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Helping Immigrants & Refugees Get Involved with a Spiritual Group

These displaced people need to discover Jesus' love and the love of his people.

Rhonda Underhill shares ways that newly arrived immigrants, especially older ones, can make a new home in their new world

ToGather: Proof That I Belong (February 7, 2021)

The work and presence of the Holy Spirit give us the assurance that God has made us his children.

Demetrius Collins and Phil Ware lead us in virtual worship through words and music using YouTube videos to celebrate the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives that ensures we belong to the family of God.

All in the Family

When God chose to come into our world through a child, he chose a family line that was every bit as messed up as our world.

Phil Ware is using December to remind us how to welcome Jesus during this special time and what Jesus' coming means for each of us.

Enter The Story

How do you fit into God's story?

Phil Ware begins the journey through The Story of God and talks about how our story and God's story intersects and involves us in his great unfolding saga of grace and redemption.


What's your story?

You've got a story. It's a unique story that's being written every day. But your story needs an ending, a happy ending. And I know that the only way your story can end happily is if you make your story part of God's story.

Who Needs Church?

Are you sure you don't need church? Really?

You need to be part of a church ... and some church needs you.

Treasured Possession

Who do you belong to?

God wants to make Christians His own by writing His name on them. Instead of being orphans and alone, we can belong to God

It's a Good Feeling To Be Chosen

Waiting to be chosen can be agonizing

It can be nerve-wracking to wait to see if we will be chosen for a job or to participate in a group. But God made His choice a long time ago.

What Good Is One Puzzle Piece?

Puzzle pieces need each other to do what they are designed to do.

Christians are designed to live in community.

Give and It Will Be Given to You

So what are you really offering to the Lord for His service?

While we are to give a tithe, the tithe is just a reminder to us that everything we have belongs to God.

The Last Word

Who has the final say in our lives?

Death has been defeated by Jesus' resurrection so we need to only ask whether or not we belong to him.

Called to Belong

Where do you belong?

Because we are called to belong to Christ Jesus, we have grace and peace!