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Do We Matter to God?

Does he see as we see?


An attitude of patience can make a big difference.

Being Transparent

Let yourself be known.

Wisdom for Everyday Living

Put daily Bible study on your to-do list.


“Consider it pure joy…”

Now’s the Time

Why wait to say what needs to be said?

God Wants You to Succeed

He didn't put you here to fail.

It is Finished

Can you finish?

An Incarnation

How else would we know?

Long March

Attitude makes the difference.

From the Outside In

We’ve got it backwards.

Life is Not an Emergency

Are you rushing it?

Desire for Perfection

Don’t let it weigh you down.

Mother’s Love

Biology confirms its importance!

Paint and Stain

There’s an important difference.

Death and Taxes

Death, where is your sting?

The Sound of Surprise

Can you play along?

Parents and Religion

It makes a difference.

True Freedom

Find it in Jesus.

Genuine and Authentic

Be free to be yourself.

Personal Well Being

Take care of yourself, too.

Living vs. Life

Are you making a living? Or a life?

Reacting Without Thinking

Do we consider the long term?


What makes you desirable?

God’s Family Ideal

More evidence against divorce.