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When Home Makes a Heart Call

Do you have a bad case of homesickness?

Cathy Messecar describes how her son went to camp and didn't want to be there but wanted to come home and she makes a connection with the story of the prodigal son in Jesus' parable in Luke 15.

Lost and Found

If I lose a $20 bill, it doesn't matter if I still have two other ones. I want to find the lost one. God feels that way about us.

Just like we rejoice over finding lost money, God rejoices when lost people are found.

What's Keeping You from Joining the Party

Have you missed the story about the other son?

Rick Brown writes about the prodigal son parable and reminds us that there are two sons who are lost and need to come home to the heart of the father and join the party he longs to throw for both of them!

Celebration in Heaven

Lost ring, found joy!

Patrick Odum writes about a lost class ring and compares it to Jesus' parable about the lost coin and reminds us that the joy of someone coming to Christ should thrill us, too.

Filled with Compassion

Can you wait?

Tom Norvell shares modern day stories of the prodigal son as he talks about a son, daughter, husband, and a wife who left and came home.


How can we ever overcome humiliation?

If we don't bring back sinners whose sin has humiliated themselves, and if we we don't reach out to those who have been humiliated by others, then how can we claim we wear the name of Jesus?