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Have you found the source of peace for every season?

Tom Norvell describes Jesus as the only source of peace in any season.

Away in a Manger

I wonder why that little nativity baby never seems to grow up

We have to remember that the cute little baby in the nativity scene grew up to die on a cross. As Christians, we need the power of the risen Lord who is much more than a tiny baby.

With Us!

Where did God most clearly reveal Himself?

Bill Denton shares insight into the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ and what it means for us.

Out of the Shadows?

How do we ever get through those darkest days in the valleys of life?

Ron Rose reminds us that God is our Shepherd and he will comfort us, even during those awful times in the valley of the shadow of death.

How Blessed We Are!

Are you cocooning yourself spiritually from change?

Russ Lawson is blessed and k ows further blessings await when he embraces change and leaves his religious cocoon.

Shift Change

Can you make it just one hour?

Learning to take things one hour and one step at a time helps this mother learn to make it when her premature baby is having problems in the hospital.

The Gift of Now

So what birthday are you celebrating next?

A grandchild celebrates birthday one and a grandmother celebrates birthday fifty and both rejoice in the gift of now.

Babysitters for God

How do you view your responsibility to raise your kids in the Lord?

parenting is really babysitting for God: they are not ours, they are his.

Love is Learned

Can you see how God loves you as you hold a child in your arms?

We learn to love from God because as a baby, and even a full grown adult, we really don't know how to love.

Mother's Love

Do you really understand how important a mother's love truly is?

A mother's love and touch are crucial to babies in those earliest days of life.

Baby Worship

Why make such a long and costly trip to see a baby?

Why would anyone want to seek Jesus? Just to worship him!

It Hurts to Breathe

Have you ever hurt this badly?

Sometimes life hurts us so badly it feels like we can't breathe.

Providing Memories of Home for Our Children

What memories are you leaving for your children and grandchildren?

We can record our children's memories when they are little and then they will have them when they are older.

Lights Out

What can we learn from a toddler over-using the light switch?

God's authority, his love and discipline, are for our good and our blessing, not our punishment.

Eternal Gifts

What's eternal about about a power blue baby outfit?

So many things we have are temporary, but the ones that are most important are the ones that help us hang on to the eternal.

Bent on Self-Destruction

What do we do with folks bent on destroying themselves?

Sometimes those who show themselves to be very self-destructive just need someone to help them get some rest and encouragement.