Together in His Grace 2005 Archives

What Really Matters

In the midst of the preparation, I hope you have remembered what really matters!

Sometimes with all the preparation and stress we forget what the real meaning of the holidays is all about.

Love on Paper

What legacy are you leaving with the gifts you give this time of year?

While gifts are fine, we need to be leaving behind a legacy of love notes for our spouse and children and grand children.

Christmas Fear Factor?

Have you taken all the excitement out of Christmas?

We have taken the joy, glory, risk, holiness, excitment out of Christmas and made it predictable and boring.

It Isn't the Real World

Can you see the real world as clearly as a child?

Kids often know the difference between truth and lie and what is real world and what is not.

Take the Hype out of the Holidays

How are you going to handle the holiday stress?

Holidays can be stressful and hectic, here are some good ways to stay on track and protect your holidays.

The Thanksgiving Hooke

Do you remember this little boy from the first Thanksgiving?

A little boy about whom we know nothing shows us the way to the meaning of thanksgiving.

Whose Life Is It?

Do you see yourself in the story?

We can know we are saved by putting ourselves in the story of God's great deliverance.

Do We Hurt the Ones We Love?

Is living throwing you nothing but curve balls?

Life is full of all sorts of problems and curve balls: how we handle them determins our real faith.

The Uncle of Yes!

Are you a yes person or a no person?

Grace means we have a lifestyle of yes, not a lifestyle of no.

How Will You Be Remembered?

Will those who come behind us find us faithful?

How we are remembered will have a huge impact on our how our children's lives turn out.

Echoes of Reality

Little things can remind us and echoes of reality can reach, telling us that Jesus is coming back for us and that we need to be watchful, ready, and vigilant.

Extreme Hospitality

Is your home and heart open to others?

We must open our homes to others!

What Will Happen ...

Will anybody intervene? Will I intervene?

We must learn to intervene to help children in our world.

Marriage Can Be a Lot of Work!

Marriage is made up of a lot things, but one of them is ...

Marriage requires effort and work, but it is worth it!

Playing the Fool?

Just how important are children to Jesus?

We can do some pretty stupid things when it comes to kids!

Tears of My Father

Have you heard God cry?

Fathers may not cry as much, but when they do, it is surely because they love you: and God loves you!

Steady, It Could Be God

What's going on with this?

We need to look for God even in the worst of situatinos!

A Prayer for our Child

What is on your heart this graduation?

A prayer for graduating seniors by parents.

Pinch of the Willy-Goo

What in the world is willy goo?

A wise woman who loved, encouraged and disciplined her children.

The White Rose

Why the different color roses?

White and red roses mean something special on Mothers' Day.


Is your marriage really hopeless?

Infidelity wrecks lives and destroys families, but only by coming to the truth can its impact be healed.

Minimum Daily Requirement for Christian Parents

What's the least you can do for your children?

There are many simple things we can and must do to help our children have faith!

Batter Up!

When you hate baseball, why would you ever love it?

When we delight in someone, their desires become our own, and that's especially important when you have a little boy who loves baseball or a Father in heaven who loves you.

Standing at the Gate

Where is home when home is gone?

Entering a gate where the house is gone opens up our heart to the truth about our lasting home in heaven with God that Jesus has prepared for us.

Until He Comes

Can you wait until he returns?

A child waiting for morning and mommy reminds us that we are waiting for Jesus' return.