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The Frantic Pursuit of Rest

Why does it seem to get farther away while we run faster to chase it?

Bill Sherrill talks about our rush to rush into everything and how we need to read God's Book about life and how to experience it.

Faith Awaiting a Dawn

What happens when the sun rises on Sunday?

Phil Ware shares insight on the resurrection of Jesus on Easter, and how Mary calls Jesus Lord when she doesn't know he is raised and how the beloved disciple saw the death clothes of Jesus and believed.

No Room for Death?

Is there room beyond the cemetery plot for you?

Patrick Odum compares the lack of vacancy in a French cemetery and a law forbidding people to die to the hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus.

There You Will See Him!

Can I really meet Jesus?

The women went to the tomb not expecting anything special, or at least not consciously, but the resurrected Jesus met them alive and promised to see them and us in Galilee!


Have you experienced the rebirth of life?

God's springtime reminds us that new life is possible and that God is on doing new things in our lives and that a better future awaits us as week seek to live with the Lord forever!

Reasons to Hang in There

How can you keep holding on and believing?

Hanging and persevering is worth it because joy follows morning just as morning follow night.

The Jesus Bashers

What time of the year is it?

While it is time for Easter, we need to realize that there are many who would use this time to cast doubt and bash the very idea that Jesus is Lord and rose from the dead.

Hearts Filled with Springtime

Can hope be reborn in a cold and hardened heart?

Just as Spring brings new life, God gives us reason to hope.

Straightening Out the Curve Balls

Do you think God can really turn around any bad situation?

What Satan intends for harm, God can turn around for good if we will trust him to be at work in our worst of situations and nothing proves this quite like Easter.

The Humility of a Little Donkey

How much glory should we expect?

From Mother Teresa comes a very simple lesson on humility and graciousness.

The Victory Foreseen

Do you realize that you've already won?

Because of Jesus' resurrection from the dead, we know that we have already won the victory.

Bunnies, Baskets, Eggs, and Stuff

Where did a bunny with eggs come from?

Easter can be and should be on our hearts everyday and we should use Easter as a time to help our kids know about the Lord's resurrection and not just bunny eggs.

Easter Is Already Here!

What do you mean, Easter comes more than once per year?

Jesus' tomb was simple and unadorned, yet the place everything changed for all of us.

Doubting Thomas and Resurrection Faith

Do you ever doubt?

Take confidence in the risen Lord and share his message with many others!

Did Jesus Wear Glasses?

Do we know the real Jesus?

To remember anew how God sees me through the lenses of His love is a priceless gift. I was reminded in communion last Sunday, looking at my son, seeing God's son.