?

The harder we work, the behinder we get.

So often we push everything to the edge... we have just enough money, we're always running just slightly behind, we're always returning our video rentals late, we're going right up to the deadline on every project. Wouldn't it be nice to have some margin,