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The Secret of Contentment

How happy are you?

Contmentment can be learned and with it comes lasting happiness.

Why I'm Quitting

Isn't it time you gave up?

We are not God, we are not in control, and so we need to surrender and let God take control of our lives.

Cloud of Witnesses

What do you know about those who have gone before you?

We must remember those who have gone before us and learn the lessons they have left us!

The Story They Missed!

Why weren't these things mentioned?

The whole news media ignored the biggest story of the hurricanes -- the overwhelming help, compassion, and generosity of people to help their neighbors.

Ageless and Timeless

How old are you getting to be these days?

We are only as old as we choose to be, since God made us to be eternal.

Overwhelmingly Blessed

When was the last time you counted your blessings?

We must realize that with our blessings comes the responsibility to use them generously.

Are You Nice?

So is it really important that we are nice and courteous?

Being nice is important if we are going to influence others.

I Messed Up Your Butter

Are you willing to admit your offenses?

When the world sees us, do we show that we are willing to admit our failures and seek to make things right?

Pure and Simple

How pure is your faith?

We must return to the pure and simple faith of trusting in Christ.

All Space is Sacred Space

Can we segment our lives into secular and sacred?

All space must be reclaimed as sacred space.

What You Owe

To whom are you indebted?

Take care of our debts because when we don't it reflects poorly on the church and God's people.

Finding Fault

Are we guilty of being critical of others who do what we do?

Are we criticizing others for the very things we are doing?

A New Heart

Do you want a new heart?

A heart transplant reminds us that we need God's heart transplant spiritually.

I Don't Know How It Feels

God knows how it feels, do you?

The storm comes and rages and destroys, do you know how that feels? God does!

Something to Talk About

What do you talk about most frequently?

We can always find something to complain about, but let's be people who compliment and affirm!

Looking Ahead

Which direction are you looking?

We can learn many things from the resiliency of those who have lost so much.

Courage in a Crisis

What makes us keep on going?

The human spirit, created by God, is indominatable and has a passion to return to its home.

We Will Not Forget

Do you still remember?

We still remember the events of September 11, 2001.

Just Trying to Help

Can you find the energy to do something?

People are ready to help in the Katrina crisis, thank God!

Please Pause to Pray

Will you take a moment and pause for this special kind of prayer?

We need to pray for those who giving of their time, effort, energy, and themselves to be involved in the relief, recovery, and clean up in post Katrina aftermath.

Help for Katrina's Victims

What can I do to help?

Help for Katrina victims is crucial and is somethign that any Christian is going to do to help his or her neighbor.

Storms Come

How will we survive our storms?

In the middle of the storms of life, where are we going to turn? Jesus!

Psalm 46

Sometimes we have to save over and over till we believe it!

Psalm 46

Germs of the Spirit

Have you really thrown them away or just tried to clean them up?

We need to not only be sorry for our sin, but we also need to get rid of the things in our lives that lead us to sin.

Attempting to Find Contentment

How content are you in a bad traffic situation?

We learn contentment by learning to be at peace with others.