Articles Tagged 'Accident'

The Wrong Direction

Which way would you run?

Phil Ware continues his series on The Story and focuses on both the events at the Boston Marathon and West Texas and also on Paul's confident hope in the face of his death in a Roman prison.

The Secret Reason for Thanksgiving

The surprise of finding joy in tough places!

Ron Rose reminds us of the power and importance of giving thanks at Thanksgiving and talks about Anabel Reid's death in the Abilene Christian University bus accident.

Just Like My Dad

How much are they picking up from us that we don't know?

Rubel Shelly tells about Matt Lovo who saved his dad's truck and prevented a major accident in a tractor trailer rig when he took over driving for his dad even though he was a kid.

Independent and Self-Sufficient

Can anything good come out of a serious motorcycle injury?

Good things can happen out of bad things if we find our sense of purpose!

Dodging Our Own Explosions

How do we get out of the way of our own explosions?

When we try to do things by our own insight, we invariably end up blowing up everything; we need to go to God to help us through our messes!