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Decade of Grace

This decade is a lot more than just the passing of ten years!

Heartlight has been around now for ten years and its been a decade of grace.

Reflecting on the Years

What have you learned and done based on what happened last year?

As we age and the years speed by, we need to take some time and examine what we have done with our lives.

Tears and Laughter

How is being a mom like being a yo-you?

Motherhood brings with it the laughter and the tears of loving children.

Tears of My Father

Have you heard God cry?

Fathers may not cry as much, but when they do, it is surely because they love you: and God loves you!

Don't Forget

Can you remember what you most recently forgot?

We are a forgetful people and lose so many valuable things of faith because we don't remember what God has done.

Time Passes

You're not getting older, you're getting closer!

Time is swiftly passing, but rather than trying to deny it, we should welcome and celebrate it because it brings us closer to our salvation.